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Amber (played by AmberAshe)

RP with me! I'm just really bored and I'm up for anything.
Hello there if you are interested in role playing something fantasy still. And this is a post by post role play advertisment ( still new to the site) then may I suggest this community. We are small but we have some great plots. Please feel free to join in on the conversation. Characters are rather flexible as long as you abide by simple species guidelines.

General Information

" Welcome to a magical world with a remarkable resemblance to seventeenth-century Versailles. Much of this world's land and sea has not yet been touched by man and remains wild. However, those who have congregated together have created a monarchy system. Six powerful families rule the land, the three wealthiest and most respected being the kin of Artemis, Diana, and Dionysus. But is there a need for a change in power?

Unknown to most of the human world, there exist other species - shapeshifters, fae, and vampires. Some choose to live hidden in the forest, others live as far from humans as possible, but a rare few have hidden in plain sight, living among the humans, even befriending them. Over the years, the forest has become a place of mystery and danger for the humans. The shapeshifters, fae, and vampires enjoy their separation from the human world, but the king’s new monstrosity, Celeste, has destroyed a great chunk of their home, and the raucous parties never seem to end. The forest dwellers will need to take a closer look to decide if these humans are friend or foe."

My apologise for the length. Good luck on your search!
Amber (played by AmberAshe)

Thank you!
Amber wrote:
Thank you!

Oh I forgot to give you the link I'm silly.
main thread
Have a good day

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