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Ever since he tasted the flesh of a human being months ago, he had been gradually losing it. Signs were insignificant at first, but as time moved forward, he started losing patience. Normal food he could previously enjoy started being tasteless. The taste of blood became nauseating, and he started isolating himself more and more, keeping away from not just the world but Silvaria as well.

His wife had no idea what he was going through, and he didn't want her to worry. He knew how much she wanted them to stay underground and out of trouble, but Adelwulf found the taste of human flesh dried of fresh blood repulsive. It was like eating rotten garbage. He'd rather not have anything.

Silvaria didn't really worry about where his husband has gone to. It wasn't really uncommon for him to be gone for weeks if not months at a time. They who had been alive for more than eight hundred years did not find the absence of a few months as alarming.


Somewhere in New York was an ambiguous dark alley. People had heard a scream and the growl of an animal, and went to investigate, only to find the corpse of a half devoured man. The creature didn't have time to finish him, leaving behind a mess, a pool of blood and nearby, footprints of a large animal, a set of paws that disappeared up the fire escape and on to the rooftops. The authorities were on the scene in minutes and started their investigation. They hadn't even been able to set up a proper barricade and began evaluating the evidence when call came of a second victim, just a few blocks apart. This one was more or less alive, but a huge chunk of his stomach had been bitten and torn off. And a third victim, his skull had been bitten off.

Adelwulf, although he was in a state of berserk, he was reluctant to be caught, and at that moment, he stood on a rooftop, licking his jaws, fairly satisfied with himself while sirens and police activity were going on in the streets below. He was confident that humans would be unable to find him.

OOC & Stuff:-
Setting: This RP is set in modern world. You can find elements of fantasy, magic & advanced sci-fi & or cyberpunk elements depending on how you want to construct your narrative.

Plot: There is nothing in the way of restrictive plotline. You can respond however you want. However, please keep all your characters or their involvement to street level. I just do not want an instant answer to Adelwulf's actions.

Characters: I have no limit as such, but feel free to refer to the point above.
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((Hey, if your fine with me joining I'll get a character sometime today or tomorrow.))

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"And just who I thought to be almost founded by the authority," the voice came out of nowhere, no, it was trailing behind Adelwulf. The voice was kind, yet cold. Sounds satisfied, yet very unsatisfying to be heard. Calmer than then northern sea, yet rages more with mockery. It was the kind of voice that you wouldn't expect to heard from any normal man, it was impossible for any normal man to be able speaks that calmly after seeing the form of a beast that stood in front of him.

A beast, yes, it was more than suffice to call the existence of the man, who was less than a man but also more than them, to be a beast. He looks to be something that one should be marvel at, and with fear on top of that. There's no blood visible from this sides, but the odor was strong enough to causes a man vomiting all of his main courses, appetizer, and drink from their dinner. The sight of his way of firmly stood there was also the cause of the aura of terror he radiated in that area, but the one person who found that very existence on his sight only laugh while shaking his head.

"I guess, you were starving. Couldn't really help it, eh? I mean, to lose control right there and just bit whoever head you got on. Sounds like something straight out of a horror or those B-Grade supernatural stories, but meh."

The young man who caught Adewulf only let a smile plastered on his faces while his feet were moving, they are moving and make the man getting closer to the sources of terror in front of his eyes. But, after only few steps left, he stops. Then with teasing tone, he said these word to the beast, "But, what have you done was no more than a way to sate your hunger, by no means it was justifiable. That's why... I thought to give you a simple lecture on the way you behave, mister... ahh, we haven't introduced ourselves yet, do forgive me. I am called as Cielo Calmita, a man who walked the path of heaven and shall rule it, but by all means, I am no clergyman, therefore I had no connections with the church and any other factions out there in this city. If there's a faction I am in, then it was only Cielo Faction."

He lets out a soft laugh from his throat after introducing himself, it was easily concluded that this man was someone with higher confidence than anyone on Earth, yet he spouts no harm and ill intent toward Adewulf. Before the beast could questions the young man itself, he already gives his answer.

"I am just a man who have loses a bet with the big G, a man who was cursed with immortality and now shall roams the Earth forever, in the past I had many names; Mercurius, Hermes Trismegistus, and Alessandro di Cagliostro was one of them... of course, I am just lying to you."

On the last sentence, there was something that hanging could be felt. If Adewulf realizes it, then he could point it out, but the smile on the face of Cielo made everything seems much more enigmatic. Does he spoke the truth or just utter nonsense? That was the questions now, but another questions that have been saved up till now about the young man himself was then getting answered.

"The reasons for me to speaking to you is, because I see no art on your way of devouring your prey. But, you were also an interesting person, why would someone like 'you' could loses his own control?"

His words were ended with question.
A silent growl steadily escaped his throat as he faced the brave man who had come confronting Adelwulf. Or was it his own foolishness? These were things Adelwulf would need to figure out in due process. Blood splattered over his face and fur, bits of flesh stick between his teeth as he dropped the skull that he had gotten away with earlier, spitting it into a garbage dump below in the alleyway.

He listened quietly to the man who did not pose danger to him. Adelwulf would only step into the shadows of the extended starwall that served as a gateway downstairs into the building, so as to keep hidden from the people that were trying to locate him below, and kept the mysterious man in sight. His advance felt a little bit threatening and Adelwulf responded with a snarl, baring his sharp fangs smeared with blood. He would do good to maintain his distance.

The more he spoke though, the more Adelwulf realized what kind of character he might be dealing with. Someone who thought he was better than everyone else. Well, whether or not that fact was true did not matter much to the werewolf. He was not here for a debate of ethics. Hunger that had been kept at by feeding on cold corpses and his own wife's continuous efforts for decades had finally been set loose. He belonged to one of the oldest werewolf clans of Europe, the Aelfric clan that had been decimated to near extinction during the second crusades by the Church. He and his wife had lived for more than eight hundred years and there was little they hadn't seen during this time. Immortals, people who couldn't die, and all manner of wizards and sorcerers. They were like fish that rode the current of the deep blue ocean. They came and went.

This one wasn't going to be any different, he supposed.
Cielo Calmita wrote:
"The reasons for me to speaking to you is, because I see no art on your way of devouring your prey. But, you were also an interesting person, why would someone like 'you' could loses his own control?"

"You can head over to a museum or an art gallery if you are looking for art..." Adelwulf was not incapable of speech. His voice in this form was heavy and hoarse though, and he couldn't help but reveal frequent growls from escaping his throat. "What I do is none of your business. So if you aren't here to try and stop me, then you had best begone before I make you my next meal. This high on the rooftops, I doubt anyone will hear your screams as I drain every pint of blood from your still beating heart and devour you limb from limb. And no, it won't be a quick death."

It wasn't meant as intimidation to make him back off, but Adelwulf would like to experience the flesh of an immortal, or test how they behaved when in danger. True, he could hear and see this 'immortal's' beating heart. He knew when someone was lying. Years spent as an investigator for the authorities has made him quite skilled at using his many senses to optimum levels. The werewolf form only further sharpens the already fine tuned senses of sight and smell. He could fight blindfolded without slowing down at all!
Cielo heard everything that was spouted by the beast, yet he didn't shows the sign that he shall back down or intimidated at all by his words. Instead, he let out a chuckle while pointing his index finger toward the clouds. A smile then sculpted to his lips while he spoke to the beast, "My beastly friend, there's no point in tormenting the immortal. They would only came back and suffer, yet they would never falter or fall to the cycle named as vengeance or held revenge and contempt toward they who torment the immortal. An immortal had their interest on this world to be turned into nothing but mere speck of dust, well that was more or less the least way to describe it."

He then stifle a yawn while trying to keep his eyes on Adelwulf, the only thing that seems to be in order about this person probably was the only way he dresses which resembling someone who have some long day of working, he was looking no more than a mere salaryman, and still, he had pretty different impressions than some sorts of working ant for a corporation. It was an air of a free man that surrounds him, contradicting with his way of dressing which were the symbol of being imprisoned by the rule of society and mortal world. He was different, an existence who was drifting as something that much more bigger than how he wanted to present himself.

"Your mane might fell off if you keep tense all of the time, it would be better for you to have some sorts of snack to calm down, I am by no means trying to offer myself to you, but if meat and blood filled with bones then I guess I could take some of mine to be a gift to you... of course, there's no way I am going to be so kind to do that."

Cielo then walked straight toward Adelwulf, then he started to recited some words that were still in the range of modern English, but the content itself was questionable.

"Those who have basked in impurity shall be cleaned, their souls and body shall return to their origin."

Suddenly, every droplets of blood that basked in the body of Adelwulf were gone, they weren't exactly vanished, but they just drop off from him like he had some sorts of anti-water lubricant on him. It was some sorts of modern magic that just recited by Cielo, but for how he knew them only make his point of him being an Immortal stronger with his next words spoken by him, "Now then, you are free to go. Don't causes too much wreak and havoc, I hope. If you wonder why I did this to you then it might seems to be truly a coincidence, as the man you have slay and consume was a certain person that I have business with, he is basically my landlord of the apartment that I lived in and make sanctuary of, for now. Being an Immortal wasn't an easy life as my days was much more filled with trifles and more trifling problems of the norms rather than supernatural in this ages. Accept my Magic as some sorts of thanks."

The man then shows the beast a grin, befitting of someone who have live an aged life and seems to be tired with dealing all of the mundane things that happened around him.

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