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Neemus Xercles (played by Arcol)

(This is for those that have posted in the looking for RP forum of the same name.)

Let’s get started;

The doors shone gold in the fading sunlight as Neemus and his group ascended the cliffs of the Velothis, a testament to a lost race that once held great power. Ordering the tents to be put up, he strode over to investigate the gateway to a buried city. What struck him as odd were the white stones of the Ayleids lining the perimeter, as well as masonry he had only seen at the Snow Elven sanctum of Auri-El; the Dwemer never used either to build their massive city-states, which intrigued him further. “Are you certain this is the place,” the withered form of Arun-Ja, his vampiric battlemage and many-great grandfather, rasped beside him, careful to avoid the rays of sunlight that continued to vanish behind the mountain. “If this is what I think it is,” Neemus replied, “then the lost Lormer should be here.” “I hope you’re right,” Arun-Ja sighed, slipping back out of his great grandson’s gaze, “be careful, my kin.” The doors swung open.

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