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ok so, on most rp sites i've been on, they've had some sort of "unread replies" button. they often look like this. to me, the current activity feed (if that's what it's called??) seems supr cluttered, and personally, i dont want to see who my friend's decide to add, their new characters, ect, amongst all of my replies because it just gets too cluttered and looks a bit messy. though, thats just my opinion, i dont know how others feel.
You can go into your Friends list under 'Dashboard' and untick the selection that has your feed 'follow' your friends. Their activities won't show up then. As for unread replies in PM, they are always at the top of the inbox until they are read then drop to their place in the timeline.
this really only applies to forum posts, not pms. i think the pms are fine, but actual forum posts are a bit of a mess to me. like do we really need to see everyone who has responded to the thread since you posted? do we need to see the exact amount of posts that its been since you responded? why would i need to know that i just posted in a thread?
Ah, you’re talking about ‘group’PMs. Yeah, they are a bit annoying. I’ve only been part of one and quickly removed myself from it.
Multiple replies to a thread usually get condensed down into a single thing for both public and group threads, and I'm pretty sure the feed won't go away even if something like this was implimented.

Options to better control what you see from groups would be nice, since I imagine some are busy enough to warrant being checked frequently. It might also be nice to have an option to add a visual "new" marker to threads in groups or in public, but personally, I don't want that. I individually follow threads I have particular interest in with pretty much everything notification-wise turned off, and the site moves slow enough that I can easily see what's new by just looking and last post time and the order things are listed in.

"New" markers tend to only be there until you click on them once. If you don't respond then, oh well, you have to find it again yourself through things still marked new. Often there's a "mark all read" option, but then you can't tell what's new anyway. And I don't like having a bunch of things trying to get my attention. (I do appreciate the subtle way it's handled in Introductions, but there's also extra reason to do it there, and it wouldn't surprise me if it's so subtle than some folks don't even see it.)

But yeah, I can see more options being helpful! Something so folks can better control how/what they see.

Oh. Also, I think you get auto-subscribed to threads you start, but you can go to the thread and unsubscribe. I think you can turn of the auto-subscribe thing too, but I haven't dug through options in awhile and [insert excuses not to right now].
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while its helpful, why is literally half of that a default thing in the first place?? like i dont want people i'm friends with to see what im doing, whether its minor or not, and honestly seeing EVERYONE that has posted in a thread since i have and the amount of times i've accidentally clicked on someone's profile instead is just wild.
Because RPR is a social network. It's just focused around RP stuff.

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