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Forums » General Roleplay » older brother figure rp (open!)

Lacey (played by lil_cub18)

walking through a thick heavily wooded forest you seem to have lost your way. Soon you come across
a small child with long polar white hair that falls in loose curls just at her knees. her skin glowed an ivory pale, with scraps and bruises made like patchwork on her fragile skin. Electric blue eyes filled with tears looked helplessly up at you. "P..please dont hurt me," she shuddered. Her white frilled dress was once incredibly ornate but now covered in fresh blood and muddy rain. Lying at her feet, a large wolf layed in a pool of glistening crimson

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Kantaro (played by Trudy)

I would like to do this with you if you don't mind me being a 6-foot teen who is half mantis that is. (Ignore the fact he could simply fly up and out to find his way, I won't do that XD) I am semi-lit and not always the most active

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