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Gon Freecss (played by Chains)

Gon sat on a patch of grass, poking a rock with a stick as he sighed. The day had just begun and he was just very bored. A thought cam into his mind, causing the boy to perk up. There was a new hot spring in town, and Gon wanted to go with his friends. He called all his friends, some he had to leave a voice mail, some answered the phone, but it was the same message:

Hey! It’s Gon. Sorry it’s such an awkward time, haha! I was just wondering if you would want to try the new hot springs in town later today. I know it’s a bit short noticed, but just let me know, okay!

And with that, the boy waited. He had rung up his closest friends like Killua and Kurapika, and even some of his odd acquaintances like hisoka and illumi. He didn’t really care who joined him, he just didn’t want to go alone.

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Illumi was on a job when his phone went off, who was calling him? What a pain. The black haired man ducked into the washroom of a pub, picking out up and placing it to his ear.

“Illumi speaking, who is this? I hope you’re aware you called at a very poor time...” He stated flatly staring in the mirror the same expressionless face looking back as he held the phone to his ear.
“A hot spring hmm? I’ll see what I can do I’ve been tailing this fool for awhile now and he hasn’t done much. I’ll be there in a few hours if that’s alright. I don’t like leaving jobs halfway through, I don’t get paid that way. I wasn’t expecting a call from you of all people, Gon. I have more questions but they can wait till later.”

Illumi wandered back out to the bar, paying the bartender as he followed his target out, actually grabbing the door for the deadman walking.

“I’ll have to call you back.”

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