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Kim Site Admin

playingwithdice.pngTell the world - or a friend - about how much you enjoy the RP Repository and you could win amazing prizes!

To Enter:
Each proclamation of love for the RPR that you make between April 24th and May 12th, 2019 counts as an entry into a raffle to win amazing prizes!
  • Use social media, in-game chats or even RL fliers to let people know about how the RP Repository is the best site for online RP. Be sure to include a link to us.
  • To have your entry count, you must post a link to your facebook post/blog entry/tweet/whatever in this thread (or send it via PM to Kim). Broken links or hidden posts we can't see will not count. If you do something IRL, like print and hang fliers on bulletin boards, please post/PM a snapshot.
  • Be respectful of other sites and places. Do not spam message boards. Do not make off-topic or against-the-rules posts anywhere. Do not put up fliers on bulletin boards where you have not received approval to post them. If we receive any complaints that your entry was counted as spam wherever it was made, it will be disqualified.

You can enter as many times as you want, but you can only win once.

Here are some ideas for ways to share your love of the RP Repository:
  • Tweet about how much fun you have on the RP Repository, and include a link back to us.
  • Post a link to us on your facebook wall.
  • Write a blog post about all the fun you have on the RP Repository, and include a link back to us.
  • Print this flier and put it on the bulletin board in your local game store -- or hand it out at your next tabletop game!

Remember: It's against the rules (and generally uncool) to spam anywhere or harass anyone. I know you all know better.

Remember to report all your good deeds back here by May 12th
I think I joined just before epic week last year and I ducked and covered, not coming back until mid May. Not sure if I'm much for advertising any more than I have all through the year. I loaded all the old Tolkien sites I have been part of with praise and a link. Anyway, it all looks fun to watch. Hoping everyone enjoys!
Kim Site Admin

Abigail, fast on the draw! :D
Kim wrote:

Abigail, fast on the draw! :D

LOL. Thank you, Kim.
Not entirely sure if this counts, but alright ^w^


Left at my school store :)
Posted on my IMVU feed! :3 image0.png
Kim Site Admin

Oh wow I'm already feeling so much love <3 <3 Thank you for so many amazing early entries! :D
I told my writing group in the discord server I host about it a bit if that counts?

Image Proof
Kim Site Admin

It counts! :D
Here is mine! I just whited out names that were visible on my FB page, to keep privacy. But the James Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes movie with RDJ is my FB.

Winter's Entry 4 Spread the Love Raffle

Tumblr is finicky about content sharing now that Yahoo has taken over and marked everything as explicit.
Thanks to Hadeslicious, I remembered I had a tumblr account.

I tried my very best to make this an original and EPIC entry so I decided to make the main character of my short story love RPR as much as I do and show my love for RPR that way.

You can find the chapter and shoutout to our amazing community here:

and you can find my general wattpad profile here:
Facebook share

I shared it publicly on Facebook and tagged a few actual people :3

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