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Sarah Da'naou (played by staticnightmares)

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X'oir'aio... It was once a world of chaos and destruction. When thousands inhabited it's trechous and poisonous land, there was no king, nor a queen. There wasn't a government, or a parliament. No one ruled over these people; which unfortunately also meant they were free to reign how they wanted. They could break into houses and steal whatever they wanted, they could cause riots that injured thousands of people. And worst of all, they could murder someone in cold blood....

And they wouldn't get punished.

Which is exactly while the entire economy abandoned their entire world to go settle in somewhere else altogether and learn their rules and way of life. Not everyone left though; five brave individuals stayed to rebuild a better economy; one in which people didn't have to live in fear. That was easier said than done though.

The youngest of this group was Sarah Da'naou. She was a short female, standing at 4'7 and weighing in at around 87 lbs. She had the whole of her right side of her hair shaved, and then the rest of her hair was cut short just below her chin. It was a deep brown, slightly darker than milk chocolate. It was full of volume and puffy, and can often be hard to contain. She had deathly white skin and bright red eyes, accompanied by fluffy wolvern ears and a fluffy wolf tail. She was wearing black jeans which had been road worn and ripped with age, as well as as a white crop-top which was ripped at the bottom. It exposed some of her stomach, which looked to have been recently stitched up and bandaged. She was wearing a black and white bomber jacket over that too.

She was walking along the side of the beach when she could hear a helicopter overhead. She looked up, and sure enough, there was a helicopter. She shoved her two friends into a nearby Bush and also hid there, watching carefully ass tall male jumped down and landed on his feet in the sand. She looked and examined carefully, her brow furrowed. He had white hair, and red eyes like hers. He seemed human, so it confused her as to why such a stranger was here.

Her two friends began whispering in a language that was certainly not English. One was a girl with black hair ears and a tail, and the other was a boy with blonde hair ears and a tail. She shushed them as she continued to examine the human quietly, her gaze more curious than it was suspicious or threatening. They stayed deadly silent so he wouldn't hear them.
Nivar (played by JustAPlayer)

"You guys are too much." One voice said. "Well, that's why we're all buddies, right?"Another said, then he just glared at them, his arms crossed. "Whatever." He replied, huffing slightly as a small smile could be seen as an agreement. "How much longer until I have to hear you two knuckle-heads more?" He chuckled lightly, the other two men laughing at his response. "Well, it seems not long enough." Man1 said, Man2 looked over to the window. "Yep, that's it down there." Man2 pointed down at the island.

The he who I referred was Nivar of course. Short white hair going down gracefully, wrapped in a ponytail, with red eyes, and pale-ish smooth skin. He stood up from his seat, signalling the men to open the gates of the helicopter. They both hesitated when they look at each other in silence, then they shrugged it off and opened the door for him. The air whooshing in and out when it opened, only making Nivar more excited to jump off to this island below him. "Alright... catch you two later... hopefully." He said, not really sure if he would see them again, but whatever.

And he jumped, in a graceful manner that he even used his feet agaisnt the edge of the helicopter for a better start on launching himself. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath as he fell down like an eagle sorring from the sky, ready to catch its prey. Then he opened them, noticing that there was just enough seconds for him to fall nicely on the ground. "Here we go." He said, spinning a couple times before catching the perfect second to land on his feet. It couldn't have been a better fall than that one, the adrenaline pumping through his body, making him fired up. But he concealed it as best as he could, not trying to draw any more attention as the helicopter already did he assumed.

"Phew... didn't felt like that in a while." Nivar said to himself, standing right up and brushing his hair slightly back. He wore his black jeans with a white T-shirt, a loose tie to accompany it, and a black unbuttoned shirt. Also wearing his black sneakers figuring the land of this island was no place for shoes at all. Smart. But his little comment didn't stop the fact that, he was being watched.

Nivar shoot a glare, almost like death itself was present, to a bush that was decently far from him. Looking at that bush, he thought that it was a perfect hiding spot for people to lurk and spy, since it looked decently big unlike the other bushed he scanned when he landed. But he stayed silent, merely glaring at that bush as if waiting for something to take its first move.
Naturally, Vincent was bound to be scared. He had been forced to jump into a portal just before his Enemies closed in. It all started when one of his Fellow Wolvan said that they needed to Vaccinate him.... Turned out, it was something to make him fall asleep... They Vincent as a Test Subject for their Portal Device in exchange for his freedom....

Vincent Kazira would never trust someone again, he wasn't unfamiliar with being betrayed... But his best friend was the last person he expected to change sides.

On the way out, he managed to destroy the place just as he hopped through. His paws were bound with Metallic Cuffs, apparently locked electronically. Kazira had washed up on a shore of some kind, a few Bullet Wounds on his chest."Ugh.... Guess I'm still alive..." Vincent said in a tired voice, slowly turning over and sitting on his rear.

Vincent was an Anthropomorphic Wolf, appearing to have White Fur and Green Markings on his body. He seemed to be slightly chubby, and his tail was quite fluffy, similar to that of a Skunk. Kaziras eyes were a Feral Yellow, and seemed to be wearing something made out of some sort of Rubber.

He checked his body for any wounds, seeing some Gashes, Bruises and Lacerations. "Looks like they sliced me up pretty bad... " The wolvan looked around, seeing some wreckage along the Beach, he was on an Island of some kind.

Of course, he would have to get these cuffs off before he did anything else. Vincent slowly got up, trying to look around for a Energy Blade or Plasma Leak that he could safely melt the cuffs off with.

He would need to find some supplies after that. Maybe he could find another Wolvan or some other people here, a Hope that was sadly unlikely... Vincent wasn't even sure how he would react to another person, whenever he would Attack or try to be Social was still being thought about.
Sarah Da'naou (played by staticnightmares)

Sarah just gazed curiously, while her two friends seemed afraid. They began whispering in their own language again before Sarah joined in and told them to sneak away. They began to sneak away before they all hid behind trees, Sarah removing her bow from her back and loading it just in case.

She said something quietly, but it wasn't able to be understood by anybody else aside from her two friends. The girl then muttered something back followed by the boy as they both pulled their own weapons out, holding them ready. "H'oiel," Sarah said quietly, "Y'oai," it was as if she was... Counting. Up or down, no one knew. "Z'hei!" They suddenly all came out, surrounding Nivar.

Sarah pointed her bow at him as her female friend aimed two pistol-like guns to his chest and her male friend had some type of staff. Despite knowing English, they all spoke on their own language to see if he could understand them,; which clearly wasn't going to happen as he wasn't one of them.

"Y'oie." Sarah stated rather boldly. Though her hands were trembling slightly as she tried to keep her confidence, her gaze hard and fixed. "X'oieu la'oi." At this her friend let out a snicker before going back to a poker face. "Y'oie x'oieu la'oi." She repeated even more firm than before.

One of her friends then noticed Vincent, and went over to him. The female with black hair pressed a pistol to his head and, with a firm gaze, "Y'oie. X'oieu la'oi." She spat, some command of some sort. Not understandable, and no way to be figured out. The trio seemed to be well trained, as well as well equipped. It was clear they had lived there for several years.
Nivar (played by JustAPlayer)

Nivar did notice the leaves of that specific bush rather moving, but he didn't bother to make even the slightest move. Even placing his hands back on both his pockets from his pants, not closing his eyes. But he simply stared at the ground, finding it rather... nice? Somehow? He didn't quite tell why it was like that. "The hell...?" He quietly said to himself, but not trying to let his guard down for even a second as he was yet concerned.

And that's when it was the perfect moment to look down, as they all jumped from the bushes as to attempt an ambush. He kept his gaze down to the ground, merely body counting the presences of the three individuals. "Three..." He thought, but his thoughts were interrupted by the sudden words that spoke. They sounded awfully familiar as if they were talking on a similar language from his family. But that wasn't the case, since he noticed rather quick that it was not the same.

Nivar slowly moved his head up, his eyes landing on Sarah's eyes since she was the one to stand in front of him. He couldn't tell why, but she... she has something to do with this island. Still unsure if that was the case, but he tried something. "Sni'myda'rdo na." He stated calmly, just a small smile could be seen even if they didn't understood what he said. But he figured they didn't know what he even said, so he spoke: "Don't worry, I'm friendly. But I assume you guys don't get guests ever so often." He flashed a smirk, which quickly went away. "Isn't that right?" He questioned them, now taking his eyes off Sarah and glancing at the other two.
As as Kazira felt the Pistol, he slowly placed his paws in the Air. The wolf appeared to be unarmed, although he did have a few tools in him. He perked his ears up and tried to find out how many people he was dealing with, there were a few in the distance but there was still some time to react. Kazira could hear his opponents breathing, judging by the breaths he could assume that they weren't too strong.

The wolf waited for the right moment, and then quickly knocked his back into his opponent, using his superior Mass and Body Weight to throw off their balance. He tried to get the gun to fire at his cuffs to free him. "Let go of the weapon! Before I beat you to death!!" he yelled.

Assuming that Vincent got free and successfully took the Firearm, he would throw several punches at his opponent to try and knock them out, "Ha! You like that?!" he would say, before holding them in front of the others, using the person as a Human Sheild.
Sarah Da'naou (played by staticnightmares)

Sarah clicked her tongue to the male friend who still had his staff pointed towards Nivar. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "N'nai?" He seemed to question, to which Sarah gave a firm nod in his direction. "N'nai. Ja'oue x'ueo l'ei." was her response, and the boy seemed to look at her if she was insane. Sarah's eyes then went back to Nivar as she kept her bow loaded and aimed at him with an intense glare. Of course she understood his English; but she want about to let him know she did.

"Y'oie, X'oieu la'oi." she repeated, confident that her female friend was dealing with Vincent appropriately. She knew how weak the poor girl could be and frequently worried about her when she came on a patrol round. Though she was confident in her abilities, so she tried her best not to doubt the female. "X'oieu la'oi..." she muttered quieter, and the boy with blonde hair just let out a laugh as his tail swayed happily behind him, liking what she had said.

Sarah's own tail was coiled around her right thigh, her ears flattened against her head. She felt threatened, and that was showing. But she continued to try and act confident. She kept her gaze on Nivar as her breathing became hollow, keeping her head high.

X'oieu la'oi, d'oei." the blonde boy told her, to which she laughed a little. "X'oieu la'oi d'oei k'neuo'lai be'oia." Sarah also chuckled at this before she let out a small breath.

The black haired girl shrieked as she was quickly overpowered and held her. Her breathing sped up rapidly as she called out to Sarah. "Sa! Sa!" she cried, clearly afraid. "Da'naou! Da'naou! Sarah!" she continued to scream. Sarah quickly took notice of this and her eyes widened before her brow furrowed.

"Hei'oi." she stated, and the boy nodded. He looked over to the girl being held by Vincent and bowed in apology. "Hei'oi, Vinni. Hei'oi be'o. H'lei i'ai je'auo."

And with that, the two others ran back into the forest, leaving the girl behind as she continued to cry. She understood what they had said and she didn't hate them; she had faith in them. "S'aito. S'aito. Let me go, please." she whimpered, her black hair straight and combed. She spoke English and almost perfectly. "Please do not hurt me, strange man."
Without hesitation, Kazira punched his Sheild several times to subdue them. He would aim the pistol at anyone in front of him, taking a few steps back "Any of you that have weapons, put them down... Or I pump your friend full of lead..." threatened Vincent. He seemed to be quite Harsh and Cruel to what was now his Hostage. "I demand an explaination, why am I here..." he asked, making sure to keep his distance.

He seemed to maintain a harsh grip on them, being sure not to give them any sort of release. Although, he made sure that it wasn't hurting his Captive... He needed them alive, if he was to get out in one piece.

Vincent's snout nested the captives ear, speaking in perfect English... "Keep still, and I'll make sure that you get out of this alive...." promised the wolf, scanning his surroundings to make sure he wasn't being flanked from behind.

The wolf didn't exactly like any of this, but it was just something he would have to do. Vincent wouldn't execute his Captive, assuming that they did what he told him to. The smell of blood and adrenaline clearly made the wolf feel a bit relaxed, as it was something that he was used to at this point.

Maybe he was so bitter for a reason...
Sarah Da'naou (played by staticnightmares)

The girl still had tears streaming down her face as she stayed still, her body shaking viciously in fear. She was only young, looking to be 14 or 15 in humans years.

"Please, strange man." she whimpered, her voice genuine. "We know nothing more than you may know. We have the same queries. This is our land; our home. We were wishing to ask you why you have arrived in our territory." She sounded truthful, her voice shaking violently as she tried to speak properly without breaking.

"We do not know how you have arrived here or any possible reason as to why. Please- I mean no harm. We mean no harm. We do not get outsiders, you see. Nobody knows of this place. We get startled." she admitted truthfully.
Nivar (played by JustAPlayer)

Not really understanding just yet what they were saying, Nivar was getting their language slowly to see if he could understand later. Though a hard task since it somehow collides with his, it was going to be a pain in the oarse to learn it. But taking it slow would be a bette idea. His eyes soon landed on that bow she was holding still, not expecting her to even try to fire the arrow at him.

"Hm..." He hummed quietly, still trying to understand as he looked down in thought. His eyes flashed a dark-purple embrace as they quickly came back to red again. Recieving that flash, it made his mind blurred for a moment. But he realized why that happened... it was that fall from earlier. Surely he knew that it would come up sooner or later, but that soon? "That's bothersome..." He murmured.

His gaze quickly went over to a random shriek from the other side. He noticed that... wolf hybrid? Holding one of those persons. But that name she was repeating... He glanced over at Sarah as to think that was her name. Though her facial expression to the event did give it away rather quick, so it was safe to assume it. He glanced at the bold boy who looked like he was apologizing for something...

But as soon as the two tried to dart away like they could escape, unfortunately, they separated. Which only made Nivar sighed in a defeat way. "Good grief... guess I'll pick..." He glanced over his left shoulder at the running Sarah, an evil smirk on him. "...That one." Just after he finished saying it, he turned to her direction, closed his eyes for a second, and moved a single step. Opening them, he took another step, but that one lauched him towards her. It wasn't a long run before he would catch her by surprise, appearing in front of her and blocking her path. Which... probably made her collide with his chest and sorta fall down to the ground.
Sarah Da'naou (played by staticnightmares)

Sarah had been running at full speed before she smashed into what felt like a person, knocking both him and her over so she was on top of him. She grunted as she seemed momentarily confused before she sat up and looked at him. Her eyes glazed over with slight fear as she scrambled to get off of him, reaching for her bow again which had fallen off of her back after the collision the two had had.

"N'ei, N'ei..." she repeated to herself as she desperately reached for her weapon as she continued to scramble to get away from the white-haired male. Her wolf ears flattened against her head again as her tail wrapped around her own waist, portraying her fear.

The blonde boy continued to run, going back to the small camp that they had set up. He knew that there were two people that could help him retrieve his friends, and hopefully intimidate these strangers. He just wanted his friends safe; and their home safe. He couldn't bare the thought of losing either one of them or any part of her home so he seemed anything threatening. And from their actions, they were definitely threats towards them and their homeland. And he wasn't about to take their shit.
Nivar (played by JustAPlayer)

He knew it was going to happen, but he let it happen either way. Falling down slightly, not really hurted by it, he grunted a little. "Jeesh, she runs fast..." He said quietly, then stood up after she casually scrambled off. He took a moment to fix his hair and his clothes a bit, then glanced down over to Sarah. She seemed to be looking for that bow... but she didn't knew it was right over there where Nivar just looked over. He thought about telling her, but in reality it wasn't too far from them anyways.

"Hey... just calm down." Nivar said calmly, walking a single step and standing by her. "I did say I'm friendly."
Slowly, Kazira began to loosen his grip on the person. "You promise not to attack me?" he asked, slowly letting his guard down. If the wolf was told yes, he would slowly let the girl go... He would lower the pistol, checking to see if it was even armed "My apalogies, it's not everyday that I have a pistol pointed to my head..."he said and slowly threw it aside.

He held his paw up "I'm from Frostfall, Blizzard Planet..." said Vincent, explaining where he came from. He seemed to look around "What is this place...."
Sarah Da'naou (played by staticnightmares)

She spotted her bow and quickly snatched it, pushing herself to her feet and backing away from him. She aimed her weapon at him like she had before, but her hands were trembling evenore than they had been before. Her breathing was even more shallow than it had been before as she tried to stay confident and keep her composure in front of him, obviously not wanting to appear to be vulnerable of weak.

"N'ei." she repeated again, blinking as she continued to aim her bow at him, her brow furrowed untrusting. "N'ei. Da'meo'euo."

The girl nodded desperately to Vincent before she was let go and almost collapsed to the floor from relief. She gazed at him curiously as he spoke, her own ears perked up as her tail swayed curiously. "Home." she responded to his question. "My home. This is where me and my friend's house. There's not many of us now... But we used to have economy." she said casually. Her English seemed to be slightly worse, a little broken than she wanted it to be. "We protect."

The girl motioned to the beach they were on and then the edge of the forest not too far, where Nivar and Sarah were. "Land is sacred. Undiscovered to normal eyes. We like quiet." she explained to him, "We want to repopulate. Remake old economy better. Old economy abandoned home; it was too violent and chaotic."
Nivar (played by JustAPlayer)

He noticed she still didn't feel like talking normally, despite over hearing one of hers actually speak English before he dashed for her. But one thing he was going to try, and it was maybe to make her talk more. But, noticing how she's trembling, he knew a false move could make her just shoot. But he wasn't worried.

"Alright..." His tone lowered, looking down to the ground. "If you don't believe me, at least speak normally..." Then he glanced back up at her, his eyes landing on hers. "Sarah" That was his attempt, see how she would react as he placed his hands in both his pockets once more. He clearly wasn't going to show to be as a threat in any way, even though he's way more than just a threat. But his calm nature hides it perfectly.
Vincent chuckled, still quite close to her. Despite his Fat, he still looked a little intimidating.... "You wouldn't dare.... Give me the bow, girl...." he said, taking advantage of her fear. He growled slightly, baring his powerful fangs. "You wanna feel my bite? Because I can output 930 Newtons into that thick skull of yours...." he threatened, and there was obviously a bit of truth in that, Kazira seemed to be harsh and cruel to her.

"I'll give you Three seconds to drop that weapon.... Shoot me, and I'll devour your flesh, and pick my teeth with your bones.."
Sarah Da'naou (played by staticnightmares)

Want to join? Read this post and comment to show your interest; and then you can post here!

The way he said her name made her eyes fill with even more fear. The way it came out so naturally and the emphasis.... It scared her. It was just like...him...

Her grip on her bow loosened significantly as she began to tremble more, even more violent than before again. Just from that single world her legs felt like they were going to give way, and she could feel everything unpleasant closing back into her head as her eyes became sore and her head became light and dizzy.

"N'ei..." she whimpered quietly, lowering the bow just slightly as she stared at the floor, her arms shaking. "N'ei..."
Nivar (played by JustAPlayer)

When those eyes showed, he lifted his head more. Properly looking at her, he could tell he probably just triggered a memory from her past. But he felt like he just did something... bad to her. Even though he only just said her name, it was merely enough to make her break. He couldn't help seeing her like that for some reason, daring him to get closer to her.

And he did, walking very slowly towards her. He kept his hands on his pockets, not to show any harm at all. All he wanted was to know more about this island... and who might live in it. Not to bring violence, or fear. That just wasn't him. But now, he just wanted to help her. That's if, he could get closer to her to provide a hug at least.
Sarah Da'naou (played by staticnightmares)

She didn't even seem to notice him getting closer, too focused on the unpleasant memories and thoughts invading her once peaceful and calm mind which was now mixed, jumbled anxious and extremely chaotic. Her hands continue to shake before they tightened on the bow. She was about to raise it and aim it at him, but by the time she had, he was directly in front of her and towering over her small height; and she hated it.

"N'ei.. N'ei... B'eolai i'eu. B'eolai i'eu." she whimpered, still holding her bow straight at her chest because he was so close to her. "Leave home alone..." her English didn't seem to be very good either, maybe slightly more broken than the other girl. "Our home. Bad man." she seemed to be calling him a bad man.
Nivar (played by JustAPlayer)

When she sounded even more scared, Nivar stood still. Being on the arrow's way, about 5 inches, he glanced down at her hands. They were trembling, enough that the whole bow itself was trembling as well. He knew she was never going to shoot that arrow, even if she did, he was going to prevent it. But what's going to happen next, its going to decide wether she's shooting it, or trusting him.

He took out his right hand from his pocket, slowly reaching, and gently setting it above her hand; or hands; holding the bow. He showed a soft smile, her hands were still trembling. "I'm not bad." He replied softly, looking at her in her eyes. "I'm good man." He tried to talk slightly like them. Noticing her poor English, it was only right to speak slowly and smoothly.

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