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I was thinking about what mannerisms my favorite RPers have their characters do that really get my character to respond and get me all mushy. So I thought it might be interesting to compare people's favorite romantic mannerisms (or actions, or gestures).

I'll start:

One of my favorite romantic mannerisms is...when a character admits they have feelings then shows vulnerability and fear of rejection by looking away and blushing.

I don't know what it is about that, but my characters tend to find that so absolutely adorable and will walk 1000 miles and back for that character in that moment. It's so beautiful. Those mannerisms seem so very useful in the romance genre. :)

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Biting their lower lip. I also love tiptoe kisses. Short girls and tall guys. Another cute thing is when a guy lifts a girls chin, because she is blushing so much she looks down.
8_Stars_8 wrote:
Biting their lower lip. I also love tiptoe kisses. Short girls and tall guys. Another cute thing is when a guy lifts a girls chin, because she is blushing so much she looks down.

Oh, god...I love that. The chin-lifting thing. I was legit about to put that. I wasn't sure how to explain it.

And the lip biting thing. Yep. Yeppp. So cute. All of that.
*quickly writes down notes*

Something I love is when they kiss and the male is flustered. Usually unexpected if it's an athletic guy.
That moment right before a kiss where it's just lips hovering and lightly brushing over each other. On top of that the first time they find each other's hand without looking and how their hands just click into each other, fingers fitting right between the spaces and just clicking and feeling right. I also like the goofy and funny moments a lot ^w^

e.g. from my own novel:

"I wished that we will both be happy when we grow up" Narisi said before offering him her widest smile.

"I wished that I could spend a lifetime by your side so that I could teach you all the constellations. Oh, and to not have to let go of your hand" he admitted. She laughed and playfully punched his shoulder.

"That's not how it works, you fool! You only get one wish, those are the rules!" she complained and they shared another laugh. Deep inside her heart, she knew from that moment on that she wished the same thing.
When two complete opposites after angst conflict struggle finally admit their true feelings they have for each other.
Budding romance is always cute. However, the magic lies within knowing one another for years and being together for a fair bit of time, at least for me.
For example:
Pulling your SO a little bit closer just after the alarm is turned off.
Forehead kisses, petting her hair back a bit from her face, and whispered "I love you, baby," just before he goes to work.
Watching cute mannerisms appear like the "happy food dance" at dinner. (little wiggles after eating, super cute)
Bring on the kittens! If animals that normally don't like the presence of strangers are totally comfortable with the new SO.
Mock fights out in public. My husband and I had just seen Avengers End Game, and we were arguing over the next phase of Marvel movies. He was being a butt and locked me out of the car, so I started walking home. We were laughing too hard to know what to do. After two minutes, he's like "Oh crap she's not coming back." He drives up behind me, rolls down the window and goes "Come on baaaabe." He couldn't manage anything else cuz we were laughing so hard.
Play fighting is always fun too. My husband is a corrections officer. He can take me if he wants to but he lets me win sometimes.
Swimming in the ocean or pool together and being koalas on one another.
Sleepy kisses and falling asleep mid kiss. Can't get any closer than that.
Romantic gestures from the person seemingly non-romantic. (cue cute picture of our footprints in the sand or his sneaky pictures and video of me jumping over the waves at night)
Inside phrases! (Me waking up in the morning: "Ded." Him, drinking coffee already: "No ded." Me: "So ded." Him: "No die ded." Etc.)
I love all of these so much. Thank you guys so much for inputting!

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