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Verdin Brentwick (played by TopKek23)

The year is 1946. World War 2 has been going on longer than predicted, with Britain on it's last leg and America is attempting to push back the invading German army. Germany has grown to an outrageous size, overtaking the Soviet Union. Now with such a large amount of power, Germany has become a technological powerhouse. On the battlefield, the mere presence of German soldiers and it's massive metal machines destroy morale. These machines tower over everything, their turrets scraping the dark skies. They rain down hellfire on the battlefield, tearing apart buildings, people, and vehicles. With Germany taking out the Soviet Union and Britain about to meet the same fate, America has to push back Germany and defeat the massive empire. This effort seems fruitless, yet they continue to fight a thought to be impossible to win war.
((This is some dieselpunk RP and a dystopia? I'm in!))
There he was, hidden in some bushes in the torrential rain, hoping everything would go according to plan. Had it not been for this war he would have been home at the same time, near the chimney appreciating his dinner. But no, the world had to go to shit right now, as if the Great War hadn't sufficed.
The light of the first vehicles in the supply convoy interrupted his thinking - they were coming. A look at the other fighters, and he went back to his rifle.
Verdin Brentwick (played by TopKek23)

Verdin walked along with a convoy of vehicles. German orders were being barked at everyone else. "Finde den Abschaum!" He barely heard over the sounds of giant metal feet pounding the wet mud. He searched around, rifle in hand. He looked at all the bushes, unknowingly staring right at Jean. He stared at the bush for a few seconds, suspicious, then went on his way not thinking anything of it. He wiped some rain from the lenses of his gasmask. he looked back at the trucks. They appeared to be loaded with flares. He spoke into a radio on the wrist area of his uniform. "Approaching target zone one" he said through his heavy German accent. The convoy continued on through the mud.
They were expecting us?! Someone must have betrayed us, because not only their damned officers were searching for us, but the convoy was also better defended and armored than usually. Using a mirror after the main defense vehicles had passed, he sent a message to the rest of the troops:

"E. X. L. O. S. I. V. E. S. N. O. G. U. N.S"

The explosion would damage enough vehicles if the American explosives they had gotten were worth their price, and then they'd wait for the soldiers to come out. The only problem was the "Titan" vehicle, but it was no use when searching in a forest, and it probably had too few ammo to just shoot around randomly in hope of hitting them.
The blast happened just a few seconds later, hitting the middle and back of the convoy - a loud sound compared to the usual homemade grenades, which was nearly a guarantee they had destroyed a few vehicles.
Verdin Brentwick (played by TopKek23)

Everyone including Verdin had heard the explosion that came from the back and middle of the convoy. They all ducked for cover as shrapnel flew out from the vehicles that had been blown to pieces. A large piece of shrapnel hit one of the 5 mechanical beasts right in it's motor, causing it to shut down, and collapse to the side. When it collapsed it fell right into the shrubbery. The convoy halted as multiple vehicles opened up sliding doors, then soldiers began pouring out. They aimed their weapons at the shrubbery and elsewhere in the forest. The other 4 mechanical beasts aimed their weapons at the forest, towering over the trees. One officer was killed by flying shrapnel, causing the others to retreat into their highly armored transport vehicles, H.A.T.Vs for short. An officer shouted "FEUER" As soon as the command was offered, the beasts tore down the trees with heavy gun fire, and the soldiers fired into the shrubbery.
Ah shit, a convoy of soldiers and not ammo... They were outnumbered, and of course the foe had enough ammo to chop the Amazonian rainforest down, right here in Europe...
"Butez les lieutenants ! Get the officers!"
This was a lost battle if they didn't get reinforcement, so he might as well damage the German army as much as he could. Having given his position, he used a smoke grenade and ran through the smoke to the burning remains of the Titan vehicle, confident his armor prototype and the effect of surprise would give him an advantage big enough to let his soldiers flee or counterattack whilst he distracted the enemy and disturbed their formation.
Verdin Brentwick (played by TopKek23)

As the smoke clouded the convoy, Verdin stood and turned on his thermal vision. He scanned the area, whilst drawing his pistol. He shouted "Get everybody out of here!" as he walked into the smoke and looked around. He saw a thermal image that appeared to be a human in the large area of black smoke, though it was hard to make out due to all of the fire surrounding him. He approached the figure in the smoke slowly, yet aggressively. He wasn't sure whether this was an officer or one of the American resistance soldiers. He lifted his gun until the barrel of the weapon was aimed directly as his forehead. "Don't move." He stated through the voice modulator in his gasmask. It obscured his voice to where it sounded a lot deeper than a normal human. This was a tactic to hide a soldiers identity if they were to later be used to infiltrate an enemy base, and for the simple fear factor.
((thermal vision in 1946? It took hours to process stuff for those made by the US Army in that year, army which had won the war and was leading in technology))
An enemy - no man of his side would have jumped in the smoke and been able to see him in it, with the lack of equipment they had. Time to see if he could imitate his old Alsatian grandfathers accent.
"Herr Kommandant? *kof kof* Ists Giftgas? *kof*"

rolled 1d100 and got 91
German accent imitation

Verdin Brentwick (played by TopKek23)

Verdin looked at the vaguely human shaped thing standing in front of him. He was suspicious of the accent a small bit, so he decided to test to see if he really was a soldier of his "Ja, das Gas in dieser Maschine ist sehr giftig. Sie sollten weitergehen und gehen." this was a lie, and Verdin knew it, as for this model they had found out a way to use a motor that didn't produce highly toxic gas, unlike all of the other models before this one. The convoy continued to go on without Verdin, the sound of wheels and tank tracks on the mud could be ever so barely heard.
What is he talking about? A machine? I ask him about smoke grenades and he gives me information on their vehicles for free? Boy, are their officers easy to fool.
The soldiers mostly don't have gas masks since it is uncommon to use smoke grenades, the smoke should irritate their lungs - I might get away with this.
"Welche Maschine? *kof* Ich seh nichts, seit *kof* das Gas hier *kof* ist."
Crap, the smoke will get to my lungs, must get out soon.
Verdin Brentwick (played by TopKek23)

Verdin, realizing he was talking about smoke that was not coming from the machine, he got extremely suspicious. None of these soldiers were carrying smoke grenades or any other items that produce this . Well there were some, but those were only the high tiers, but they were all inactive due to them being needed for what they were doing before the ambush. "Ah, sorry I must've mistaken what you were talking about" he also thought about the fact that since most of the soldiers weren't wearing gasmasks wouldn't blindly run into gas.
Why the hell is he switching to English? Is that a German officer or not? Anyways, he probably won't have any problem with a soldier getting away from the smoke if he's on my side.
"Muss zur Panzer *kof* hab nicht viel Zeit."
He then ran forwards to the damaged parts of the convoy, trying to reach any destroyed vehicle to take cover, hoping to not get shot in the process.

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