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I'm trying to stylize a new profile of mine and I'm not sure if it's possible to change fonts with BBCode.. anyone know how I can do something like this or if it's even possible?

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It's possible to a degree. It's also discouraged since some are so hard to read.

It only works in the regular textboxes, not for headers, so if you what that you'll have to do false headers.

You're also very limited. You can only use what's loaded for that page, or what exists on most computers (web safe fonts/typefaces), or it won't show up as the desired typeface.

That will use the Arial typeface, if it is available.


That will use whatever serif typeface (such as Times New Roman, Garamond, etc) the computer viewing the page has set as the default serif. Other options this route include sans-serif (like Arial and Helvetica), monospace (like Consolas and other typewriter styles), and cursive (like Mistral). I might have the names off, so double check.
Idk how useful this will be at the moment, but a lot of these fonts should also work for here:
Alright, thanks!

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