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Veles (played anonymously)

There have been legends of the old kingdom of dragons! Some people say it isnt real, some others say the legend is still alive, and that the kingdom Dariacire is waiting for someone to recite the ancient words to awaken the people. Nobody knows where its located, but, some people say that the queen commands the whole kingdom and the earth. Of course this legend first happened over 500,000 years ago. No one believes it now, but what happens when it actually does happen. Will you find out the origin of the Taker of Life and Lord of Fire?

Y/C is a male, he read the book and caused the Dariacire to awaken, and the queen needs help to keep the kingdom protected by finding the 2 most feared legends ever (Taker of Life and Lord of Fire) but has a hard time admitting it.

Will you Join Queen Veles and help her and maybe fall in love along the way? or will you only go to find out the sacred location of the Legends?

DM me! :D
The Warden (played by MangoNekros)

I'll be interested to join this! I have a large and interesting cast of characters!
Nicholas (played by Rekogi)

Sounds fun, would it be acceptable if I joined?
Veles (played anonymously)

Nicholas wrote:
Sounds fun, would it be acceptable if I joined?

of course! I will send a message right now!

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