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Lian (played by Somnom)

Lian raced through the streets, bare feet making slapping sounds against the cobblestones of the street, the sounds amplified from the puddles that had pooled from the sky darkened with thick clouds. It looked like it was evening, but it was only mid-afternoon, the sun well hidden away in the storm. It had been raining for longer than she had been running, sleeveless dress in richly colored silk stuck to her form, strands of hair clinging to her face and neck. In her hands, she was cupping something, protecting it from the rain, holding her cusped hands close to the center of her chest as her body came to a sudden stop at a junction where multiple roads intersected. She knew it was safe to stop as most people didn’t drag their carts and horses out into the rain.

The fae exhaled hard through her mouth, sending a sputtering of water with it, squinting her eyes and shaking her head wildly in an attempt to clear the water and soaked hair from her eyes so she could better see the junction she was at. “Soggy Lili,” she crooned softly, her body shuddering and rippling like a bird trying to shake off water from its feathers.

The city was familiar enough, but Lian just wasn’t sure where she wanted to go. Her mind kept changing, deciding one thing and then deciding upon another well before her body could physically move. Lifting her cupped hands towards her mouth, and spoke to whatever was in the temporary cage in a lilting, soothing voice, “We will be okay. It’s just water. Water is good, water is nice, not always dangerous. The Soggy LiLi Bird keep you safes, yes.”
Olly (played by Kruhee)

It wasn't as if Olly detested the rain, but he did tend to look as if he did. His mouth tight and turned down while his fine spun woolen suit clung ever more weighted to his pale skin. Alright, he hated the rain, anything wet in fact. The heat of his person sent the water steaming from him in thin streams of vapor. While he squinted through the soggy realm of unpleasant wet he pushed long hair from his features and silently cursed his sister for her nature. He couldn't help it, and yet, still his eyes narrowed when he saw her slender figure before him, what little light there was shaded by the shape of city buildings and clouded sky.
The living tattoo which marked his person displayed his displeasure as the seemed to respond to some unspoken thought before Olly bent and reached out a hand and collect one of his spies from the ground, the fragmented rodent-like creature devolving fully into darkness to add to the tendrils which roiled beneath his skin.
"Sister, you should not be about," he called to Lian, his pointed teeth flashing a dangerous smile. "There are many who might find you before my rats could."
Lian (played by Somnom)

Huffing out another breath with a sputter from the water dripping around her face, it seemed as if Lian had picked a street to dart off down, but before her feet to go, a familiar voice had her turning on her heels and looking at Olly. His smile was dangerous, but the one on her face was wide and gleeful. “You FOUND me!” she crowed out before devolving into a fit of giggles. It only took a few quick steps for her to close the distance between them. Rising onto the tips of her toes, she pressed a kiss to each of his cheeks before settling down onto her heels and taking a step back.

She blew out a breath, playing with the steam vapors coming from his form, eyes flicking as she watched them swirl and curl before she brought her eyes to look at Olly’s face. “The Olly would be happy to know that The Soggy LiLi was on her way to not be soggy,” she nearly sang out, nodding her head enthusiastically after the words left her mouth. “But first, The Olly must see…”

Slowly, she extended her cupped hands out towards him, “I have a guest. He’s my charge!” Gingerly and carefully, the hand on top lifted and revealed a fuzzy fat caterpillar that was brightly colored. Looking around the street, checking for anyone spying on them, Lian deemed it safe enough to spill some secrets as she whispered, “He’s Marcellus. Not THE Marcellus. But Marcellus. The Marcellus watches The LiLi who watches Marcellus.” If it were up to her, she would stand in the rain and talk for the rest of her life, but she knew better. “Weeee gets the Olly out of the rain?” she asked, tilting her head towards a building over and over while looking at him, asking permission on if that is where they should proceed.
Olly (played by Kruhee)

Before he could stop himself Olly let out a quite, though no less true, laugh. Damn the girl her antics! It was why he could never ship her far from himself even for the ease of life it would cause.
"Yes..." A softness touched the harsh expression which held his stony features. "Yes I did." He reached out as she kissed each cheek and stroked her soaking hair. Even like this it was like silk, simply, it was silk left to the whims of the river. When she spoke once more Olly rose one silver pierced brow.
"Oh? Was she now, what a good little bird she is." His hand moved from the back of her head to her cheek before making the jump to her shoulder and holding it with a gentle firmness. Lian was his responsibility, she had not asked him to be, but they were born of the same nest. He bent at the waist to look at the extended palms of his sister, nothing present in his mossy green eyes to give way to the thoughts within.
"Don't... eat it." he stated, ignoring the talk of the man who was being paid a pretty coin to watch his sister. He would have a word with the Dog's keeper. Though what good that would do was beyond the fae as Somni had a soft spot for the damned rabid animal. "Let us hope you are better at watching than he is or you shall all be lost." There was a reason Olly watched, even when he paid others to do the same. Reasons like this.
One strong arm reached out to rest across the shoulders of Lian, another cupping her hand as if to protect the pretend charge within and he began to guide her. More for his own sake than for hers, to the building her head bobbled towards.
"Yes, dear sister, we get this bird out of the rain before his feathers clump. We can't all be as graceful as you when wet." It wasn't long before they stood, soaking and dribbling under the outer cover of the large structure. Neither of them would truly become cold, but while Lian might not be uncomfortable, Olly surly was. Stopping to look back at the rain, he spoke again, thoughts miles from where they had been.
"Are you happy, Lian? Do they treat you well?" He knew the answer of if they were good to her and if she was happy wasn't necessarily the same thing.
Lian (played by Somnom)

Lian’s eyes closed most of the way, her lips parting just slightly as a soft thrilling noise came from her throat as she felt Olly’s fingers pull through her hair. Preening was always nice, no matter who helped with it or even if she was soggy. But her eyes opened after a moment and she was sharp and alert once more.

Despite being a creature that seemed simple, Lian was observant and sharp of mind, ruled by the laws of nature that is ever changing, she couldn’t control any of her emotions if she tried. When she felt things, she felt them in full. So when she was given a compliment from her brother, Olly saying how good she is, she couldn’t help but puff up a bit, attempting to show how proud she was to deserve such words. Even if her body didn’t quite say that, her facial expression sure did. “I don’t eat guests,” she said to his joke.

Even if Olly didn’t ask for an explanation on why she was out, without Marcellus or Somniatis, his comment felt pressing. And since it was impossible for LiLi to lie, she ended up confessing, “I sneaked out. Mmmm.” She was nodding enthusiastically, leaning into him as his arm wrapped around her shoulder, shifting her hands to allow his own to help save the fuzzy friend from drowning. Her steps moved with his own, graceful and flowing in a way that no human could mimic. Once they were under the cover and out of the rain, she gingerly helped user the fuzzy Marcellus out of her hand and onto a ledge of a window so that she could help Olly.

Without waiting for permission, hands with long fingers reached out to the soaked suit. Grabbing fistfuls of fabric of his jacket in a near chaotic fashion, she squeezed to help get some water out of the threads. Her hands moved, in no particular to continue the squeezing until he stopped her or told her to stop. “Yes!” she chirped brightly to the first question, her head nodding wildly. “Very much so!” she chirped out again to the second question. “The LiLi very very happy! Yes, yes, yeeeesss,” she croooned out. “Happy, happy, happy. They keeps me company, they keeps me talkings, I get to talks and meets guests and people, I keeps secrets, I see secrets, I get gifts! So many picture cubes, I have now, The Olly. Enough for one trunk!”

She paused, her fists still full of fabric from the arms of his jacket, a worried look on her face, “The LiLi wasn’t running away. The LiLi sneaked out, Theeeee Marcellus was dealing with problems in the cells and I ran! To find something, gifts! Gifts for him and The Somni! If I go to get them, they follow, so I wanted to give them surprise gifts, no following. The LiLi was lates, was slow, would’ve been back sooner, promise! But...that is the third Marcellus, the other two got lost.” One of her hands lifted to point to where she left the caterpillar, but there was a frown on her brows and a pout on her lips when she didn’t see it exactly right where she had left it.

"The Olly mad at The LiLi or The Marcellus or The Somni?" she asked, still frowning at the window sill where the caterpillar should be.
Olly (played by Kruhee)

Truthfully, Olly would never stop Lian from trying to press the water from his clothing. It was... not so much a useless invader as it was a pointless one. If he told her to stop, she would, but why spoil her fun.
"You, snuck out, hmm?" He purred deeply, the sound somehow filled with warmth as he watched her slender hands try and fail at an impossible task. She was, being what she was, stronger than she looked, but he was far more so. Which left her pushing damp fabric into an object immovable by the little bird. The nodding of her head amused him and he caught her chin to still his sister's head, placing a soft kiss on her crown.
"You shouldn't do that, you know this, yes?" She always smelled like the river he remembered, like open air and the garden they once called home. Or, perhaps that was simple association. He wasn't sure anymore, it had been too long ago. Even for a creature who never forgot.
"I am glad they you are happy," Seeing her concern he shook his head, the silver chains which fell from his pointed ears jingling merrily in the action. "I am not mad at the Lili bird, you know I am not mad at her. She is joy and good." He smiled, those sharp pointed rows of teeth showing from between his lips. "But neither am I pleased with you going out, or being allowed to leave without that guard I was promised you would have. Do you understand me, sister?" He looked into those beautiful eyes, lost in the familiar for a long moment. What would he do if she were harmed?
"Blackthorn still roils without her king, she will have no sleep and as such none within will find rest. Remember this, and try your hardest I implore you. You are my family, and as such, you will never be safe until I hold Blackthorn in my grasp." He would not mention the alchemical counsel, would not mention the other troubles from the realms of men, for long ago Olly had learned that omission and lies were not the same thing. It was best not to speak in whole thruths to the ones he held the closest to his heart.
Looking to the window he searched for the bright color of the third Marcellus and soon pointed out the tiny creature. "Perhaps, dear Lili, he wishes to remain free, could you grant him that now that he is safe?"
Lian (played by Somnom)

It seemed at times that if Olly, or any one else, didn’t stop some of Lian’s physical ticks of excitement, they might go on forever. Thankfully, the shadowy fae before her was family and knew better than she did, stopping her nodding before she got dizzy. “Yes!” she chirped at him, far too cheerfully when he asked if she knew she shouldn’t sneak out, as if almost gloating that she was being mischievous and got away with it for a long while before being caught. It was a rarity these days for her to be able to get away with anything, especially like slipping from her protectors.
Seeing Olly smile that sharp-toothed smile, she wanted to poke them and also show him her own sharp teeth, but she instead started to wring her hands together, trying to keep them under control despite them wanting to do more useless squeezing of wet fabrics. But there were words coming out of his mouth, important words, and she was focusing on them, remembering them, keeping them in her mind. Her head bobbed up and down again, slowly at first before picking up speed. Looking into his green eyes, she cooed slightly, as they always reminded her of moss. The rich and thick moss that grew close to streams, clinging to rocks and soil to make a plus carpet. Her toes wiggled, aching to feel that under her feet instead of street rocks that was abused by horse hooves and boots.

“I understand, dear brother,” Lian said. Her tone was soft, serious. Not that he had taken her joy from her - that was something that always bubbled under the surface. She just knew it was a serious matter, so it should be addressed seriously. Her safety was not something to joke about, it wasn’t fun and games. It had been that way for a long while, especially after one particular incident. “Mmmmmaybeeeee I help put Blackthorn in your graps?” she asked a hopeful smile blooming over her lips. It wasn’t the first time she proposed this, and it was unlikely the last. She already knew the answer, but couldn’t help asking.

There was a rolling of her eyes as Olly suggested she leave Marcellus the Third where he was since he was safe, “I will grant him that if you finish answering the question!” She ventured with a giggle. Maybe hanging around with the demons and devils were helping her learn negotiations and when to notice things she used to blissfully ignore previously. “The Olly never said if he was mad at The Marcellus or The Somni, he only said he’s not mad but not pleased at The LiLi and the LiLi’s actions. But...the LiLi sneaked out and got to see The Olly, so maybe is not so bad?” She was teasing him, as she usually did.

Her hands lifted to his face now, cool palms and fingers pushing the wet strands of his hair aside, adjusting them upon his head so that she could better see his face. She smiled brightly and giggled, “There’s The Olly.” She adored her brother so much so, it made her heart full and her chest feel too small.
Olly (played by Kruhee)

"No." The words came too harshly, fueled by fears that would not let him rest, the fae of ash and smoke shook his head violently, grasping his sisters hands in his. By contrast they were so small, in his they were silk against stone. He took a deep breath, calming the tendrils of fear as they threatened to crawl from his skin to manifest in reality. Black whips, like ink in water, trailing forth from his porcelain features. They calmed as he did, and he pulled Lian close to tuck her under his chin much as a mother hen might her chick.
"No," The repeated word was softer, a quiet purr to reassure her she had done nothing wrong, Lili was a good girl. "You can not help me. You mustn't help me. This you know and I expect you to remember." There was no question, but a demand that she do so. "But one day you will help me keep it. Keep that in your mind, sister, that you will help then."
Olly let her go, knowing that she didn't care for the heat for too long, and smiled warmly, petting Lian's head, his own tilting to question where she had learned to be so clever, before it clicked, he had sent her away to a place which might teach by example.
"For the newfound brightness of your thoughts I do not cast hasty distaste." He teased, tapping one finger against her scalp as he stroked her hair. "But for the danger, even through your sneaking? I am far from pleased." The tall fae sighed releasing a puff of white air and shook his head, there was nothing to be done but keep the score, he had far too much on his plate to handle than to be dumb enough to pick a battle he would need all attentions to win. He leaned into her hand and then twisted to kiss her wrist gently.
"Shall I take you home, little bird." He knew she didn't particularly care for her cage, but it was one of gold and glory, what better for a creature that could call herself his sister. What better to keep her far from all that might seek her, or to do her harm.
Lian (played by Somnom)

Lian’s eyes went a touch wide when he answered so firmly and it would’ve startled or shocked her had she not been used to him saying it so frequently in reply to the question that she would never let rest. But she was focused on those inky tendrils moving under his skin, feeling as if she could watch them shift for days on end, but she doubted her brother would linger long enough for her to do so. “Wiggle wiggle,” she whispered in awe at their movements, looking to her bare arms and wondering if some day, her own tendrils might appear and also wondering if they tickled.

When he pulled her close, her lanky arms wrapped around him to secure the embrace, a cooing noise coming from her throat as she closed her eyes to savor the moment of comfort that he gave her. “The LiLi remembers,” she repeated. “And The LiLi helps The Olly keeps when it is time, but now is not the time. No, no, no. Now is the time to be a good LiLi Bird and stay safe and happy, happy, happy.”

She was feeling warmer, soaking in the heat that Olly was radiating, but would suffer through it if he wished to hold her to him for as long as he deemed. Thankfully, it wasn’t so long that it was uncomfortable, taking a step away from him once he let her go from the embrace. As he pet her head, she let out a soft trilling noise from her throat, keeping her hands against the side of his head, fingers wiggling every so often as if to remind him they were still there.

“I give The Somni and The Marcel the message? The Olly is far from please The LiLi used her feets and escaped?” she asked, a big smile on her lips now, brow perking upwards twice. At the kiss to her wrist, she giggled and pulled her hands away from his head, leaning in and rising to the tips of her toes to place a kiss to his cheek. There was a touch of sorrow in her eyes when she pulled back from that kiss, face wrinkling in distaste from the question he asked.

“Too soon to go back, not out here long enough in The LiLi’s mind,” she said with a pout on her lips. Her fingers came up and pulled at the corner of her lips, to emphasize the gesture before her hands dropped and she smiled to show a wide, sharp toothed grinned. Her smiles never looked as dangerous as Olly’s. “Negotiation! The Olly take me home now if on the way, I can get gifts?” She started to clap her hands together softly under her chin, she seemed so proud to have learned so much from her protectors and she was more than happy to show of her new learned skilled to her brother, to give him peace of mind that he made the right choice in who watched over her.
Olly (played by Kruhee)

Olly relaxed as Luan explained she understood. Yet, he knew in the end it did no good, none at all, she would do as she pleased and for that, she would always be watched.
" No," and this tine his voice was a sift whisper. "There is no need, I will tell then myself, best it comes from me." The fae wasn't fully sure what they would do if the complaint wasn't issued in a deft hand. Though he did know the dog had a thing for the bird.
Once more Olly's arm surrounded his sister's and he began to guide her home, laughing at how she thought she gad won. In a way, he supposed she had. But not how Lili would have herself believe.
"All the gifts you like," he laughed, "everything you want, as long as you can carry them all yourself." Of course she wouldn't need to do that, but it was the principal of setting limits which really mattered.
His pale skender hand swept out before them as they walked into the rain, as if to showcase the path they might take. "I an sure they will love each and every gift you bring them."
Lian (played by Somnom)


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Olly (played by Kruhee)

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