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On another site, I found out they had a special font to make reading easier for those with dyslexia (like myself)! You could enable it from your account settings and it would replace all the basic text with a special font, made specifically to combat the most common mistakes made by dyslexics.

Here’s more info about it:

I think it would be really awesome if RPR could add this option too, considering how much reading the very nature of RP requires. Despite the disability, many dyslexics still try to enjoy writing. I think adding this would be a great accessibility update (plus dyslexie font fits the aesthetic of this site imo).
I'm all for any suggestions that would help our dyslexic members to find the RPR more accessible and thus more enjoyable.
I've seen a few dyslexia fonts, and I do support having the option for sure. The one shown there looks pretty good, too. I recall a convention I help out with trying another, and I'm not sure how helpful it was to dyslexic folks, but I could sure barely read it. x.x It was almost dizzying to look at. (Not that that matters if it's an optional thing and whatever gets used is, indeed, helpful to those who need it.)
Sanne Moderator

I love this idea! This would probably make a good suggestion for RPR 2.0 ;)

I'm curious to which extent this would be applicable! Right now, users are able to set fonts basically everywhere they post text (forum posts, user profiles, character profiles, custom templates etc.) and a lot of custom templates in particular have specifically chosen their fonts to fit the overall look. Would someone who has chosen to use the Dyslexie font also be overriding the fonts individual people have set? Or would they prefer to maintain the original font? Should this be an additional toggle?

These questions don't have to be answered in particular, I'm just curious what final functionality could look like, and as someone who doesn't have dyslexia I don't know what people's preferences would be with this!
Oh I’ll need to go check that out sometime!

Hmm, I think it would be nice to have it override any paragraph/body text. Headers and small bits aren’t too bad, but reading long passages is usually where the fatigue and distractibility set in.
The reader certainly cares more about content than aesthetic, and I assume the writer would prefer to have the interest in their post.
Kim Site Admin

This is very interesting. I will look into this.

This particular font appears to sell licenses to use it based on the number of people who will be seeing it, which may present some challenges for us. I might have to look for a different font.

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