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Hey! I was just wondering who I talk to about a possibly bugged profile?

So, there's this person (who I won't name right now since I'm not sure if they would be ok with it) that made a Looking For RP forum post a while ago that I replied to. Basically, it was for a group RP in PMs.

I wanted to message them to ask if the RP was still going to happen but, when I clicked on their name to visit their profile, the screen was just about completely black. Much of the basic text, such as the names of the options and the list of characters, was invisible.
Kim Site Admin

They have an Epic membership and chose black on black on black on black for their profile colors. It's not a bug, just a somewhat odd aesthetic choice. :)

But if you think you've found a bug, you can use the bug report form under Help > Report a Problem :)

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