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Kantaro (played by Trudy)

You find a cute guy online. His name is Kantaro. His pictures almost make him look grumpy, but you bet he's a sweetheart. Maybe he is. You want to meet him. But when you do, you realize why he only posted pictures of his head. He is half mantis.
Main plot: Kantaro and you meet and go out on dates. Nothing mature happens, you just hang and enjoy yourselves together. The biggest things that could happen is living together and perhaps some kisses here and there?
With this being in the fantasy area, you can have a magic-using character, or something interesting.
P.S. Please excuse me if I suddenly don't respond sometimes. I'm not always that active here, and this place isn't always in my mind. I have a life(somewhat) so I apologize in advance. I will get to you when I can.
Looking for one person, or two, who are semi-lit and hopefully can write a fair amount.

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