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Announcer (played anonymously)

You wake up in a dark room, in a few minutes, bright lights shine into your face, knowing there are other strangers, as your hear the voices "Hello, you all have been Convinced of a crimein thus this, you have to do as the following, doing anything funny will result in death, got me?" The mysterious voice said, you stripped of your tools and weapons, bing in a white jumpsuit, in a white room, a door with a passcode lock on it, as you see cameras looking at everyone "Attempt using your abilities rightly, if not, you will be stuck, each stage has different consequences for waiting too long. This one will.. drive your crazy. If i see fighting or low cooperstion, I will not spare those, remember my words. One of you have to find a hammer, kn one of the walls, or guess the passcode, I will be waiting, I will answer only one question. Make them worth it. Be calm and think. then you hear static, with the words "Good luck, may god be with you"
mykah rae (played by Wanderlyst)

the woman looked around, confused. she did not know how she got here, or what was happening now that she was. when she heard the voice, she nearly jumped out of her skin. "wha-" she began to ask what was happening, but held her tongue. "my abilities? what does that mean?" she wondered, looking around . The room was so white, she had to squint just to see.

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