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Heyo!! I’m trying to edge my friend into the RPR and I wanted to see if there were any active Fire Emblem roleplayers, or even OCs! I think this is the right place to do this? My friend and I just wanna find people to discuss with and stuff and I figured this would be as good a place as ever to chat about it! I think. Correct me if I’m wrong and need to move this elsewhere?

Also I’m totally down to discuss any three houses lore and just geek about the game I’m just getting into the fandom myself and I love it :)
I would be keen as a bean just not many people seem to be into Fire Emblem rp's (yet again I haven't really done an interest check so) really I just need to get around to making a character
Yeah, the Interest seems hella small lmao. I’m pretty new to the series myself, 3H is my first game but my friend has been a long time player and he’s got lots of OCs so I wanted to see if he could find a good group here instead of Instagram RP lmao
I have a fire emblem oc~

I personally started with Awakening, then moved to Fates, and then went back and played some of the older games like Shadow Dragon and Binding Blade~ Then I moved onto Valentia, and I am currently on the fence about getting Three Houses ^^ There are quite a few Fire Emblem Roleplayers, just a lot of them are quiet and like to keep low ^^

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