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There were many ways to relieve yourself from the heat that beat down on the earth during the summer. Some chose to splash in rivers or lakes, others traveled further north, and some just suffered through the season. It would just so happen though, that the Onyx bandits had been laying low over the season, tucked away far north. All except their fearless leader, Iskra- who found herself currently, laying in an open field, a bag of stolen fruits at her side.

She was sprawled out across her cloak- they changed colors as the seasons passed, and her cloak was a vibrant shade of red that brought to mind fairytales and fables. And wasn’t she living one now, half-awake as the wind swept her hair from her face, gently rustling the grass this way and that. It was an uncharacteristically gentle moment for the crude woman- to be clean, relaxed and comfortable in this field was a welcome relief from the constant battles she had suffered from the months prior. Yes, this was the life... oh, how she wished it could stay like this forever. Just her, a bag of fruit and the summer breeze...

This is totally open- feel free to jump in! I’m very flexible in regards to plot- if you have an idea, throw it at me in PMs! Otherwise, let’s just see where this story goes...

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Isabella was far more acclimated to colder weather. Her own home was hidden in snow, shrouded in a sea of trees dying far from most other forms of civilization. What those trees longed for desperately, however, were the product of her misery. Suffering through the summer's heat was not necessarily her choice, the long black gown that covered her slightly blue-grey skin was all she had to her name to cover herself, not including the tome clutched tightly to the child's chest as she walked.

She paused her walking a moment, panting and exhausted from the heat, and apparently she was not the only one. 'Is that woman dead?' she questioned herself staring at the collapsed Iskra Sokol laying motionless in the field. Her slightly blurred and tired eyes didn't openly recognize her breathing chest movements which would likely offer the answer. Dead from exhaustion, the burning sun that cast down bolts of miserable heat must have conquered this person, or so she supposed.

She couldn't tell what was in the sack lying next to her, all she knew was that there was something in it, and in her position, scrounging from the dead corpses, often using other dead corpses she gave rise to to help, was the only real work she could find. No one in the civilized world had work for her, even if she were older they likely wouldn't offer anything but a quicker draw of their swords.

Isabella drug herself forward, almost shuffling her feet tiredly as her more routine summons would. It was appropriate she felt like a zombie herself, and she wondered for a moment if their suffering was as bad as her own was currently. Whatever this possible corpse had, she hoped it would offer something to cool her off.

no ideas yet, but something always comes to me...just lets see where the first interactions take us as long as your okay with this
Despite her calm state, the bandit was incredibly attentive- always on edge, it seemed. Iskra listened for a moment, to the footsteps in the distance- and then listened to them near, slowly but surely.

She didn’t make a move- it was too hot to even think about that, much less fighting in this horrible weather. Her knife was on her hip but just the thought of having to grip the blade in her sweaty palms made her grimace, her face twisting into a look of displeasure. Yes, fighting wouldn’t be ideal.

Instead, one of her slate grey eyes opened, glancing in the direction of the sound- and locking onto Isabella. The sight of the young girl seemed to surprise her a bit- but hey. Any little kid wandering about, especially with such a skin tone as this one, clearly had survived for a reason. Unless this brat just wandered away from her parents...

“Oi, kid. I’d be careful approaching strangers if I vere you. Ya parents ever teach ya about stranger danger?” Her voice was coarse but her speech was slow, still groggy as she worked to wake up completely- the woman had a heavy accent that made her northern origins clear.
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Isabella froze, pierced by a flat grey eye that visually startled her at least as much as she had Iskra. A silent gasp escaped her slightly dropped jaw and her eye's widened. As familiar as she was with death, it was incredibly surprising that lack of such a thing would deceive her in what was as simply as a sleeping woman, but then, who sleeps in the middle of a field under the blazing sun on a hot summer day like this?

Immediately she thought the worst, 'just kill it, then it will be dead,' a voice in her head thought. She perceived it as a simple thing, particularly with the woman laying on the flat of her back with only one eye on her. A few had mistakenly perceived her as a kid playing while she read from her tome, speaking the words that would kill them quite suddenly. She told herself it was in self defense, but if truth be told it was fear that caused her to act....fear of the living, those that judged her upon what she couldn't control, what she was born as.

Still fear wasn't the only thing that walked with her. As comfortable with dead creatures as she was, there were holes they couldn't fill. Isabella was alive, unlike them, and despite what most she encountered believed about her, she didn't usually mean them any harm, not until she felt they deserved it anyway. She was still alive, and still longed for the occasional living connection, and here was one laying in a field alone right now. It was as good a time as any to try, and if things turned sideways, she could always default to her first thoughts.

Isabella's form fell to a routine stand, her expressions falling flat once more and her tome still clutched to her chest. "Actually, strangers taught me about stranger danger....but I thought you were dead. I was just going to-" she paused her response suddenly, realizing what she was about to say. I was just about to rob your dead body lady, don't mind me didn't sound like it was something this woman was going to want to hear. "-I....wanted to see if you were okay."
There was movement in the distance. A small shape seemed to blend into the field. A bright crop of vibrant orange picked up the sun's light. Was it some flower blowing in the wind? The little shape did seem to be moving along a row of shade at the edge of the field. It soon came closer, moving towards the center of the meadow.

No wonder he blended in. The shape of a small goblin became more evident. "Gather mushrooms, she says", the little man says to himself. His high pitched voice travels farther than a human's might. "What am I, a stepchild? I thought we were married or somethin'... Hello?" The grumpy little creature stopped occasionally to pick some of the brightly colored fungi. Extremely colorful orange, red and gold mushrooms sprouted every summer here in the North.

They were both tasty and medicinal for the goblins. "She doesn't know.. I got a big score." He laughed squeaky devious laughter. "Yeah, that's the big idea.. A big score." He laughed even louder as he picked another cap. At his height, he didn't see the humans lounging on shorter grass ahead.

The sound of the warm breeze blowing tall grass against his ear long ears helped drown out their sounds. He moved along the field unaware. Humans and goblins didn't always get along.

((Feel free to respond to this character anyway you two would like. Extort him into telling. Convince him to let you in on it... I might use a second character for the scheme if we go with it... Highway robbery?

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