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I've purchased a phoenix from the bake sale and I wasn't sure what using the item did vs. displaying it?
When you "use" an item, you are activating it. With the phoenix, as with the walrus, this is like interacting or "playing" with it. It'll give you a brief text about some little action it does.

When you "display" an item, it moves out of your inventory and into your display box, which allows other users to see an icon of it when visiting your profile. If you visit my profile, along the left, you'll see my icon/avatar and ways to interact with me, my accolade display case, and then my item display case, which features my own phoenixes and other items. Displayed items show up there.

If you want to use an item that's in your display case, you'll have to remove it from your display case first. From your inventory, your display case will appear underneath, and you just have to click an item in your display case on your inventory page to return that item to your usable inventory. (I hope that's clearer than my brain says it is.)

You might find more explanation in the Help Pages. Some help pages can only be found through a search.
Kim Site Admin

Also, unlike most items, the phoenix (and walrus) can be used infinitely, so you can play with them as many times as you want. :)
@Novalyyn and Kim, thank you both so much!

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