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The Lamb (played anonymously)

So I have a few threads going but it's always nice to get something fresh going. If you're interested in adventure, fantasy, long term, magic, and a little (Whispers) gore. Shh!

Then give me a message. If you're not a big fan of minor fighting/blood/gore then no biggie, I'll tone it down. That's the main reason this is really open to everyone. I'm willing to adjust for the sake of good writing and good terms with others.

- Multi Para
- Para
- Literate
- Fantasy Lovers
- Lycans
- Thicc Plot
- IC Drama
- Action

Character types best suited for this: Adventurers, Alchemists, The incredibly curious, Not so evil villains, HUNTERS, Druids, Elves, Supernatural Creatures, werewolfs*, vampires*, werecats*, shifters, lycans, etc.

Some Rules
- Not looking for smut.

- 1-2 paragraphs minimally, really do prefer more but I'll most likely match up to you. My starters are massive and my dialogue posts are tiny. If I'm excited... You'll know by the sheer amount of length.

Doesn't mean I'll give you a wall of text ... Unless it's a starter. Don't want to read a ton? You start! <3

- OOC 16+ and IC Any age. Since I don't do smut, they can be any age. But most kids die.

- Romance? I won't stop it happening realistically in the story, characters get close sometimes. It's not my main goal though.

- Gore? Violence? Cursing? I'm all in for it. As long as it's not Smut.

- Grammar? As long as I can read it, we are good! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ

- Plot? I like it nice and thicc. Lay it on me - I am almost always long term; if it doesn't work out I just suggest something else or move the plot elsewhere.

- Post times? I have no life since I work from home. Just don't make me wait a long time without a heads up.

Una can fit into any timeline and works best with Modern Fantasy, Fantasy, High/Low Fantasy, Medieval, and Horror Fantasy.

I'll go as dark as you want and keep it as light as you want. I really don't care! Give Una a look and maybe you'll wanna play around with my sad little dork.

(She also has a timeline and set location before her awakening so it's up to you whether or not you'd like to play with her before, during, or after)

Possible? Trigger warnings:
- Dark Themes
- Psychosis
- Enraged Characters
- Violence
- Possible Gore
- Transformation
- Cannibalism
- Sexism (Medieval)
- Blood / Wounds

What am I looking for? Characters that match up well with Una to befriend or at least interact with during a plot driven, long term, well written roleplay.

TL;DR Wanna go on a messed up adventure with my weird lycan-ish character who is too wholesome for how messed up her backstory is? Message me if so.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

The Lamb (played anonymously)

Plot ideas will be added to this soon! <3
I’m interested. Please pm me cause I might not check to see if you replied
The Lamb (played anonymously)

Sounds good to me!
Also please pm when you’re ready to start.
The Lamb (played anonymously)

This is still open!

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