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Elliete Montgomery (played anonymously)

The rules of this game are simple. Post as a character stating whether they would romance (are attracted and therefore would get with them romatically) or pass (are not attracted and would rather keep a platonic relationship or would prefer not to interact altogether) the character above them. So it's sort of like the date or reject game on over here.

Feel free to post with the same character multiple times or with a different one, it doesn't matter. So without further ado, what's your thoughts on Ellie here? Romance or pass?
Rick Michaels (played by Rogue-Scribe)


“Hmm... yeah I think i’d like to get to know you Elliete! I think you turned my head when we walked past each other on campus. Maybe we can go on a date and see how it goes?”

Rick looks around...

“Guess not, they left.”

Selene nods. "Yeah. I'd be fine with that." She says. "I'd definitely date you. As long as you aren't snobby and stuck up. But I think otherwise, we'd have a lot in common..."
Kane D'Armoise (played by Nettle)


A shake of a refined head. "Non, I'm afraid. You must understand it is nothing to do with you, simply a matter of preference on my part. My tastes run to the....ah." A slight smile, revealing the tips of canines that were altogether too predatory. "Masculine."
Kiro Wasaki (played by Nivela)


Blushes slightly and averts his wonderful red eyes. “Your.. very handsome.”

She smirks a little, looking at him carefully, taking in every detail. "I would definitely date you, cutie." Then she blushes a little bit.
Estha Masson (played by Nivela)


Estha raises one eyebrow, a smirk slipping across her face cockily. “Cute.” Was all she said with a huff as she gazed at the woman.
Devin (played anonymously)

Romance, sort of.

“look 'ere, girl, we go' 'o keep 'hings pre''y on 'he down lah. Wha' wi'h me bein an older skunk an' you a y'ug lamb. Tell ya wha' i’ll brin ya flowers every friday an' we’ll see 'ah 'hings go. Eh?” Holds out a rather droopy rose. "'his is wha' i've go' on me."
Leticia (played anonymously)


"You're an interesting...would person be the right word for you? Regardless, I'm sure we could get something going," Leticia said with a smile. A wink was given to be him before she started laughing.
Alwina Coldwill (played by Thatnerdychick)


"I'd love to take you on a date..if you'll give me a shot despite the um..issues I have. That and I work the graveyard a graveyard...and the chained book I keep on my hip..and..oh I suck."
Kiro Wasaki (played by Nivela)


Kiro didn’t say a word, just shook his head and mouthed sorry. He is only into dudes.
Estha Masson wrote:

Estha raises one eyebrow, a smirk slipping across her face cockily. “Cute.” Was all she said with a huff as she gazed at the woman.

Awh! :P
Vanessa looks at Kiro. “Naw, y’know’re only into dudes.”
Oona Lehder (played anonymously)

Romance! Of course!

"How could I not, she's so pretty! And sassy, I like sassy people."
Evelyn (played anonymously)

"Roooomance because you look like you'd be a lot of fun to get to know and go on dates with!" she said with a wide and bright smile.
Anthony D'Angelo (played anonymously)

"I'd romance ya. You're pretty cute so why not, hit me up sometime."
Karma (played anonymously)


"Don't get m' wrong, ya seem coo'. Bu'I prefer if ma SO's didn' end up dead i'a ditch. Ya cute thou."
Scotty (played anonymously)


"Preeeetty sure I'd tick y'off inna heartbeat or summin. I really wouldn't like ya ta stick me where it'd hurt da most."
Magnolia Morrison (played anonymously)

"You're different than my usual type but since you're cute and I tend not to stick with a type anyway, I'd romance you." The redhead winks at the man, idly braiding a long lock.
Yuki (played anonymously)

pass sorry

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