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I can't find anything about links on our profile, are we allowed to link art profiles/social medias as artists?

I'm just worried about getting in trouble. Please ease my worries.
There's nothing against linking your social medias/profiles as long as it doesn't break the site rules.

PS: I saw other people here linking their social medias account on their profile.
I think anything that isn't inappropriate is fair game. I don't know about commercial advertising, though, but I think RPR is generally more relaxed about that kind of thing than other sites, particularly given there's the art section that's frequently filled with commission details.

The only thing I'm unsure about is linking to other RP sites. I'm sure it's completely fine, going by the general feeling of RPR, particularly when using other sites as character resources, it's just there are certain larger RP forum sites I've come across (I'm looking at you, RP Nation) that actively discourage linking to other RP sites and view such links as against their rules.
Basically, so long as you're not linking to something promoting illegal activities; malware or other things meant to harm a person's computer; or NSFW stuff (nudity, significant gore, heavy language...) without alerting people to it's NSFW nature, it should be fine.

Standard social media stuff is fine. Art profiles are fine, but please mention if you do/feature NSFW art. You can even link to your profile on other RP sites.

If you want to be absolutely super sure, send a message to a mod or Kim. The question will be seen more quickly by an authority person that way. :)
Thanks a ton guys!

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