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You awaken with a start, your mind fuzzy with yesterday's details. A buzzer sounds and you jump, startled by the loud noise. A suited man steps into the small cramped cell, he clears his throat. "You're wondering how you got here...And you don't remember the past events that brought you here." You nod vigorously, agreeing with him. "Well, what you do remember is committing a crime, and this is a second chance at redemption. Stay here for a year, and all records of yours will be cleared. All you have to do is follow the rules..." He pauses. "If you can't however, and you reach 3 warnings...You will be stuck here." The black-suited man smiles at you, and you shiver. Well...There's only one choice for you so embrace it.

Lab delta is a highly classified research facility subjected to creating and capturing any creatures or species of unknown origin and submitting them to various procedures and tests to figure out what makes them tick and how to use these creatures for a purpose. This is very similar to the SCP foundation if you know what that is. The prisoners are normal humans accused or trialed on high-class crimes, brought to the lab to use as disposable subjects for the creatures that are encased within the halls.

What we Need in Lab delta: Scientists, Guards, Prisoners, and Subjects (Subjects=Creatures or humans with strange abilities.)
Just PM me and ask, "Can I join?" Post as your character and I will review the certain type, and either give some suggestions or approve it.

Rules: Follow guard orders. Guards follow Scientist's orders. Rule-breaking (In-game) Will result in your character being punished. (You must ask if you're going to kill a character. This is a rare possibility, however.)
Correct grammar and punctuation are a must! It's annoying when you can't understand what your RP buddy's trying to say.
IRI Series Robots (played by Jzork)

IRIO stood silently within the halls of the lab. They were grateful that they were not in the same position as the subjects of the lab, yet ironically, they were in similar circumstances. Since IRIO had fallen from space, they had been captured and taken to the lab, yet failure to open their outer armor led to a quick re-purposing as a guard within the laboratory, on the conditions that, if they chose to follow the rules, they would not be blown to smithereens. A persuasive deal.

The two heads silently chattered with each other via internal cables and connections. Only one head had a mouth, the other with only an eye, yet both had a mind, both were capable of thought. They both thought this was absolute nonsense, but neither said anything. In the meantime, they would have to deal with the laboratories oddities until there was some sort of possible outcome in their favor.
A-215 would sit in the small, cramped cell. Her brown hair cascaded over her shoulders and her tail flicked back and forth. She looked up at the ceiling, her head tilting ever so slightly.
Never again... She thought, repeating words she had heard before by a scientist. Of course, she knew English and could speak freely, but she preferred to repeat words and phrases, giving the illusion she was childlike and could care for herself, lulling the others into a false personality of hers.
IRI Series Robots (played by Jzork)

There was a voice coming from one of the chambers. Hm? Was somebody up already? What a horrid hour to be awake. IRIO strolled the hall until she found the source of the voice, coming from a subject. A female humanoid sat by herself and talked to herself as well.

IRIO figured she had nothing better to do than engage in conversation. At this time she had nothing to do anyways. This creature seemed interesting.

"Greetings." IRIO spoke dully. "You are up early. Don't you wish to rest before the testing hours begin? You will not be permitted to sleep until 21:00 Hours (9:00 PM)."
She looked up, staring at the robotic guard. She didn't care for the question, as she was never a social person and rathered disliked talking. She went back to picking at the metal guard that was attached to her tail's stinger.
IRI Series Robots (played by Jzork)

IRIO's functioning eye rolled and then glanced at the head with the mouth. The robot shrugged with their one arm, and turned their back to the chamber. "Fair enough." IRIO mumbled. "Just don't complain if one of the scientists yell at you for incompetence. Sleep is necessary but not mandatory. If I were you, I would be getting as much rest as possible."

They didn't blame the creature for not responding. Why would they? This was essentially a prison, where everything that stood between the detained and their freedom was an enemy. Yes, that also included IRIO. Though they too, were prisoners, they weren't confined to a solitary cell. Which was nice.

It would be a few more hours until an official wake-up call for the facility.
She just lay on the cot, staring up at the white ceiling.
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IRI Series Robots (played by Jzork)

IRIO glanced up and down the hallways. There was nothing else active or even remotely awake like this strange creature. Boring. This was just like every other day here. Boring.

IRIO paced up and down the hallway, but found nothing else to do other than try and engage the subject again. It would be bothersome, but they figured that perhaps they could try some persuasion of their own.

Slowly they approached the cell. Pressing the head with the mouth up against the door, and whispering.

"If you feel anything like I do, you want freedom, hmm?"
A-215 stared up at the ceiling, her tail draped over the side of the musty cot.
She kept to her own schedule, ignoring questions and doing only what was necessary. She had lost a lot during her time, as she was contained at the age of 8.
She looked at IRIO, frowning. "Of course, Could never happen." She repeated the words of a scientist she had heard talking.
IRI Series Robots (played by Jzork)

"And why is that?" IRIO questioned quietly. "Anything is possible."

IRIO didn't doubt that it would be difficult, but they certainly weren't going to spend forever in this place. Whether or not this creature had tried escape before was not going to bar IRIO from finding an opportunity, even if it did take her 100 years before the circumstances aligned in their favor.

"How long have you been here, anyways?"
She frowned. "11 Years." She said plainly as if she had been asked this a lot before.
IRI Series Robots (played by Jzork)

"11, hm?"

For IRIO, 11 years was absolutely nothing. Minuscule. They had been floating in space for eons and there was nothing worse. She tried to sympathize, rationalizing that 11 years for a lifeform like her must be a great deal, but she just couldn't feel it.

"Tragic." Was all IRIO managed to say in her monotone voice. "I'll bet you haven't seen the sun in all that time. I'd bet you'd like to."
She nodded, "I would like to..." she started crawling down to sit on the floor.
IRI Series Robots (played by Jzork)

"I'm sure there will be some sort of exit. For now, we need to bide our time, unless we both wish to die. We will need a few more for our cause." IRIO smiled slightly.

They would need more people on their side if they wished to see sunlight again.
A-215 Smiled softly, before going blank again. She had gotten too used to the way of things, even though she dearly wished to escape, if they caught her again after, she would be put through the horrors...
Like the time before...
Nobody (played anonymously)

May I join with this already familiar character?
IRI Series Robots (played by Jzork)

(Go ahead! The more the merrier)
Tobi-Kadachi (played by dantefrancis)

(Can I join?)
Tyra and pan (played by Kungfu6453)

(can i join?"

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