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"This is what happens when you steal from his majesty's city!" An older man clad in grey, red and white uniform accented with gold yelled out to the crowd. His war wrinkled face contrasted his rather athletic physique.

He held a black iron blade over the head of an elderly man, ready to bring it down on the awaiting citizen. The poor man held against his will, forced to trial for wanting something as necessary as bread. Tears streamed down his cheeks "please, I have a family *sob* I needed food..." he sobbed between sentences, pleading for a second chance.

"Anything you say is menial, you don't deserve to live, rat" the uniform clad veteran replied soullessly.
"I need to return to my *sob* kids"
"They're better off without you"
Those who watched could merely do that, helpless under the iron fist of the black army. Soldiers watching over them with rifles and beasts.

The man raised the dark blade over his own head, ready to strike down this helpless old man...

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The young girl was standing in the crowd. The girl was on her own without any parents looking to the horror what was happening. "Leave him alone!" Liliath ended up yelling "He has kids, this is just mean." Liliath started yelling and when she started yelling something very strange happend. 1 of the soldiers his sword started flying in the air and pointedto the man who wanted to strike down the old man.

"We have a witch here." a lady yelled "What do you mean?"LIliath asked a bit confused not really knowing what she just did. The sword dropped on the ground. "Look she stopped yelling the sword dropped, grab that witch!" Seeveral people started casing after the young girl
Prince Frederic, son of the great King Nicodemus II, strolled the alleyways of the city. He wore a long, black cloak that covered his clothing. He kept his hood up to obscure his sepia-colored face. But considering the fact that most of the others in this kingdom were pale-faced, he was sure that he would be found out. Luckily, no one has paid close enough attention to him that they caught his face.

The last thing he wanted was to be noticed.

He bumped and pushed through crowds of people. Insults and complains flew at him. He simply ignored them and moved on, not wishing to bother anyone. He didn't care as to what was happening although he probably should. He risked a quick glance at the sky. It wasn't yet night but the sky was darkening fast. He had to hurry. In an attempt to dart away from the crowd, he crashed into a person.

"Hey!" they yelled. Frederic muttered an apology, ducking his head so as not to reveal his face. He tried to move away but was blocked by the other person. They didn't let him move.

"Why do you have your hood up? It isn't even raining," they said. Frederic froze, unsure of how to respond. He tried to think of an excuse that wasn't completely false, not wishing to tell a full on lie. But he broke from thought when the people around him started to stir with ferocity.

"Grab that witch!"

His head rose to watch the scene in front of him, curiosity overtaking him.

There was a soldier wielding a sword that was nearly inches from an old man's head and a young girl. Chaos erupted and several bystanders went after the girl. Witnessing the whole thing, Frederic felt an urge to protect both the old man and the young girl. But he couldn't. Not when there was thick fur growing on his arms. He whispered an apology to the gods above before he swung his elbow into the person's (from before) chest. They let out a loud screech.

Frederic darted away, weaving carefully through clusters of people and into an empty alleyway.
From the alley Fredric had darted through, he bumped into a dark figure who moved towards the crowd of scrambling people. Some sought after the little girl while other feared her.

As the feminine figure moved towards the raised platform, guards had entered the mix. She used the pandemonium to her advantage, holding out her hand towards the old man and the Black Army General and muttered "pulsate".

The locks binding the old man had come loose but he hadn't noticed until one of the guards had. Before he could react, the thunderous boom of a rifle pierced the noise of the ruckusing crowd.

The bullet had pierced the unfortunate soul in the back of the knee and erupted through the front causing the elderly soul to scream in pain.
"Merde! (Shit)" yelled the cloaked figure.

A young man had locked onto lilith, reaching out to grab the tiny person. Beau, the cloaked figure, noticed and motioned towards the young man with same hand she pointed at the older man and yanked back at nothing as if grabbing at invisible rope. The young man was pulled back with unbelievable force directly into the Black Army General on the raised platform sending them both flying ways down the street.

rolled 1d20 and got a natural 8. After the modifier of +2, got 10

"Stay away from me!" Liliath yelled in fear. The young girl was out of breath of running. Liliath stopped running and tried to rest against a tree. Then she noticed a young a man who just wanted to grab her."No!" Liliath screamed, but before anything could happen. She noticed the young man getting pulle back with a lot of force.

Liliath sat down complete in shock what just had happend. "Dear god in heaven." She said soft. The young girl had not much time to think "There are more witches grab them before they get you, grab those demons grab them and send them t hell where they belong!"

Liliath started running away again, but she was so exhausted and so overwhelmed with the situation that she passed out.
Sliver (played by dantefrancis)

((Can I join?))
Sliver wrote:
((Can I join?))

Sliver (played by dantefrancis)

Sliver was in a alleyway.He really didn't want to in the problem humans caused.He decide to get out of town,avoiding the crowd as best he could.He was almost reached the entrance of the village before a priest,yelled that that there's a demon in town. Sliver groaned at this because priest could somehow always sense him.He ran away into the forest,before encountering a girl that was unconscious.He picked her up and carried to a cave.
((liliath is not in a forest but on the streets, the tree where she was resting at was growning near the streets))
Sliver (played by dantefrancis)

((Just for clarification, what kind of era is the setting? Steampunk, industrial, medieval or something else?))
Frederic Hubert Nicodemus Wolf wrote:
((Just for clarification, what kind of era is the setting? Steampunk, industrial, medieval or something else?))

((Industrial I would say))
As he ran down the alleyway, he could feel himself grow slightly taller. His limbs extended, his senses heightened, and fur grew on his once bare skin. It was only time before the transformation finished. It was a slow but painless process which was quite useful as it gave time for him to run away from the confines of society. His status as a prince was quite a liability but he thankfully never got caught.

At the end of the alleyway was a massive, and magnificent dark-stone cathedral that towered over most of the other buildings that it stood by. It had various towers that shot up from the center building. It had shimmering, silver domes to top its many towers. Banners of the House of Wolf hung from its many long, arched windows. Above the entrance, which was blocked by portcullis, was a vibrant glass-stained painting of a wolf howling to the moon. This glass-stained painting was a signature of the Wolfend Cathedral. It was funded mainly by the House of Wolf before its ascendance to the throne. Ever since his father seized the throne, he helped to renovate the cathedral, placing guards at its front.

He ran over to the entrance, encountering a guard. The guard was a tall, young woman with a neutral expression. She wore a white-feathered shako, a black coat with a tail sticking at the end, white breeches and long, black boots. Her black coat was embroidered with silver. A silver strap passed diagonally over her right shoulder. A wolf head pin hung at her left breast--the badge of a soldier.

The guard examined him in one elongated glance before telling him, "State your identity and your purpose."

"Alpha Omega, one, five, seven." She stared at him in confusion.


He leaned over to the guard.

"The password," he whispered. The guard sprung to life.

"Ah, yes. Of course, Your H--" she cut herself off and nodded quickly. Frederic waited patiently as she scrambled to tell others to open the gate.

In a few moments, the portcullis rose. Frederic walked into the cathedral. He could smell the presence of several other people but he wasn't able to make out who they were. He made his way down a corridor and into an empty chamber--one reserved for members of royalty. Two guards stood at the entrance. Their eyes narrowed.

"Alpha, Omega, one, five, seven."

And that's all it took for them to move aside and let him through.

"Please leave my chambers alone," he said. They obeyed. He opened the door. He felt his hunger grow. His face lengthened into a snout.

There was a window opposite from the door. The sun had already sunk beneath the horizon.

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