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Maybe this is a setting somewhere that I forgot that I checked...

When I post as my character Galiena Reyns, the post shows up on my activity feed, even if I don't subscribe to the topic.

This does not happen for my other characters. But could it? Is there a setting for that?

(I'm not bothered that it comes up for Galiena, I simply don't understand what causes it. Some edge case system bug or that elusive setting or simply that she's my character with the most posts or ...?)
Sanne Moderator

Do you happen to have connected two of your characters? If you connect them, they count as characters you receive notifications from, so that activity will show up on your feed but not for other characters. :)
Oh! That must be it! She is one of two that have a character connection. I must just have never noticed it with the other one since I've probably only posted into threads I was subscribed to anyway with the other character.

Thanks for clearing up the mystery, Sanne!
In here to both verify in a way, and express my sudden realization.

This has happened to me before too but I never really paid a lot of attention to it more than just - *shrug*....that's weird-

Now I'm realizing only my characters Siira and Pix have ever had that happen, and they happen to have a family connection between the two.....never realized this was even happening until I read this honestly XD

(thanks Sanne for answering this, and thanks Juls for posting a question I didnt realize I had)

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