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So uh, I need help. My browser (or the website) is acting weird. I can't edit my profile using the editing stuff. It's not visible. And I can't change my profile. I checked on my little sister's tablet and it works fine on there, so it must be my browser, right? I'm a little puzzled with what's going on and I can't put images into anything. (url/link wise)


Which kind of makes it difficult to edit characters, and my profile or posts on topics.

Edit; [surprisingly the picture worked on here]
Kim Site Admin

Go to Dashboard > Your Settings and scroll to the "display settings" section.

UNCHECK "Do not show the WYSIWYG text-editing tools"

Save your changes. :)
Sanne Moderator

I already commented this on the Discord, but JavaScript is actually disabled for you in your browser since you're missing the icon pencil too.

If you're using chrome, navigate to chrome://settings/content/javascript and make sure you have either enabled JavaScript or you have RPR on the Allow list. You can find the settings for other browsers probably in similar places. :)
Kim Site Admin

Good catch!

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