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Brad walks through the house with his clipboard and pen in hand. Checking off each item on the list for the party for fraternity/sorority open house. This parties were both mandatory and important. They could get new plagues at keep the fraternity alive and growing. Kappa Omega Kappa is one of the longest and oldest fraternity on campus; they always are need of the right new recruits to keep it up. As he enter into the kitchen he double check about everything: food check, alcohol check, cups check, and the number to their favorite pizza place on speed dial and back up booze just case you know. Many college students could be or get sloppy drunk and next thing you know the food is spilled everywhere. "Guys can you all please move the food to the party room?" Brad calls out to the other members as he leaves the kitchen looking over the checklist.

He heads down to the lounge room to make sure his brother had everything ready was ready in there. "Johnny how it going down here? Is everything perfect in an order?" He calls out as he descends and the small few steps. Everything is in order but John wasn't down there. Brad merely just shrugs and goes back up to the small set of stairs. He wonders into the ballroom to find the last of the fraternity brothers they have places the food on the party tables and found his brother were up front working on the D.J. booth. "Johnny did you download our best playlist? Mitch has so kindly updated it so we can draw in plenty of plagues and a few sorority girls won't hurt." He calls out from the door frame where he stood. Resting his clipboard on his hip. This is his first frat party that him and his brother were throwing and this was one of their few times to try and draw in new people. Hopeful nothing will cause this night to go a rye. "Yeah I did, Kwan is going to work the booth for the first two hours and then we'll swap so I can handle it for the rest of the night." John plugs up the last thing that needed to be done for the D.J. booth. Walking over to his brother with his cockiest smile he has "I think tonight will blow all the past parties out the water."

Right on time Brad's phone alarm goes off 7:00pm its show time. Handing off his clipboard to Vince put away; while Brad along with John power walking towards the door. They stops right at the door; John turns towards Brad. "Bradley let's do our usual stick okay." "Your stereotypical frat jock that you basically see in every movie?" Brad quickly looks over himself in the mirror right next to the door. "Of course its what most people believe we are why not give it to them." Both brothers take hold of the knob before opening the doors and taking a step out into the open. Frat row was feel to the brim with new people. Stepping a farther out onto the porch looking out at the new college students and returning students.

They're hopeful they will get a plenty of new people in Kappa Omega Kappa.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon flicks a long strand of golden hair over her shoulder. Looking at herself in the mirror Lemmon buttons her boyfriend cut jeans and pulls on a cropped loose knit sweater. Lemon shrugged her shoulders “good enough” Lemon had very little interest in meeting guys she was more interested in drinking, dancing, seeing old friends and getting over her public break up with well known point guard on the basketball team. Thirty minutes later she finds herself trailing behind her 3 friends whose style was more tight dress and heels. The girls great the large towering frat guy at the door giving him a hug as they walk in. With a sigh and a fake smile Lemon walks up the stairs toward the door her friends just entered. “Hey I’m with those 3” she widens her smile and points past the guy into the house.
Brad and John (played by Membranethevenomous2) Topic Starter

Brad and John stands aside motioning for her to follow the others girls into the house. "Come on in there plenty of music, alcohol and food for everyone." John gave her a wink while Brad rolls his eyes before speaking. "Please enjoy yourself at our frat party. If you need to know where our restrooms just look for fraternity brothers. They'll have our symbol somewhere on their clothes." The twins wait for her to enter before locking eyes with one another and John tailing off into the house.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon rolls her eyes at the overly sweet tone of the boy talking “ thanks dude” she pushes into the house heading straight for the bar where here girls where lining up shoots “ cheers girls” she takes 2 shoots the reaches over and grabs a beer. The buzz hits her as she leans on the bar watching her girlfriends dance.
Brad and John (played by Membranethevenomous2) Topic Starter

John made his way through the party making sure nothing funny was going on and everyone is safe. They didn't the fraternity getting a bad rap for something that can be avoided. He gave out a few winks and smirks to some of the sorority girls that came to their party. Walking up to a group of guys and gives the ol' one two speech about being in their fraternity will be great and all the 'benefits' that comes with it.

Meanwhile Brad is standing outside greeting people as the come in. Giving the same spill about the party and how to locate the bathrooms. He looks out into frat row spotting the main person his waiting for. "Well well well look at what the mouse dragged here. If it isn't Walt's University most quiet like bird?" He motions towards them.
Sarah waltzed up to the doorway, her head high and her smile wide. “Missed me?” She giggled, waving her hand before coming close for a light hug. Coming to this party was one of the best ideas she followed through with in a long while. “I am so glad you invited me, the place looks great!” She winked at Brad.

Being a little bit of a party girl, Sarah was prone to being swarmed by people. Friends and classmates fluttered around her, saying hello, waving goodbye. She loved all the friendly attention she received, being around people was where she felt the safest.
Brad and John (played by Membranethevenomous2) Topic Starter

"Well I had to invite you. I mean we are sort of kind of longest distance not relatives relatives." He rolls his wrist in around about gesture. The fraternity president places his arm around her shoulder leading her into the house. "Johnny will just love to see you trust me his been wondering when you and you know who will become a couple." As the walk to main room where the party is being held Brad kept a smug smirk on his face the whole time.

John was just leading the guys he was talking to another frat brother when he notices the pair. "Excuse me guys Mitch will take care of you from here." John strides over to them just Brad leans back against the bar at the far end of it. Only briefly stoping next to Lemon. "You look like you're having a great time. Maybe try dancing it might loosen you up some." He walks away hands in pocket and cocky grin in place.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon looks over at the towering guy next to her “would you like that” she bats her eyes at him before laughing. she leans over the bar asking the pledge for 2 more shots of whiskey. She hands one shot to Brad then taps her's on the bar and draining it in gulp before picking back up her beer. “ you seem okayish and your butt is cute but I don’t do fake anymore. If you need me I’m gonna go teach the foreign exchange students how to play beer pong. Enjoy the shot Brrrrad”

Lemon whips her hair over her shoulders. What a dick he doesn’t even remember they made out by that very same bar at the kappas welcome party freshman year. She blows out a long breath poundering how she has been so horrible at picking guys over the past four years.

As she pushes threw the crowd she bumped into a girl with a massive smile. Lemon’s eyes widen “Oh my Sarah, hi” Lemon gives the girl another forced smile. "Headed to the BP table catch up in a bit" she walks into the kitchen and out to the back yard where the table is set up. Lemon sucks in a deep breath of cold air and a swig of beer.
Sarah’s grin widens, following along with her company as she is guided through the party. “How could I say no? I missed you both so much, but my brain has been getting hammered by studies.” She replied, eyeing the crowds carefully. Sarah was making sure she could find new opportunities for entertainment or even friendship.

Her cheeks flushed with slight embarrassment. The thought of her and her crush getting together was a feeling of exhilaration and fear. She had never dated before, and she was unsure if her feelings were reciprocated. “I don’t know if he even knows how I feel.” She sighed, slightly exasperated.

The young lady ponders for a moment, lost in deep thought as she bids goodbye her distant relative. She is stopped when she bumps into someone familiar. “Oh! I’m so sorry!” She stepped back, before recognizing the other woman. “Hello, Miss Lemon.” She awkwardly smiled. This encounter was... unprecedented. Pleased to see her again, she nods her head, waving goodbye. “See you later, Miss.”
Brad and John (played by Membranethevenomous2) Topic Starter

Brad hands Vince the shot back. "Pour this out for me. You know I like to stay sober during this type of events." Vince pours out the shot before asking who was that. "I don't know most likely some girl who mistook me for another Brad. You know how some people can be like that at frat parties. I just rude for no reason. I'll never anyone like that." Just as he was finishing his sentence the other sororities and fraternities presidents walk over to him. "Bradie! Bonjour we're all enjoying your party. I can see that your brother are have a few people lined up to join you guys." Brad straighten himself up from the bar cocky smile in place. "Why Colette thank you for the flatter. We Kappa Omega Kappa men do know about how to throw a stunning parties. If I do say myself."

John spots Sarah making a quick escape he took a few step watching her to see she was going to do next. He looks over to see his brother give him a gesture with his eyes to go to Sarah. He hightail himself over to her. "Wow is that you Sarah?! It's a small world ain't it. Why don't you mingle around and our in house D.J. Kwan does do request." He glances over to Lemon. "You two know each other?" The fraternity president looks between the two young women.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon whispers a few words in Russian to the girl who had been playing bear pong with her before being pulled over toward the tall twins and Sarah. Lemon rolls her eyes at Brad “Threw Addy and she is friendly with my ex well more like his tutor” Lemon shakes her empty beer. Setting it on a side table then looks around at the people before looking eyes with brad again “Looks like you made this place a lot nice over the past 3 years”
Brad and John (played by Membranethevenomous2) Topic Starter

Brad gave Lemon a sideways glance and a swift thanks before going back to talk to the other presidents. Their conversation moved from the party to more important events that their houses would be participating in. While John lead Sarah deeper into the dance floor. Juice by Lizzo starts blaring from the speakers and the already hyped up party got a bit more rowdy.

Many of the girls at the party including the Colette and her sorority sisters all took notice that John is on the dance floor. "Sarah you might want to move." John whispers into her.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon found herself swaying to the music on the dance floor. Her long hair flowing behind her while for the first time all night a large white smile crossed her face. She had two beers in her hands her whole body felt warm. She hadn't been this free in two years, finally a night without putting on a show or watching how she acted. Sometime, later she found herself sitting on the kitchen counter a cute boy trying to say all the right things to her and slowly touching her leg. The young pledge was nice at first but now he was just getting annoying. Plus he was not getting the hint to go away. Lemon glanced around finally her eyes landed on Brad. She pushed the boy out of the way as she hopped down “Oh darling there you are” Lemon locked her arm around Brad’s, she then rested her head on his arm and whispers “keep walking please” they walked a bit. Lemon finally stops when the pledge was out of sight and lost interest in her. Lemon quickly jerked her arm away “Thanks, Dude” as the worlds leave her mouth lemon starts mentally yelling at herself for just saying dude.
Brad and John (played by Membranethevenomous2) Topic Starter

Brad gives her a curt nod before disappearing into the crowd to into party room to search for his brother. He quickly spots John in the farthest corner of the dance floor surrounded by girls. Excusing myself through the women grabbing his twin's wrist; nodding his head towards the hidden hallway that lead to the rest of frat house. He lets go his brother and disappears into the hall.

John apologizes to all the girls and maneuvers out of the dance floor before making eye contact with Mitch and giving him the signal to stand in front of the entrance to make sure no one follows them in. "So what's the problem Bradley?" The older of the two props himself up against the wall. A bored expression clearly showing on his facial features. "Nothing I just saw how over crowded you got and I need a breather as well."

Hosting a party is a tiring experience and John was surrounded by one too many girls then usual. So a small break to themselves doesn't seem to bad, plus the other fraternity brothers are still there and so is the fraternity and sorority presidents. Nothing could go wrong and the second it did they would be out there the second something does to fix it.

After another four minutes silents the fraternity presidents heads back into the party room. John goes back to the dance floor while Brad goes back over to the bar. The twins quickly shifts back into their pre-set personality.
Charlotte Walker (played anonymously)

Charly wasn't exactly invited to this party but she overheard someone mentioning the Kappa Omega Kappa house party in a line at the convenience store. The worst that could happen was they not let her in or kick her out at some point. She was after all merely a senior in high school.

Getting in the door of the house seemed easy enough. It looked like the party had been going on for a while and there were some tipsy people around. Charly made her way to the bar and asked, "A Rum and Coke please." as she looked around at the people. The bartender eyed her somewhat suspiciously but he must have liked what he saw. He smiled slightly and quickly mixed her a drink using a budget brand of 151 rum with diet generic cola...
Eren walked up to the house and stared as people walked towards it "Kappa Omega Kappa huh..? Well, how could a drink or two hurt?" He asked himself as he walked through the front door, Eren himself was quite a familiar face for all the wrong reasons, he was a quite a rebellious kid, broke many rules andwas threatened to be kicked despite his surprising high grades. He made his way through the dancing crowds, some full of drunks while others weren't, he finally got to the bar "Beer please." He said turning to look for anyone worth his time until his drink arrived "Thanks I guess.."" He said as he walked around drink in hand recieving varying looks from party goers.
Charlotte Walker (played anonymously)

Charly gave the guy mixing drinks a smile when he handed her the glass. She was about to walk away when she saw some cute guy approach the bar. Maybe she was a bit too obvious looking him over, but she decided to pause and leaned back against the bar and turned to give him room to order.

After he got his beer and turned to walk around, Charly sort of followed in his wake. The house was crowded and she did the twist and turn dance making her way through the people. When she thought she caught the guy's eye as he looked around, Charly didn't waste any time.

"Hi. Some party huh? You know anybody here?" she asked him.
Eren looked at the blonde with his drink in hand as she spoke "I don't like parties. It stupid people I meet at them.." He paused and looked her up and down "'re okay I suppose." He immediately took a swig of his beer after speaking "You know I'm surprised that I have no clue who you are and from the looks of it you don't know who I am so I'll start with the basics... I'm Eren." He said simply with a small shrug as he watched the blonde "I'm known around here for having.." He paused to think "a rebellious attitude.." He continued as he looked about "And the answer to your question is yes I know almost everyone here. Some love me others don't, especially the two twin leaders" he whispered the last part to her "They're a bit 'Upset' after a joke I pulled on them and some of their 'brothers' which well..made a few look like complete fool" he chuckled remembering the day "What about you?"
Charlotte Walker (played anonymously)

Charly laughed as her nose crinkled as he told her of pulling a joke on some guys. She looked around before taking a long drink from her glass, for some reason thinking it may get taken away. "Um... me? I'm Charlene... I go by Charly..."

She looked to the guy and thought he was cute. There were a lot of cute guys there but this one was talking to her. "I don't know anyone here. I'm ah... sorta... crashing this party. I'm not even going to this college yet."
Eren made note of her name and smirked as she said she didn't go to this college "Really? Well welcome..." He bowed enthusiasticly as he took some more of his drink "Well I'm not gonna rat you out after all the twins would allow cute, pretty blondes such as yourself" he said with a half smile as he then looked at what she was wearing "Well you did dress to impress and look good." He stated as he looked about slightly "It's a bit crowded in here, how about me and you chill outside?" He asked the blonde as he took a bigger swig of his drink.

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