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Alexis Westmont (played by iPride)

Alexis Westmont had always dreamed of greatness and throughout her life everyone had always indulged this. Though she still has these ideas, she finds herself at a low point after being fired from her first real job as a receptionist, forced to take another job as a barista, and unable to land even the most minor of freelance design jobs.
Now, to top it all off, she finds herself posting an ad in the local newspaper looking for a roommate to move into the second bedroom of her apartment.
Alexis Westmont (played by iPride)

Alexis Westmont gripped her phone tightly as she willed herself not to throw it across the room. She had been fielding phone calls from people responding to her newspaper ad searching for a roommate. So far, she had gotten several prank calls, a few calls requesting unspeakable things, and no seriously promising responses. She was at loose ends for how to handle this.
Her roommate had up and left with no notice, leaving her to cover the rent on her own. It had only been one month and she was already behind. She hadn't been making much as a receptionist and now made even less as a barista. She definitely couldn't call her parents for help. They would probable just laugh when she explained what had happened. "Thinking you could survive on your own was a great idea, wasn't it?" They would say, mocking her decision to drop out of college and join the 'real world'.
She questioned her choices every day and now she was facing eviction if she didn't find a semi-reliable, halfway decent human being to take the second bedroom. The whole situation was stressing her out beyond what she had ever thought possible.

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