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I'm going to a Gaming Convention on the 18th of October as part of a school trip (biggest in the UK, everyone loves our classes ICT Teacher XD) and my mom said, on top of the money she has convinced my dad into letting me have, any extra I manage to make I can also take. Soooo....!



Paypal Only please: Payment will be needed up front.

Sorry, but Only HUMAN FEMALES. I'm not comfortable enough to do paid men yet. sorry :(

$5 Each!


Will be the following:
  • A fully shaded and coloured bust.
  • Contain a plain colour (of choice) background shape of choice.
  • Will recieve an square image under 100KB, therefore no resizing will be needed!
  • Transparent background (still with the shape)
  • Patterned backgrounds'll be $1 more.
  • Scenery-like/Scenery backgrounds'll be $5 more.
  • Extras listed below will be an extra $3
    • Items in hands (weapons, flowers...anything that can be held.)
    • Animals, perhaps sitting on their shoulder or somewhere in the frame.

Turnaround should be relatively quick, three days at most. :>

You are on: Forums » Art & Creativity » <.< Character Profile Icons ($5 Each)

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