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Vivian (played by Pen_Tsunami)

Vivian was in a small room that was alien to her. She had no idea what happened to her twin or why she all of a sudden had hands instead of paws. Her ears twitched, and she saw that her fur turned into smooth skin like humans. She remembered she last saw was a strange human with a strange white coat. She noticed her bell was still on her tail that her original owner put on her so she knew where she was. Vivian was hungry. By the looks of the window showing an endless forest that was next to her soft bed she looked out of it. She was happy the humans put this here, she loved looking out of it even if it meant all she saw was forests.

She thought and wondered if there were others like her. Her tail swished jingling the bell as she felt a rush of excitement. She looked around the rest of the room and found a mirror, a small wardrobe, a picture of a cat with another cat, a few stuffed animals for her to hide in and a small fluffy rug in the sunset. She smiled and stumbled out of bed. She wasn't used to having two legs instead of four. She forgot about her hunger and was unaware that the mirror was actually a 2-way mirror. One for scientists to look in but she couldn't be able to see them. She sat in front of the mirror to watch her reflection like she used to do.

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Flynn Auburn (played anonymously)

He woke, jumping up. He was startled by his new surroundings and his new body, tripping over his own feet several times. He looked around his room, looking in the wardrobe and almost dying of happiness as about 30 tennis balls fall out. He looked around he room, spying the two way mirror and frowning. He hated mirrors, there was always someone watching him.

He felt for his collar, panicking that it wasn’t there. “Where’s my collar??” He looked around the room for it, checking under the bed and all through the wardrobe. He sat on the bed, upset that he couldn’t find it.

He kicked a tennis ball against the wall and looked around some more, spying his ears in the mirror. “Who is watching me?” He huffed, hiding from the mirror.
Vivian (played by Pen_Tsunami)

(( hold on I'm adding some new rules, check em out when you have free time, anyways anyone can continue if they want ))
Sam Recaro (played anonymously)

Sam watched the husky wake, smiling as Flynn finds the tennis balls. He wondered why Flynn had frowned at the mirror but he brushed it aside when he started to panic, watching him tear through the room. “Ok, slightly aggressive I guess” he made sure to take note of that.

He watched, a little startled when Flynn asked who’s watching him. He wondered if Flynn could see through the mirror, which would freak him out some but saw as Flynn hid from the mirrors view. “Welp I guess he’s able to see me”
Liliath woke up and the first thing she noticed that her paws where gone, her orange fur had turned into a smooth human skin. The young fox felt out of her bed. She also noticed another itchy thing on her skin which was a dress. Liliath noticed then 2 legs instead of 4.

This room gave her a headache, no trees no grass. She then noticed a mirror and when she looked to it she almost passed out what had happend to her! She looked like those weird humans, she started growling at the mirror and started to destroy everything she could see in her room.
Stuffed animals, her bed.

Then she started crying loudly well she layed in the mess she created.
Taz (played by Taz)

Taz was sleeping, shivering from a sudden wrath of coldness as she woke jolting up from the bed. where was she? why did she not have fur all over her body? she noticed the mirrors to the side of her bed, looking into them she could see the reflection of her human but with animal features body. touching her legs she giggled. she then looked around the room which looked like her old home in the forest, trees,trees and more trees were comforting to see.

Taz tried to get up she wondered what the two long legs did or what they could do. she fell due to the weakness in them and the first time using her new but awkward looking legs. she growled as she hit the floor, one leg was bent while she was digging her still animal claws into the bed to help gain her balance. there was a wardrobe full of weird looking clothes and some fluffy teddy s laying to the side of her bed which scared her as they looked so real but yet they were dead and stuffed. she looked back towards the mirror with a confused look on her face wondering what was out there.
Snowball slowly woken up with smooth skin instead of fur, her muzzle was smaller and it she didn’t know what she was at all. She had long white hair that went down her neck and she felt her ears on her head, then she looked at her tail. She looked at the room she was stuck inside of had a door with no handle from the inside, the floor was smooth as well as the walls, she had bars that were on her cell like cage and her ears slightly went down in fear, then she started to whimper loudly as she struggled to get on her hind legs, since she was used to waking or running on her four legs.
Zoe awoke to a large unfamiliar room, her golden eyes scanned around. Walls painted in light yellow and tan shades surrounded her. a couple of cactuses were tucked away in corners across from the small bed she was laying in. A wooden door with an old handle that locked from the outside was adjacent to the bed.
Fear took over as she bolted up right, her whole body shook she realized something was missing. But she wasn't quite sure what it was yet.

Getting up off the bed resulted in falling immediately onto rough course material. Groaning in pain the female tried to stand only fall down yet again. What was going on? Her legs were much stronger than this. Cautiously she gazed down only for her eyes to widen in shock. All four legs were now replaced by two. Smooth skin with a light tan complexion replaced her golden spotted fur. Eyes glazed over to see a pair of arms and hands sprawled out in front of her.

Unsure of what was going on Zoe slowly stood, her new legs wobbly and unstable. Stumbling around the room she took notice of a window over looking a large vast forest. Across from it was an even bigger mirror. A slender frame stared back at her. Golden locks reaching just above her shoulders framed her face all too naturally. Two tan spotted ears twitched above her head. A fluffy tail swaying anxiously from side to side.
Her eyes narrowed once she could see something on the other side of the mirror.
Vivian (played by Pen_Tsunami)

Vivian was done watching her reflection swaying from side to side, and started to practice standing up. The small cat boosted her legs up with her new hands. She fell down a few times but once she stood up all the way she smiled and hoped around only followed by a few more falls and bruises. She ended up getting a big bruise on her leg and a few on her other due to her constantly falling down.

She looks at the mirror unaware that it was a mirror since it looked like most everyday mirrors she sees. She saw that she was wearing a white shirt with overalls and short brown shorts. She looked down at her feet to see black socks that reach all the way up to her knees. Her ears twitched with curiosity as she curled up between a huge stuff bears legs and fell asleep in the sunset.
((Can Vivian and Willow’s rooms be joined together? Since they’re twins?))
Vivian (played by Pen_Tsunami)

(( that’s fine, she could probably didn’t notice a normal looking door to her room ))
Willow awoke with a major headache , stretching out on the comfortable bed. Right away, she noticed something was wrong. The bed was too big, she fit in it! Twitching her tail, she tried to stand up on the bed but it was harder for some reason. Breathing fast, she grew more and more nervous. Where was her twin? They’d been together last she remembered, but then a man in a white coat took her from her sister. After half an hour of falling and more falling, she’d managed to walk a full circle around her room, observing her surroundings. There was a door in a corner, a large window with green forest outside, her walls painted a light yellow. There were a bunch of life-size plushies of different animals in the corner and a large mirror taking up an entire wall. She instantly hated that thing. Padding over slowly to the door, she tried it and it opened, Willow peering through. She made a mewing sound, sticking her head through the doorway and looking around...
Vivian (played by Pen_Tsunami)

Vivian heard a strange noise and turned around to see her twin. She got excited and hopped around her sister after mastering her steps. “Look at this!” She exclaimed excited as she balances on foot. She was surprised when she spoke, that she didn’t speak her original cat language and was surprised. Usually she was shy, but never around her twin. She hugs her sister happy to see her.
Willow laughed, the sound coming out different. ”This would take some getting used to,” She thought. Hugging her back, she stood back and looked at her with a serious look on her face. “Are you okay? Did you get hurt or anything?” The strange words flowed from her mouth, and yet she still understood them as she worried over her sister.
Taz (played by Taz)

after some time staring at the mirror she huffed and walked away going towards her bed she sat on it, she then looked at the stuffed animals that looked soo real. she got angry and ripped the stuffed animals to pieces then looking inside them wondering what the fluffy white substance was
Flynn Auburn (played anonymously)

He sat on the floor, messing with a tennis ball. He threw it and watched it bounce around, wondering what was gonna happen now. "I'm lonley" he moaned, flopping backwards.
Taz (played by Taz)

she looked around, she tried to speak "i..i.. im" she managed to speak
she enters and sighs"god dang it all, i am late, Ok everyone, where are the twins?"
Turning away from the mirror the confused female stumbled around the room. Getting used to these new legs would definitely take some time. Golden eyes scanned thier surroundings once more, a sudden sense of shock hit her slender body as weird mumblings sounded nothing like a growl or laugh escaped her lips. "W-W-Where a-am I?" Did I just speak a human l-language? And how did I understand myself?
Plopping ungraciously onto the floor, Zoey contemplated her situation. Her spotted ears and tail twitched anxiously.
she goes and finds the cats and she looks at the two of them"hello you two, how are you getting used to your new bodies" she had grabbed her clipboard and she had gotten out a pen to write some information down on as she normally would, she takes out a piece of candy and hands it to one of them just to see how they would like it, it was a sucker, just in case they did not trust chocolate, as most animals would not trust chocolate as it kills them. She smiles as she was excited to learn how the transition was going for the twins as they both have their independent thoughts and opinions, which made learning about the twins better.

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