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Miles Lynch (played by 4BB_3Y)

(This topic is private for myself and HoarfrostWicken)

Foot steps echoed through the empty house for only but a moment before the sound of paws tapping against the floor, seeming to be in a hurry as two dogs made their way to greet their owner, along with a small kitten, the newest addition to Miles family of pets. He knelt down and pet both of the dogs, the faintest bit of a smile spread across his face. It was a rare sight, but he definitely did smile. Only for his beloved animals.
Glancing over towards the kitten, he reached for it and gently scooped it up and into his arms before standing to his full height, slipping out of his shoes and stepping further into the small home.

It was simple, there not being much furniture in the house. It was small and empty, but it was enough for Miles. He didn't enjoy fancy things... he thought that it was weird. And it definitely didn't suit him to have expensive things. A good couch and a dining set, with a rug here and there was about as fancy as he got, aside from a small fire place, and maybe a painting here and there to make up for the few windows there was.

He didn't set down the little kitten until he had gotten into his room, where he set it onto his bed, along with the bag he carried to work and back. Miles simply sighed and set off to change into something comfortable, not even bothering to make himself anything to eat. He was too exhausted from work to even think about eating. Right now... all he wanted to do was to get into his bed and let himself fall into dreamland.

Being tired didn't help his anger, though.

(This is the beginning of the dream)

Opening his eyes, Miles blinked before taking a good look around. He was in a tavern, and empty one... At least it appeared to be empty. There were beer mugs on tables and coins to go along with them. There were even belongings in the chairs and next to them. It looked as if everyone had just gotten up and left, forgetting about what they were doing and finding better things to do.
It was strange.

However, while Miles thought that he was alone, a tap on his shoulder brought him to look behind him. He saw another man, with a full beard and hair pulled up into a bun. He seemed familiar... but he couldn't say where he had seen him. He didn't know the man, but he felt like he had saw him somewhere. But where?

Taking a step back, Miles gave a look of confusion that was almost swallowed by his natural glance that was filled with irritation. He didn't mean to look like this... it just came naturally. He didn't understand why he was angry, he just knew that he was and that he couldn't control his anger.

"Who... Who are you?" Miles rasped out with a voice that sounded distant, as if he were in a cave.
Varon Stegore (played by HoarfrostWicken)

(Took place before the dreamscape sequence).

As the heavy rain coated in water the midnight streets, a man of equal dark, purple hair rushed inside his small cove; a humble, though cozy apartment in a building complex founded near the shores of the beach. Dripping with wetness from head to toe, and grabbing a towel to dry his hair, the tall figure proceeds to light up a rather homely fireplace, despite not feeling cold at all.

Albeit having no necessity for eating to survive, his hand reach for a snack from the fridge to eat out of habit. The apartment itself was a self-contained mess, looking neat at a simple glance, but worsening the more should anyone observe, reflecting poor work ethics.

Satisfied with his meal, even though it barely had a taste, Veyrom continued to strip himself off his equipment, and changed into comfy garb. Nothing else his attention demanded, and thus, laid on bed to sleep to pass the time. And drifts off into the dreamworld, into the unknown reaches of subconsciousness...

The purple-haired's glimmering eyes meet the empty tavern with a glare one could assume was confusion. Veyrom rarely had dreams, understandably so. After some pacing around, noticing the abandoned belongings, wonders what even transpired here. However, the sudden appearance of another person is as gleeful it is strange.

Picking up the fiery curled's expression, which was that that of contained terror and scorn. Veyrom would've asked what he just asked. His face is an amalgamation of intrigue, displease, and firmness.

"Chill down, man. I'm sorry-- I wasn't meaning to frighten you." Veyrom's voice was warm and calm, but somehow had a hint of callousness in it.

"I would ask the same thing, but we both know that isn't taking us anywhere. The right question is, where are we?"
Miles Lynch (played by 4BB_3Y)

At the response Miles had received, he didn't seem pleased at all. He was irritated, but then again, he was always irritated without reason. He couldn't explain his own anger, really. He was just always ticked off... it was an unsolved mystery for even the smartest. Though, as the other went on to continue speaking, he took another quick glance around. Obviously, they were in an empty tavern... and it was just the two of them. Miles himself never really set foot in a tavern, and preferred to keep to his coffee beans, not that they did much besides make him tired(a downside from being ADHD, caffeine affects these people differently).

Miles simply stayed silent for a while, seeming to be a little on edge. Being in a tavern was definitely a change for him, and he wasn't quite used to change. He didn't like it... it scared him. Why would people want things to change if they were perfectly content with how things already were? It was useless... and terrifying. The unknown was what was terrifying, really.

But what was even more chilling was the fact that there was another person in his dream who seemed to have his own thought process. He almost felt like his privacy was being invaded, really. But at the same time, he also felt comforted, knowing that he wasn't in this empty tavern all alone. And, upon taking a few steps away from the other man, he felt as if there were a string connecting the two of them. He felt the smallest bit of a tug... not at any part of his body, but at his heart.

He must've been connected to the man in a way, if he was feeling like that. Bu the didn't even know him! There were only two people he trusted... and he wasn't one of them. How could he trust someone he didn't even know? How could he be connected to a complete and total stranger.

Miles let out a heavy sigh, expressing his confusion and irritation before he walked further away from the man, the tug becoming stronger with each step he took, and it was almost painful, as if he needed to be next to the stranger. As if! He didn't need to stand to someone he didn't' know just because there was some strange tug at his heart.

And, upon putting the tugging aside, Miles took a glance outside. Outside, it was dark, bitterly dark. "Dark.." He mumbled to himself, going to cross his arms over his chest. "I don't think where we are matters... I think why we're here is the better question." He said before bringing a hand to run his hand through his curly ginger locks. Why was he more irritated than usual? It was the dream... that's probably why.
Varon Stegore (played by HoarfrostWicken)

"Because both of us are in a dream. I think. What other reason is there to waking up in an empty tavern after going to bed?"

Ever the quick witted man, but forever a shortsighted person. Veyrom made up his lack of foresight by being incredibly perceptive. The future wouldn't bother him more than the present. His hand scratches his facial hair while thinking, is he supposed to do something? How could he know the green-eyed wasn't but a mere fabrication of his imagination?

The strange sensation of being tugged by a strap was mystifying. Instead of just a part of him, like with Miles, it was the broad shouldered's entire body that felt compelled to move closer, and so he did, unwanted sensations weren't a good sign.

[Weird. All my dreams I had always had me conscious in them.] He thought to himself, before speaking up. "You're acting quite like the edgelord, ginger. Is anything else aside from me here bothering you? I can tell by the look in your face."
Miles Lynch (played by 4BB_3Y)

Miles was bothered by the tugging sensation, but, unlike Veyrom, he chose to ignore it rather than to go along with it.

"That's not what I mean." He said, glancing just over his shoulder to see that he had chose to follow him, which had brought the tugging down by a significant amount. That was strange... why was there tugging? It didn't seem necessary at all. It really was only something that happened in dreams, that's for sure. These things just didn't really happen in reality. At least, not for him.

"I know that it's a dream we're in... It doesn't make sense as to why the dreams are intertwined." He said, the edge in his voice going down just a bit as he stared out the window, as if waiting for something miraculous to happen.

Though, at the comment he had made, he huffed. "I'm not bothered by anything." He said, finally going to turn in his direction. "I'm just an angry person by default. Don't ask why, either." He said, seeming to shift his stance here and there, as if he had so much energy he couldn't contain himself. Really, this was just normal behavior for him, being ADHD.
Varon Stegore (played by HoarfrostWicken)

What's with this man being so adamant on running away from himself? Veyrom found him foolish for tricking himself into thinking being mad permanently is healthy. And while he is no emotional referee, people stiffling their feelings always made his supposed blood boil. However, Miles accepting wrath with open arms was intriguing. What is it that made him turn out like this? The purple-haired started to wonder.

"That makes no sense. Interwined? How could I know you're not only fabricated by my subconsciousness? You aren't even familiar to me to begin with." Harsh, but truer words cannot be spoken. Despite being quite the optimist, Veyrom was also frank with people. Why on earth would two strangers' dreams interconnect?

[But this feeling... What is causing my whole body to be drawn to him?] The tall one thought as less appropiate thoughts came to mind, diverting his stare away from the curly haired, blushing a pale blue only a tiny bit. "A-Anyways. What now? Should we stay inside or try to explore?"
Miles Lynch (played by 4BB_3Y)

So he wasn't familiar to him? Why did he feel... upset because of it? He shouldn't become affected by that. He was used to harsh comments, people made them all of the time, so why was this any different? A stranger was affecting him, and that was.. It wasn't something he liked. There was the slightest, tiniest bit of a change in his demeanor, one that would likely become over looked by most.

"And what about you? How am I supposed to know that your not just something made up?" He said in response to what he had said. While he did seem familiar, he couldn't be too sure that he was real. But he did feel real, like he was actually there and not just some empty space of a person in another dream of his.

However, with a glance back over to the taller male, he noticed the tiniest bit of a blush. What's that all about...? he thought quietly to himself before hearing taller of the two speak. The thought of going outside... no. He couldn't. This was enough change as it is. Who knows what was out there? "I don't speak for you... but I'm staying inside." He said, seeming to completely ignore the sensation he had gotten earlier.
Varon Stegore (played by HoarfrostWicken)

"Your loss." The burlier figure of the two shrugged, careless his supposed companion was uncooperative. He decided to ignore the ginger's remark, he had enough insecurities on his plate already to pile up more. Veyrom did also see the subtle change in how Miles' carried himself; faint but certain, his eyes were plastered with an unique frailty.

As he got farther and farther away from the curly haired one, an aching in them both came to be, intenser by each step the two were away from. Veyrom was practically unable to twist the doorhandle, despite being accustomed to physical pain. [Hell's happening to me? It... hurts a lot!] The taller male's hands balled up into tight fists as he pressed his teeth hard together.

He jerkingly turned to see Miles, his beady eyes almost begging for mercy, with an expression of intense suffering. "Will you drag your ass here already?!" The pain was like being burnt up alive, barely tolerable simply because it's a dream.
Miles Lynch (played by 4BB_3Y)

This time, as the two had gotten distance in between them, the tugging sensation had become more than just a tug. His entire body started to ache! He balled his hands into fists, the feeling of pain seeming to overcome him as he stood there, his body begging to be rid of the intensity of the pain. He wanted the pain gone... but he was too stubborn to actually move and give the both of them some clarity.

However, with a glance towards Veyrom, he could see that he seemed to be going through the same thing he was. He didn't seem like the type of man to be affected by pain all too much... but here he was, his eyes pleading for mercy. And, as he snapped, he jumped a bit before he felt his legs move on their own to walk in his direction. He didn't want to experience whatever there might be outside these walls... Who knew what could happen!

But... the closer he got, the more the pain lifted until there was nothing left, only until he stood right next to him, nearly shoulder to shoulder. "Happy?" He grumbled out, eyes going to glance elsewhere.
Varon Stegore (played by HoarfrostWicken)

While it relieved Varon the burning aching ceased, it also soothed him Miles complied, oddly enough. Or at least that's what he wanted to believe.

"Huff... What on earth that was? It felt as if my skin was being peeled off and scorched at the same time" The older notices Miles had a distraught expression. "You okay, ginger? It hurt you too from what I can tell." Varon inquires worried. He gradually stopped caring his new acquaintance might be just a dream, in fact, he started to believe they are sharing their dreams. Every single gesture, every word spoken, the way he looks, all seemed too real. But, what could Varon make out of this, being in the same dream with a stranger? Why did trying to separate hurt so bad?

"Coming to think of it. You never told me your name. I'm Varon Stegor, a pleasure to meet you!" His face beamed with innocuous charisma as he held out his hand for a handshake.
Miles Lynch (played by 4BB_3Y)

Miles, too, felt an overwhelming sense of relief knowing that the two of them were closer together, now. It was weird... He was stubborn in his own ways, and with any other person, and in any other situation, he would've been so stubborn you could hardly move him.

But with this stranger it was different. And that was change and he didn't know how he felt about it, it kind of scared him in a way, but comforted him, too. Though, as the taller had spoken up again, he simply shrugged. Though, when he had apparently been worried about him, he glanced more up towards him, having to look up a little bit. "I'm fine." He simply said, not as much edge to his tone. He couldn't be angry at someone for being worried for him, no matter how flustered it might have made him that a stranger was noticing his abnormal behavior for having only met him just this short time in their dream.

Though, as he had introduced himself, and now having a name to put to him, another comforted sensation overwhelmed him. Why was he comforted just by knowing his name? He looked down to his hand before reaching out to take it, stating his name as he did. "Miles Lynch." However, as he took his hand to shake it, he realized just how large the other's hands were. His own hands were big, but they were practically being swallowed by Varon's! It made him feel so small compared to him...
Varon Stegore (played by HoarfrostWicken)

Indeed the other man was bigger and taller, his own brawny frame was a testimony of it, with vigor in every of its articulations. He was an oddity in his hometown, people were not usually as big, but being different wasn't new to him. You learn to accept what you cannot change, but sometimes, change is the only way to move on.

He lets go of the fiery haired's hand. "I can't force you to come with me, Miles, the same way you won't anchor me to this room. What could possibly be outside scaring you? Maybe you'll even like it!" Varon gestures while keeping a persuasive tone up. "Yeah, you're fine on your own, but we have to stick together. Please?"

It is weird for such a gruff-looking dude to be so perceptive of people's emotion. Whatever was the reason he became so keen in reading people like a book?
Miles Lynch (played by 4BB_3Y)

Miles, once his hand was released supressed a small sigh. He wasn't used to feeling so small. Height didn't bother him, but when it came to really realizing just how big he actually was... He just didn't know how he felt about it. Miles wasn't used to it, that's for sure.

However, when it came to his persuasive tone, seeming to plead for him to go along, he was finding it hard to say no. And with what had just happened to the both of them, he wasn't sure if either of them could take the growing pain with each and every step they took away from each other. Miles definitely didn't like the idea of going outside, but Varon seemed pretty keen on finding out exactly was out there.

"... I'm only going because of the pain..." He grumbled out, going to glancd back out the window. Staying inside just seemed so much easier than finding out exactly wad out there, that's for sure. He couldn't understand how people could be so curious about the unknown.
Varon Stegore (played by HoarfrostWicken)

"Ha, okay. As long you'll not suddenly combust and burn down." The purple-haired beamed pleasantly, his eyes glimmer with glee as Miles agrees to the idea. Varon never grasped the concept of being unable to change; people are always changing, even if they don't realize it. To him the ginger was only afraid of new experiences... but why?

The burlier of the two turned to face the door, reminiscing what happened just a moment ago. Pain. Intense, burning, aching. They cannot get separated, or else they'll suffer. If anything, this being a dream only makes it make sense.
I feel I'm in one of those dumb tales about star crossed lovers.

"I guess here we go. Stand close to me, ginger." A solemn tone contrasted with the excitement plastered all over Varon's face. Was he nervous as well? As the tall man reaches for the doorknob, he can only imagine what lies outside these 4 walls. The duo is blinded by a light as the rundown wooden door opens.

(For some reason it won't let me do brackets for thought quotes, so from now on I'll be using bold text for whenever Varon thinks).
Varon Stegore (played by HoarfrostWicken)

(Whoops, double posted).
Miles Lynch (played by 4BB_3Y)

Miles simply rolled his eyes at the response he had gotten. Though, at his actions, he huffed. Him acting like that reminded him of a small little puppy getting excited over a new toy. How could someone so... Manly act so childish over something like that? Maybe it was the dream... Whatever it was, Miles was just glad that there was some stalling.

Change wasn't something that came as anything good to him. Especially when he got caught up in his head. To him, there were too many possibilities for things to go wrong. Like when his father had walked out... That was the biggest and by far the scariest change in his life.

However, when the door was open, revealing the brightest light he'd seen, he swore he felt his heart drop to his feet... He was scared. "Whatever..." He said, going to follow him out.

And.. Upon coming outside, after the light had seemed to "pass" and reveal the world around them that he thought was dark and bitter, it revealed a world cut in half. On one side, they had things unfamiliar to Miles, and on the other, things that Miles favored very much. What wss this dream?
Varon Stegore (played by HoarfrostWicken)

"Man, this is... the freakiest dream I ever had..." Varon mutters as the two glance their surroundings. "I see my house from here. To our left." The broad shouldered pointed Miles towards his home, a humble building complex with the beach nearby. The tides were tranquil while brushing the shores, and a large ship was sailing by. For a busy city, this scenery was ironically peaceful.

"To our right... nothing is familiar to me. That's where ya' live in, ginger?" His eyes lingered across the landscape with curiosity. He felt tempted to tresspass the distinct border separating both worlds apart, but decided against it. "Great views you must get every morning. Never took you for the type to live in the countryside."

For once, the ginger had an opportunity to observe more in-depth the man's appearance, now that he's busied up studying the vast fields and lake surrounding Mile's cabin.
Miles Lynch (played by 4BB_3Y)

Miles was more amazed than confused. He's never had a complex dream like this before... but he definitely thought that it was an interesting one, and one he'd likely end up journaling about in the morning to remember. This wasn't something he wanted to forget.
On the right, there was everything he was familiar with. His little cabin, and even his dogs had been outside with sticks in their mouths, chasing each other's tails. The mountains in the distance, and the wide like glistening under the sun. All of that was familiar to him.

But, to his left, everything was foreign. A humble house with a beach. It sure was pretty, he had to admit. And, from what he gathered, it must've been where Varon had chosen to live. The two places were so different, and yet they had managed to come together as one.

"Well, it's quiet in the countryside... and it's decently close to where I work." He said, seeming to take everything in for just a little while longer before glancing over to the almost starstruck Varon. "I never thought you'd enjoy being at a beach. It sure is pretty, though..." He had mumbled the last part, not liking to admit such a kind thing to someone he barely knew. Why? To him, being kind was like trusting someone. The more he trusts others, the more likely he is to get hurt. He wasn't up for that.

Though, the more he took in the appearance of the other, he noticed things that he hadn't noticed while inside the cabin. Sure, he had taken note to his rather unkempt appearance, but small details like his eyes that had seemed to light up when outside had become more present. Like how he sported eyes with two different hues, one with more of a citrine hue, and one with more of an aquamarine. Miles... was rather fond of his eyes.

Not that he'd ever admit to it, though.
Varon Stegore (played by HoarfrostWicken)

"It soothes me, to be frank. The singing of the gulls, the crashing of the tides against the sand..." Varon turned his face away from the smaller male, as if he expressed melancholy in his face. "It brings me back home. A waterfall sat nearby. I watched it through the window every day, and heard it in the night to fall asleep. But sometimes, it felt as though I was forced to." While the body language suggested grief, his voice sounded pensive. A saddened Varon observed the vast lush greens with the eyes of intrigue. Was this a dream, or was this reality?

"...It happens to be convenient as well. I command a ship, and the dock isn't too far away." The wouldbe sorrow is replaced with calmness, a clear indicator of the strong man's resilience. "Funny, a dream is hearing me rambling about my past. If you ever told this to anyone, they'd call you crazy." Varon slowly turned around to see Miles again midsentence. "But, you're really not a fake. Doubt my brain alone could come up with this place."

The purple-haired grinned with amusement. He really IS talking to someone else, but why and how? And when is this going to end? If it DOES end, that is. "Miles, you wanna check out the beach? Looks fine from here. What point is in dreaming if you're not having fun? C'mon!" Ever the funloving, Varon basically dragged the ginger to his end of the world, easily overpowering him with his greater strength and size.
Miles Lynch (played by 4BB_3Y)

Miles couldn't understand how such an annoying noise could be enjoyed by anyone... Or how anyone would be soothed by it. He sure did think that Varon was strange. The waves were nice, though. The scenery was outstandingly gorgeous, and the blue of the water wss remarkable. He guessed that if he had to put up with some annoying birds just to sit and listen to the waves, he just might do that.

Not that he'd admit to it. Never. He was far too stubborn to do that!

However, as the other male had begun speaking with such a tone and an expression that practically radiated grief, he felt a little sad himself. He didn't know what to do. Dealing with peoples emotions was something that had come very difficult to him. So, he simply turned his head to the side and glancrd away from Varon.

Though, with yhe sudden change, Miles was confused. How could a person go from zero to nothing in seconds like that? It was crazy. And, as he was dragged away to the beach, he let out a quiet groan, figuring if he struggled too much that would be too selfish of him.

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