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So i was browsing through Pinterest and i saw something very cool,Lance from Voltron has a parasite living inside him, A.K.A Venom. And he has to keep this thing a secret,the story takes place in Cuba,his home town,he recently got fired from his drunk boss,lost his girlfriend and he is now depressed as heck. So,one day he randomly gets an invite to a lab and thats where things get outta hand,the parasite,or Venom,attaches itself to Lance. He now has to deal with Venom and all the problems he'll face. Again this is on Pinterest,just look up Lance and Venom. This can be a romance(MxM prefered),if wanted that is,if your as weird as me (XD) anyway just send a message and we can go over roles.
Magic 10%
On very, very, rare occasions there may be unexplained, POSSIBLY supernatural events. Minor "environmental" magic. Perhaps implies the existence of a deity or supernatural entity. Or perhaps it's just tricks?
Technology 80%
Far future, perhaps interstellar travel (generation ships)
Combat 80%
Wartime/soldier RPs. Combat is a given and will likely be graphic, but there's the potential for non-combat "in the trenches" scenes. World War 2, Vietnam, etc.
Romance 50%
Romance is desired but not required, and will balance evenly with other plot.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

Can i join and play as venom?
Sure,lets go over somethings.
Sounds interesting and fun, still opened?
Yura wrote:
Sounds interesting and fun, still opened?


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