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**This trick or treat thread is for vampires and blood drinkers...or I suppose people who want blood who am I to judge? Regardless be aware that the vampire princess of the United States will be handing out blood bags and not candy. Though to those who partake in the life source that is blood, it is very much a treat.

Halloween has come. A night of candy and tricks for most human children and adults alike. This night is not only celebrated by humans but other supernatural beings vampires being included in this. While Ingrid usually prefers to celebrate holidays in a more elegant or...frighteningly bloody fashion, this year she has decided to do something different and perhaps a bit cheeky.

Sitting in a elegant throne that has been placed outside of the estate that the royal vampire and her Queen Mother live in in the bustling spooky streets of Chicago, she is surrounded by a string of orange lights. Clad in an ironic 'victim' costume, fake bite mark on her neck, she sits beside a cooler of blood packs. From B+ to O- to give to those that crave such things.

For why should they be left out of this Holiday?
Zane (played by Pantrane)

((It's still early. It'd be best to not just quit.))

A shape flew high in the sky, barely seen as it passed the outline of the moon. Tiny wings fluttered, bringing the dark shape closer to the estate. As it got closer, the shape began to transform. The bat turned into a humanoid, wings changing to arms. A small furry face turned into a fair skinned, angular head complete with jet black hair and silver eyes. The body stretched from a small puff of fur to a six foot figure clad in a black suit.

A red tie, seemingly from an older time rested above a white shirt. He wore a simple mask that somewhat hid the upper reaches of his face. It didn't cover the wide smile that beamed from cheek to cheek.

"There is a most..." He paused to sniff the air around him. "-interesting scent." He slowly approached the woman on the throne.

Ingrid's eyes shift up as she watches a most amusing sight. A bat transforming. Though it is one she is not unused to, it still makes her smirk every time she see's it.

When the now man approaches her she leans slightly and reaches to grab a blood bag, tossing it slightly into her other hand.

"Happy Halloween," she says almost as if the words are a bit of a joke, "Have a preference?" She wiggles the blood bag a little.
Zane (played by Pantrane)

Zane's vampirically undead silver eyes widened in excitement. "oOoh… Choices", he said, voice rising an octave momentarily. His gaze turned towards the bag in her hand before he licked his chops. As he did, the glance inside his mouth showed his fang temporarily lengthening as it fell from the retracted position.

"How about a good B-?" Zane didn't want to hog up all of the AB variants just because he got there first. That would be a major faux pas at a sanguine gathering. "If not A-."

He smiled and offered a slow, curt bow. His arm extended to draw his cape, showcasing the purple pattern on its inside. "Happy Halloween, by the way.. The name is Zane. What is your favorite blood type to imbibe?" The pale man moved closer to the woman, turning to mostly face in the same direction she had been looking.
Jaydin Byrd (played by FreeJayFly)

((Hope you don't mind my Vampire the Masquerade version of this character. :>))

Chicago... the streets here filled Jaydin with a sense of dread versus when she would wander the streets back home in Seattle. She was mostly here to visit with certain friends in her circles that had moved away from the apartment complex that she was still renting out till she deemed it unsafe to live there any longer.

However, it was somewhat comforting to Jaydin that he streets were filled with some kind of Halloween flair and decor. She did always like this time of year -- when the weather was not too terribly hot, though not outrageously cold in most parts of the world. It was that nice in-between -- even to someone like her.

After some aimless wandering, Jaydin found herself wandering past orange lights and what seemed to have been an estate that held itself open for passersby. More than that, however, it was the whiff of that irony, metallic substance which so many of her kind craved. Pursing her lips after realising this, Jaydin decided to go to the estate front herself to investigate what exactly was going on there.

There were two people that she could see, and it seemed that the lady on the throne was the owner. Glancing from Ingrid to Zane, Jaydin had raised a hand somewhat in greeting.

"Nice to see the locals celebrating," Jaydin said, having cleared her throat beforehand.

Ingrid looked at the man, or fellow vampire who seemed quite excited about the blood. She smiled crookedly as he inquired and she looked at the on in her hand which was A+, so she reached down again at her side and with just a little effort pulled up a B-.

"Happy Halloween... B- it is. I'm not very picky, but I do love a good B+." she told him and handed him the blood bag gingerly. Her eyes flicked over to someone else who had shown up.
(no idea what that is so you're good)


Ingrid tilted her head to the side at the new arrival, a breeze wafting the scent of the blood around. That in the blood bags and in the veins of humans wandering the streets. With the woman stepping closer, waving - kind of - and greeting, Ingrid wiggled her fingers a bit.

"Yes, it is. Certainly ironic," she chuckled lowly, "What are your tastes on this halloween?" She asked, motioned towards the blood bags.
Thanatos (played by Kungfu6453)

Thanatos had come with his daughter melody and melody red eyes gleamed at the blood. Thanatos walked in and followed melody. melody "trick treat!" Thanatos " you mind if my daughter takes a bag?"
Valencea walked slowly among the leaves and stones, over the grass, breathing in the cool night air, behind the large chunks of ancient stone and wood, under the flapping night creature that flew above, between some glimmering pebbles, past the orange, fiery light.....
Huh. Looked like there was a vampire party or something going on... Valencea went towards the orange lights, wondering what sort of treats they would have. Maybe just tricks... Still, she might as well check it out.

Blood, then! That was what was glistening in the fire-like light. Valnecea supposed she could test it later. The group could always use supplies.
Valencea walked up toward the woman on the throne. She remembered that she should probably bow or curtsey, and did.
Then she smiled at the woman, and asked her, "Got any O-?

" -..... Trick or Treat." She added. :)

Ingrid smiles softly at the sight of the man and the girl with the crimson eyes. "Happy halloween, of course, take a bag," she insists and moves to hold the opened cooler out towards the girl.

Ingrid looked up at the woman that had just approached, and nodded at her as she bowed. Ingrid reached into the cooler and dug out a nice juicy pack of O- for the woman. "Here you go, happy halloween." She smiled slightly the tips of her fangs showing, sharp and glistening white in the light.
Thanatos (played by Kungfu6453)

melody choose O+. “ thanks!” She hugged the woman. Thanatos “ yes thank you.” Melody then followed her father out.

Ingrid smiled very softly and watched the girl pick a blood bag before thanking her. "Of course, happy Halloween and enjoy yourself." she watched them leave and turned to look at the others.

Not much time in the evening was left.
Ingrid finished giving out blood to everyone who had come to her throne, and then cleaned up for the evening. Wondering what the next holiday she'd participate in would be like.


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