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I got the opportunity of attending this convention yesterday as a part of a school trip and is was absolutely *amazing*. We had so much fun after being stuck on a stinky coach for two hours and it's agreed that in our friend group, none of us will ever forget it.

First, me and my friend bought a hoodie each, customised to the actual convention and one you can't get anywhere else. She got the purple one and I got the gray one.


20191018-113701.jpgAfter, we went roaming and managed to get a few pictures with people. The best quality one that we managed to get was a photo with someone dressed up as the Onion King from the game Overcooked.

We also saw people dressed up like Zelda, Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine, Ayano from Yankee simulator and a lot, lot more. We saw a deadpool and a spiderman, too. Deadpool almost killed me by making me choke when I laughed at something he said, and that was right at the start.

Very fun, y know?

After that, we got very distracted by playing all the games. Borderlands 3, a demo of Cyberpunk 2077, the Nintendo was definitely worth it. There was also a VR beat saber tournament, of which I was the only under 18 participating out of 25 people. I came 2nd, so er. >.>

Then we had a 3 hour coach drive home which I was sat in front of four of the biggest assholes in my year of all time. So...that was very very fun, as you could imagine. Teenagers. <.<
Have a look at what I looked like if you want to I guess
Glad you two had fun and you both look fabulous.❤❤
Dang! That place looks so fun to go to! Glad you enjoyed yourself :)

Wow! That place looks awesome 😆

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