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The premise of this game is simple!

Simply list:

- Your first vehicle (Doesn't have to be your very first vehicle if you'd rather list your first car instead or if you don't remember what your first bicycle is or whatever)

- What you drive right now (Can be anything from a car to a motorcycle to a bicycle to a mobility scooter)

- What you would like to own (Doesn't need to be fancy. Just what you have your eye on if you have a little more money or something you're waiting on getting until your current vehicle gives up... basically, your ideal next upgrade)

- What your dream vehicle is (Go nuts! Can be the most expensive hypercar... or even a jet plane!)

So I'll start off...

My first vehicle: Yamaha YBR 125 (Motorcycle. I've owned some bicycles and a pedal go-kart before then, but don't really remember the details about make and model)

What I drive: Yamaha YBR 125 (Motorcycle)

What I want to drive: Triumph Street Triple S (Motorcycle)

My dream Vehicle: Colin McRae R4 (Car - odd choice and probably very hard to get hold of these days, but I love that little rally car sooo much)
My first vehicle: Pontiac Sunbird

I had no idea what I was doing and thought I heard sunfire, not sunbird. Admittedly I hadn't even finished getting my license when I test drove then bought this car for $400. Looking back I now know the transmission was shot from the beginning as pushing the pedal to the floor didnt actually downshift, it just made the exhaust louder. But hey! I was 17~ and had a car so what else mattered right?

What I drive: Volvo 780 & Ford Ranger

The 780 is a wonderfully loaded semi with a bed and dinette set inside, microwave, television, and fridge, though the fridge doesnt actually work so it's basically become a cupboard. My ranger isnt the best vehicle and I could deffo afford better but since I'm not home to drive it all that much I didnt feel I needed to drop a few thousand on a nicer truck when I bought it. It has since fallen on hard times and needs to be upgraded

What I want to drive: 4 door pickup truck, preferably a Ford or a dodge, preferably not a Chevy, and least likely to be a Honda, Toyota, or etc

With trying to introduce kids into my life I've felt the need to expand my truck to include the extra seating for children, but I still want that truck bed for hauling as well as a tow package for doing truck driver or adulting things that require big toys

My dream Vehicle: Corvette, zr1/zo6/c'x'

I always wanted a vette, they are beautiful cars that stomp the roadway leaving most other vehicles in their dust. I'd be fun to drive one around simply or to tear up the streets with one some time and then bring it home to my garage where I can yell at people who touch it XD
1st car - 1959 Ford Galaxie 500. Dad’s old car. He gave me the key in a card for my 16th birthday.

what I drive now - A 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer VRX. It’s nickname is ‘Zero’ in honour of the versatile and quite utilitarian Japanese Mitsubishi Zero fighter plane of world war 2. They do have some commonalities... noisy but solid runners....

what I’d like to own - A 1941 Chevrolet Business Coupe. Dad had one. He was in a car wreck in it and had things gone worse than they had, I wouldn’t exist.

My dream car - A 1935 Ford Flathead V8 Coupe. Dad had one of them too. He got it after getting out of the Navy at the end of 1945 and drove it from Mitchell South Dakota to Sacramento California where he traded it and some work for the 1941 Chev above
1. Chevy impala 2. 2015 black camero v6 black mags totally badass 3. A corvette ROFL like I can afford it. 4. Anything camero
First car make and model is a security question I've seen on a lot of forms. So, tread carefully. ;)

But if the sky's the limit on a dream vehicle, I wouldn't mind one of these as my weekend traveler...

Juls wrote:
First car make and model is a security question I've seen on a lot of forms. So, tread carefully. ;)
Yeah, that's why I always use my 2nd car for the answer to that particular security question when it arises. I never talk about that one. ;)
Hmm, i'd say either a '75 shelby gt500 or the angel of death (Hercules gunship.) But, ya gotta love elanor.

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