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Hi,I decided to make another forum topic about the Hazbin Hotel,this a bit of an adult topic,but i'll make it to where its pg 13 where there is mild cussing or expliced cussing,whichever,but no use of the f bomb to much,and don't use the n word. Okay on with the plot.

"Hello and welcome to Hell,where there are turf wars,and street fights and a lot of death. About the turf wars,most demons fight to the death to claim some land,and whoever wins or stays alive gets not only land,but a lot of money for ya know a house. Anyway we hope you enjoy your stay" said the news reporter, Katie Killjoy.

Charlie sighs and she looks down at the ground then at her girlfriend,Vaggie. "This is awful,demons fighting over land,and killing each other even...we have to do something" Princess Charlie said.

Vaggie nods and thinks for a moment and comes up with an idea. "How about we make a hotel where we can re-abillitate demons,ya know like a rehab center." Vaggie suggested and Charlie nodded in agreement,and thus began the birth of the Hazbin Hotel...

So i need someone to play as Vaggie,Princess Charlie,and Angel Dust. Pm if interested.

Alastor-played by yours truely/me

Angel Dust-played by PhantomRabbit

Charlie-played by Pen-Tsunami(idk if i spelt your name right,i dont have a reference)


and then the rest will be ocs,this is a public and pm rp.

1 sentence-1 paragraph required,and wait for the next person to respond please,if your playing a main and want to be an oc,that is also fine but be sure to have even attention on canon and oc characters, so like if you respond with an oc,your next response would be canon,me I'll be using my fox and demon hybrid butler,Haruto and Alaster or Radio Demon.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.

I love the spider in kinky boots, Angel Dust
Yesh please papa, I call dibs on being Charlie since I saw you already made Alastor. *rushes off to make Charlie a forum*

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