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I'm sure this has been suggested many times before asddsf. If it has and a revamp is in the works then sorry for missing it!!

So! Since I've started doing Group RPs here I, and a few partners-in-writing, have been having some - a bit of a lot! - of trouble with how the group PM system currently works! Since all members need to vote on someone in order for them to be allowed to join, that leaves us in an odd position. To use myself as an example, I can't be on all the time! As is the case for all of us! There are times where I am consumed by life in one way or another that keeps me from checking my roleplay chats for days to weeks on end! If someone really wants to join a roleplay, that's really unfair to them. They can't join the OOC chat so they can get a thorough go-over of the universe and story by the members of the roleplay, nor can they join the roleplay for a time that might last over several weeks! That really kills the roleplay buzz, yknow? Nothing says 'Roleplay is fun' like having to wait a near month after requesting to join a roleplay and forgetting all about it, right? //wheeze

It's also not fair to me, either! This puts a lot of expectation on my activity. This just isn't something I, personally, and likely many others can be inherently expected to keep up with!

My ideas for how the system might be reworked if things are not already underway are basically. Largely just putting these here bc it seems half-baked to walk into suggests and be like 'change this!!' without giving any example of what I'm hoping for. Sorry if this all makes me look,,, very bad -

Don't exactly take the vote system away. It's functional and a lot of people really like it! It asks all players if they're comfortable and it's pretty great! I don't think it should be the inherent system, however. I think the inherent system should make the creator to the chat the 'main admin' with full control over the PM until all the players are in order and can discuss with they want to a) keep the current system b) change to the voting system or c) vote on a on a different admin/add an admin.

I think there should be a chance for multiple admins. In the admin system they'd become the voting pool rather than all players and that'd be effectively their only separation from other players in Private Messages. If all the admins are removed it goes back to the all-vote system until its either turned back on in some sort of PM or the PM agrees to vote some people into the admin.
Would creating a small group with the group tool serve your purpose? That would give you pages to store setting info on, an easier and customizable voting system, and a convenient place to store various OOC threads that might have different focuses and perhaps allow chapters or more world building, or allow characters to split into multiple groups to go for different goals without tripping over each other.
Kim Site Admin

Yes, basically everything you're asking for is what groups are for. Groups are much easier to use/create in 2.0. PMs remain for people who want a different "power balance" in how things are shared.

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