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As the title suggests, I'm making (or should I say, remastering) a Pokémon character (like I did with my Dragon Ball character, Sanow). And I'm kinda stuck.

It's an old character that I made when I was a young boye, so I don't remember much about him. All I remember is one part of his short backstory, which is that he used to be a Pokémon Ranger, but received an injury to his left eye that caused him to lose it in defence of a Pokémon, after that he hung up his boots and became a wandering trainer.

I'm having trouble thinking of more backstory, as well as details about that bit of said backstory, and most other general things. Recently with character creation, I've become bored of making the characters myself (got too many, damn it), and have looked to other people for help. But I don't have any RP friends that know Pokémon too well, and I suppose I have to look elsewhere, so here I am.

Would anyone like to perhaps help me out? I'll probably notice PMs quicker than replies to this post, but feel free to do either. Thanks!

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