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You walk through the woods as the sounds of the town fade away and a silvery object around the trees catches your eye. As you approach it you realize it’s some kind of capsule and there’s a button on the one side that says “emergency release” in red letters. Will you push the button and see what’s inside? Will you attempt to break the capsule open some other way? Or perhaps you will continue to study it? The choice is yours...
Scorpio (played by DamsWorld)

He bent down to look at it, taking his phone out from his pocket, he picked up the small capsule and studied it in his hands, noticing it was slightly rusted in the small cracks and crevasses of the little machine. Scorpio looked at the red button and weighed the options in his head he decided to press it.
*the capsule bf lung to the ground and grew in size as hans fell out when the doors opened*
Scorpio (played by DamsWorld)

Scorpio stumbled back and dropped his phone. He hit the floor with a thud, the blonde stared at the young man who fell out with wide eyes.
"Umm.... who are you?" He asked, slightly scared at the slight, looking over the forest floor he grabbed his phone and put it back into his pockets.
*the man tried to move but the coldness from the cryo stasis pod he was in keeps him still but his hat was in front of him facing Scorpio and on it was an eagle carrying a swastika the symbol of the Nazi party*
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon was on her nightly jog when she herd a what sounded like a man and a thud. “Hello are you okay sir” Lemon tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear as she makes her way off the path thinking it may be a hurt jogger. As she spots a man and makes her way toward him, she notices he is hunched over a long tube. “What are. ...” Lemon looks over the mans shoulder but flings her hands over her eyes “O...M...G that man is frozen and naked ...” she looks again but closer at the clothes and hat covering the mans sensitive areas “ and NAZI... what the hell is going on here”
(( btw he ain’t naked he’s wearing his whole uniform lol )) must g-go to the f-fatherland... *he stuttered as he slowly reached for his hat*

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