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Board games and card games can be quite fun to play! Here you can talk about the games you have played and/or what you love about them. :D

So, these are some boards games I've played as a kid (sadly I don't know how are some called in english, as I am not really familiar with german):

1.) Lotti Karotti - in this game each player has a set of rabbits of different colors. There is a hill with a carrot on top and the player who reaches the carrot wins. But, there also cards involved, one of the cards has a spinning carrot on it, meaning that the player who draws it has to turn the carrot. The carrot creates holes, and the players can lose their rabbits that way. It is a really fun game and I love it's concept.

2.) Plitsch-Platsch Pinguin - In this game each player has a set of penguins which look the same. So, every player has to place a penguin on an iceberg, but you have to be careful because the iceberg stands on a pole which makes it "wobbly". I can't exactly remember how it all goes but from what I remember the player who makes a certain amount of penguins fall off the iceberg loses.

3.) Cluedo - In this game players play as people who try to solve murder, but one of the players is the killer. In this game you choose in which rooms you want to go. Every player gets cards which were mixed and the cards which represent the killer, murder weapon and the room the person was murdered in, they are in a special "envelope" and are placed in the center. Before the game starts people have to look at their cards and cross the things that aren't murder weapons etc. When a player is in one room, they choose a weapon and another player, the chosen player has to show one of the cards they have, but that they're related with the other player's choice. From what I remember, if somebody fails to identify the killer and the rest of the things they die. It's cool that you have to be cautious in a game like this one and that you have to think a lot aswell.

Now, the card games:

1.) Uno - Oh this one can be really insane! If you've never heard of it, it's basically a card game where the point is to use all of those cards you have. All cards are blue, red, green and yellow and have numbers from zero to nine. There also cards from which you can choose colors, prevent players from playing their turn and so on. There are moments when somebody has to draw about twelve cards, and I myself have had to hehe.

2.) Uno (Bella Sara version) - When I was a kid I used to collect horse themed cards called Bella Sara. These cards have several types of games you can play, one of them being like Uno. So in this one you had to match icons or number of icons instead of numbers and colors, and the goal is the same as for standard Uno.

3.) Magic The Gathering - I first played a pc version of it, but due to some issues I've had I can't really play it anymore. So, this card game is trickier to explain because there are all kinds of things that you have to know. The game is kind of like with those stategy games where you have creatures which can attack your opponent's creatures and so on, you can choose not to attack aswell, which is at times a good idea as your cards might end up in the graveyard. Each player has 20 health points and the player who's health reaches zero or below loses. In my opinion, this card game is rather unique and you have to think a lot aswell, like which card should you use, when should you use and so on.

4.) Dobble - I really love this one, this card game is about spotting things as fast as you can. I'm not exactly familiar with every single type of game you can play with these cards, but there are some types that I know:

-1. The point of this game is to use all of your cards. Just like in other games, there's always a picture that you have on your card, in this case, the card in the center. Once you see that picture you have to say what it is as you put it in the center.

-2. This one is the opposite, instead of putting your cards in the center, you take cards instead. Each person is given one card and have to tell what they have spotted as they take it.

-3. All players are given cards and they mustn't reveal them until they were given a sign. Once everyone reveals their cards, they have to give it to the other person as fast as possible. Just like in the other two versions of the game, you have to tell which picture you've seen that you have and place the card on top of the other player. The point of this one is to have as less cards as possible.

What I really love about this card game are the reactions that the players can get. You also might find yourself messing up words or laughing a lot. This is one of the few card games from which I laugh.
Oh, so many growing up. Let me think...

Board Games
Pollyanna - This was a board game my mom used to play when she was a kid, so it’s kind of old. Think of it sort of like Sorry! but with dice and safe zones. It’s honestly a cutthroat game in our family. Especially when it comes to picking characters on the board, lol.

Scrabble - As an English major, this has been a must for me. A crossword style game, where you make the words. Certain letter tiles are worth more points than others, and so are some spots on the board. Also a very cutthroat game.

Monopoly - Of course, can’t forget Monopoly. (Come to think of it, I think my family is very competitive and we just enjoy nearly murdering each other!) Such a deadly game that has ruined friendships and families...but that’s half the fun!

Hold your Horses! - I don’t remember a whole lot about this game...or if this is even the name. I just remember trying to collect as many horse breeds as you could, and they helped you win the game depending...I couldn’t have gone through my crazy horse girl phase without it!


Nertz; otherwise known as Dutch Blitz - I don’t know how to explain this one. It’s a fast paced, sheer chaos game that’s hard to teach if you haven’t grown up playing it. I just know that it’s a lot of fun.

Some Star Wars card game I got when the prequels came out - I just remember it being really fun, and constantly wanting the Obi-wan Kenobi card. <3 I think this is to blame for my awful love for those movies - they were so bad that they were good.

Uno - Of course. Still play this in college, just SPICY! It’s regular Uno, just with some added rules. You may stack cards, so, if you play a Draw 2, anyone else who has them may play them as well. (I’ve had to draw 16 before!) If a 7 is played, you cannot talk until another 7 is played. If a 6 is played, everyone must slap the table. The last person to slap has to draw...2 cards? I think? And so on.

Gwent - Okay, I didn’t start playing this until a few weeks ago because the app recently came out. It’s a game from the Witcher. It’s kind of hard to explain, but the end goal is to have more points than your opponent. However! You play 3 rounds. 2 must be won by you in order to win. There’s a lot of strategy involved (and luck! Sometimes my draws are just bad.) but it’s super fun to play. I never played the Witcher video games, so I kinda suck, but it’s still very fun.
I love board games! I even used to run a board game department of a bookstore, which enabled me to meet with distributors and test games. I also did some beta testing on board games that had yet to be released, which was also great fun!

Games I enjoy, in no particular order:

Pandemic - You and the other players work together to cure the world from 4 different diseases. You have work together to beat the game, and depending on how hard you set the game to be, you really have to discuss and try to think ahead.

Ticket To Ride Europe - A game about building railroads in Europe. It comes in other variations, but I think Europe is the most fun, because it features tunnels and ferries, which adds an extra element to the game in my opinion. You win by getting the most points, earning them through building routes and having the longest route.

Azul - A great game for drinking tea with a friend. You earn points by making mosaics, inspired by mosaics in Portugal, and while there is an element of competition to the game, it's still super chill. It's super easy to learn and once you have, you can really start improving on your strategy.

7 Wonders - About building the best civilization. You can focus on culture, technology, military or trade. Most points win!

Cluedo - Already explained, I think?

Escape Room games - comes in a lot of different variations, but are basically based on the physical escape rooms. A lot of fun, especially if you're several people playing together. Once that especially stuck with me, was where we were stranded on a tropical island. We were separated into two groups, and then had to find each other and then cooperate to get off the island. Unfortunately, we died (it was on time) because the other group was both slow and stupid, because they couldn't find us (;

Exploding Kittens (card game) - for people who like kittens and explosions. It's a pretty fun game, where you have to be the last one standing, by not drawing an exploding kitten from the deck. It has funny drawings and card features.

Fog of Love - this is a weird game, but also great fun. It's created by a guy who made it for his wife, who wanted a "romantic comedy, but as a board game". It's for two players, and you basically tell your love story through the game. You each choose to be a man or woman (I guess it can work as gender neutral too, if you're creative?) and in the intro game (the game teaches you how to play it, which is neat) you meet and start dating. You each pick traits for the other player, like "Why did you, Person A, fall in love with Person B?", which enables you to write the story as you want. It can be a REALLY weird game, if you're playing it with a friend and go nuts with picking weird traits for each other. Each player has a goal, which is the direction they want the "relationship" to take. Happy ending? Person A/B is a jerk? Break the other one's heart? It's really up to you. I'm pretty sure that there's a fantasy expansion to it as well!
I've heard from the creator that he wanted to make it a trilogy, and that the sequel is supped to be based on a mid-life crisis, and the third one is supposed to be death, which I think is super interesting!

I had a few others on my mind as well, but I forgot...
I recently played Bananagrams while on a trip with my best friend and it was SO MUCH fun! Basically, it's a race to use up all your lettered tiles before anyone else....Sort of like scrabble, but it's not turn-based and there isn't a board so you can free-form your words. And you can always rework your words and make something else instead.

As a kid, I always loved playing Battleship with my brother. As well as Connect-Four, Stratego, Sorry, and Aggravation. All of these are a mix of lucky and strategy, which is fun!
My family actually plays a lot of games, mostly card games, but we've started to play more board games as well.

Board games:

Ticket to Ride and Catan are our favorite. Someone explained Ticket to Ride before and I think Catan has a similar strategy feel except you have resources and have to build towns to win and you can barter and steal which is so lovely.

Betrayal: We play both House on the Hill and Balder's Gate. The game is made by Wizards of the Coast so Balder's Gate is DnD themed and the other is a haunted house, but you have figurines and explore while the cards you draw cause events. There's like, a hundred outcomes for the story depending on how cards unfold so it's really good to replay as well.


Dirty Neighbor: It's like Uno with regular playing cards and far meaner. It is possible to have 52 cards in your hand at once. I promise. >.>

Hand and Foot: Uh...honestly, I can't even begin to explain it. But you have two separate stacks of cards to play and you have to get rid of the first stack before you can even look at your 'foot'.

Uh...and there's this one game with tiles that I can't remember the name of, but it's more like dominos. I do like playing Chicken Foot with dominoes as well.
Cribbage has been big in our family. My grandfather learned it when he worked on an American Air Force base in the 1970’s and we always had a few cribbage boards around. I last played when my brother visited when he was filming in a movie.

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