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Killian Colt (played by Lycanhoth)

so, THIS character is brand new. I just finished the basic info and have like, 4, pages of history/information for each nickname he has. Do tell me what you think, dears? (yes, he is LOOSELY based on Alastor from Hazbin Hotel, but only physically. Read his profile for more info.) ALSO, I feel he may be missing a few things, could use some advice, anyone who is willing to help out. <3 I may have been here a while, but I don't really know what else this character could be missing, but I do feel there is... something I might be missing. XD so yeah, have a look, tell me your opinion, and if there is a way I can improve him?
Yaaay, new character! :D I love getting to do that whole process. It feels so nice to be creating!

I looked through his profile to try to get a feel for him. I guess if I noticed something missing, it’s this: how does this modern incarnation of Killian relate to his past self(s), and where is he going?

It seems like modern DJ Killian has some memory of his past life(s) if he can use that info as the inspiration for a set list, but what does this memory mean to him? Is the Bayou setting still important to him - and how? What does he get up to in the swathes of his everyday life where he’s not being a popular rave DJ? Does he have any aspirations, and/or do you have any ideas about the kind or direction of RPs you’d like to use him in?

I’d include this info in the portion of his profile that represents the version of the character you’d be most likely to play as!
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Hmmmm, meh.

You don't have to separate every paragraph of text in his profile in separate pages, though. RPR is already very slow after the updates. The fact that you're making your potential partners change pages to see the other info on Colt makes it a slog to read through. Cobble it all together in one page.

Plus, if he's based off a canon character, you might as well put some pictures up as reference.
Good luck.

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