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Snow was good. Snow meant that, whilst no one new could enter this god forsaken town, no one could leave either. This meant there were a lot of tasty folk for Ailsa to prey on, during the day or night, it didn’t matter when she had this much power. If she were human, she would’ve looked less malnourished. She probably would’ve gained a ton of weight. But human was something that she was far from.

Ailsa’s body was numb with energy and power and she stood, leaning against one of the only working lampposts down the street, the light casting shadows on her face. From where she stood, the snow only lightly hit her, though she did not feel it’s cold. Her eyes remained downcast, studying the white stuff with the interest of a child, twirling a snowflake round her finger.

That was until she sensed something...peculiar. A human. Admittedly, in a village like this, that was only to be expected. But at a time like this? When the snowstorm was only getting worse? Unheard of. Deepest desire. The words clanged through her like a bell but she didn’t move, studying the person as they approached. They weren’t stopping. That was also peculiar. So Ailsa stayed still, arms crossed, lifting her gaze up.

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