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Welcome to the adventures of the demon Atavus. Follow us on a journey of greatness at the start of a conflict that changes the course of history on the planet Sangre. If wish to join please DM me..let the adventure begin.
Atavus (played by Victor_Beck)

Atavus sits in his tent. This is his first day at working at the mines under the watchful eye of Julian, the mine overseer. Next to him sits the pick axe he will be using and his father's sword which he has kept with him ever since his parents died. He gave a sigh before placing the sword in a lock box and picking up the axe. He held his head high as he walked over to the mine entrance where he would report into Julian before starting.
Julien was sitting next to the mine entrance, contemplating some things from his past, wearing all black as if in mourning, he had two goat like horns on his head. having the appearance of someone in their 20s.
Waiting for a certain someone, soon seeing them come into view, he waits for him to walk over before interacting with him
Atavus (played by Victor_Beck)

Atavus made it to Julian and spoke. "Ready to work." With that he would wait for a response before entering the mines as was normal. He wondered how working in the rock metal mines would go. He did not know of if he needed to meet a certain quota or not but here he was ready to work.
Julian looked upon atavus, he responded "Get to work, You will be done when you fill three minecarts with materials" He said in a rather cold tone, being of a more tactical personality, his attire was to dress in a more human like fashion, wearing slick black pants, a red soaked button shirt and a vest ontop of that. Staring at atavus, inspecting him while in deep thought.
Atavus (played by Victor_Beck)

"very well sir." He was taught respect before his parents died and quickly made his was into the mines ready to work. This would be the first time he earned his keep somewhere within the demon community and did not plan on wasting this moment. He quickly got to work and by the end of the day he had doubled his quota while the others demona had also gained more then their normal quota as well. The mines seemed to show fortune on them.
Julien watch him work, specifically as his eyes were fixated on avatus. deciding on if he will push him to his very limits or go easy, a steady increase in workload, testing the limits of avatus.
Once he was done he clapped slowly and said "Congratulation are in order......Guess I have to increase the workload" he said with a soft smile as he glared upon the sight
Atavus (played by Victor_Beck)

This was the first time in in life since he was just a young boy that he was actually proud of what he had done. However working in the mines was only a stepping stone for what he really wanted. He still took the congrats from julain at high regard. "Thank you. I will do my best no matter the workload." With that atavus knew that the day was about over and on the way to the mines Julian had agree to help with sword play so spoke again. "Will be be training tonight sir?"

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