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MadRatBird Moderator

I have NO idea if it's been suggested before or if it'd even be worth looking into at all, but I was browsing ads today and looked up at the top (where it says reply, mod edit, etc etc).

Would it be useful or feasible to add a 'PM poster' option? I know a lot of people prefer to PM compared to commenting on threads, and lots more prefer BEING PM'd, but I also know that's not exactly necessary. I just know it might make the process that much quicker/easier. I know noooothing about coding though so this may be a bigger ask than it seems!

Thanks for reading!

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Sanne Moderator

I really wouldn't mind an extra link that straight up lets you PM someone from the LFRP Ad without having to navigate to their profile first!

From a technical perspective this should be really easy to do, so it really comes down to if there are any arguments for why this is a bad idea. And I'm having a hard time coming up with anything that doesn't already happen (people not reading profiles for example, but that is an issue I already have and seems unrelated to how easy it is to PM someone?).
MadRatBird Moderator

I was thinking it would maybe automatically put the topic of the RP being like "RE: insert whatever title the post was here"

But I dunno! I'm tired, so I'm not sure where I'm going with this reply lmao
Sanne Moderator

Oooh I like that idea!
Late to the party on this, but I super-like this idea a lot! :D
I like this an awful lot! I cant think of a reason not to do it, seeing as you can PM then anyway just by going yo their page. It just cuts out a step. People either will or they wont fully read LFRP's/ player or Character profiles, so I can't say this seems like it would change much in that regard.

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