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Jackie sat in the cargo room of the Ukriss Firebird, a Goasnti Class starship owned by a Mandalorian she'd be hanging with for a while. She fiddled with the omnitrix attached to her wrist. "How many times do I gotta tell you not to mess with that." Came a mechanical voice. Jackie glanced up to see the familiar green, black, and shiny form of Server, a Galvanic Mechamorph she'd run into who'd insisted to help protect the Omnitrix, alongside a Tetramand.

"Oh relax. It's not like I'm gonna blow it up." Jackie said. "Yeah pretty sure that human kid who set off his Omnitrix's self destruct was saying that too." Server said, putting his hands on his hips. "They shut it off." Jackie retorted. "After finding its creator yeah. Which we can't do." He added. Jackie rolled her eyes. "It'll be fine." She said.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

Sitting in the cockpit was a grey skinned humanoid with a crown of horns that stood tall around an inch high. There were eight all up and they circled the top of his head like a like monoliths on a hill. He wore basic grey armour with gloved hands. Sitting in a chair located at a small outcropping on the side was a slender droid. It was around six foot and it's limbs and head sensors seemed to spin and rotate around it's central body. It sat by a terminal with two small screens. One showing a frequency and the other a radar. A small metal rod came from it's wrist and interacted with the console via a port. Standing in the doorway was a Mandalorian. A tall armored figure in dark green armour with a golden streak down the right side of the helmet.

The Zabrak speaks while not turning from the console.
"Battery levels are showing fluctuations again. Is Server continuing to interfere with the ships power supply?"
"Calm down Kedro. The levels are not going to affect performance. We've been over this. Ask the droid if you don't believe me or your own eyes." The Mandalorian speaks up. Their voice was slightly distorted making any gender impossible to determine. The droid turns it's head.
"I prefer my designation of IG-32/2. But the Mandalorian is correct. The effects on the ship are minuscule and consistent to not be an issue." The Mandalorian tilts their head in surprise.
"Sass from an IG unit? Isn't that unexpected." They chuckle and head out. Kedro grumbles under their breath.
A Yellow skinned Togruta sat, leaning back in a chair. "Thing sasses me all the time." She said. "If you ask me, I think it's gone one too many times without a memory wipe." She added, waving her hand through the air dismissively. "Speaking of. Hey IG-32/2, you figure out how Jackie's bracer thing work yet, or she still being antsy about letting anyone else touch it?" She asked.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

"The 'bracer' designated by Jackie as the 'Omnitrix' has yet to be analysed past a base, surface observation. The Galvanic Mechamorph known as Server refuses to allow further analysis and according to Jackie it is bound to her form."
"In other words it's their secret and you aren't allowed." Kedro says with a snort of annoyance.
"That would be another way to phrase it in less refined standards." 32 adds with the robotic logic droids were known to bring.
"Isn't Server the weird droid-thing?" She added. "I'm not a droid." Came Server voice as he walked onto the bridge, followed by Jackie. "Galvanic Mechamorphs may be artificially made organisms, but we ARE organisms." Server said, placing his hands on his hips. "Sorry. There just haven't been any weird... organisms like you." Sheta said, again dissmisvely waving her hand through the air. "So where we go'n now?" Jackie spoke up.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

Before another word was spoken the Mandalorian stood up.
"A so far neutral trading outpost on the edge of Hutt Space. Mostly used for less than legal trade of spice and weapons. We've for a deal here that could pay handsomely."
"Ever going to tell us about how you get these contacts Nadar?" Kedro chimes in.
"Not anytime soon Kedro, not knowing won't affect your cut." The Zabrak shrugs.
"Whatever you say. Just keep that battery parasite off my bridge." He says waving off Server.
Jackie sighed, ploppign down in a seat. "We ever gonna do anything fun?" She asked. "We're not exactly out here for fun, Jackie." Server said. "I know. But moving boxes is boring." She added. "You're welcome to help 32 out with target practice?" Sheta offered. "He likes it when the targets can run." She added. "No thanks." Jackie replied.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

"I don't recall saying it had anything to do with cargo." Nadar says walking down the hall and banging on a door. The door opens to reveal a broad, four armed alien that stood around twelve foot tall with a muscular body and four squinty yellow eyes. He wore a dark grey singlet and long pants with no noticeable armour.
"We there yet?" He asks cracking his neck.
"Yea and your stature will help with negotiations." He grins hearing this.
"Something tells me you're not bringing me along for my manners?"
"Sure aren't bringing you on for your looks either. We'll be docking in 10 so meet me at the docking tube." Nadar heads off without another word and the four armed humanoid looks to Jackie.
"Heya short stuff." He says walking up to them.
"Hey." Jackie said. "Here, lemme see." Sheta said, grabbing Jackie's arm and jerking her over. "If you wanna do something fun, let's get you into one of those bigger, scarier forms of yours to help out Quad over there." She said, as she tried to figure out the omnitrix. "That's a bad idea. Every time that things used, it can be tracked by anyone whose looking for it's signature." Server said. "Oh don't get your circuits in a twist. It'll be fine." Sheta said, before Jackie jerked her arm away. "This things not a toy!" Jackie said. Server paused, glancing at Jackie, before Sheta. "Y-Yeah. Yeah! That's the most powerful weapon in the universe. Using it for fun would be a totally irresponsib-" Server began, before he heard the bleeping of the Omnitrix. "But I don't want to be stuck on here counting hairs, so who should I turn into?" Jackie asked.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

"Since Nadar wants something intimidating go with something with some force. Something else big to surely intimidate those we find. I mean I'll be enough. But when people see my lackey they'll be more than eager to listen." Kedro rolls his eyes.
"I parted with my guild for this." He sighs softly. "Don't over do it. If you dent up my ship I'll cut off that arm and beat you both with it." Kedro glares back.
"Calm yourself horn head." The Tetramand jokes. 32 looks over with his nozzle like eyes as Kedro delivers a death stare.
"He likely would not cause severe bodily harm to you both but he is serious regarding the threat of repercussions." He goes back to fiddling with the console. "We shall dock shortly." He then adds as ahead of them a large circular trading post space station comes into view. Several other medium to small sized frigates dock and smaller shuttles fly out.
"Oh! Titanosaur! I'm even bigger than you that way." Jackie said as she stopped on an alien. "Shouldn't we wait til we're off the ship for you to turn into-" Server began before Jackie pressed the Omnitrix's face down. "Or not." Server sighed as there was a bright green flash. The room suddenly got several degrees hotter before the flash was gone, and Jackie was sitting in her, now burning, seat as Hotshot. She grumbled and crossed her arms. "Any clue why this thing never gives me what I want?" Jackie asked. "Pretty sure its a prototype." Server said.

Elsewhere in some kind of workshop, what looked like a human walked through a corridor. She had four small horns on her forehead, and dark rings around her eyes, but otherwise looked perfectly human. She wore a simple jacket, shirt, trousers, and boots. She wore a belt with several vials full of oddly colored liquids, and in a few cases bits of metal, shell, or crystal. "Boss! We got an Omnitrix activating." She said entering a large room. An odd, red and light blue being worked away at some weapon. His arms were long, and had large fins poking out of the back sides of his forearms. A short tail came from the back of his head, and he had an odd crest on his fore head. He wore some kind of jump suit with some light armoring. Various weapons littered the room, all of very different design philosophies. The being looked up, raising the googles he wore. "Which version and where?" He asked. "The version used by that Thermosian girl you ran into a few times." The woman began. "Dimension is SW-77." She added. The being grinned. "Alright. Viscia, grab what ever you decide you need to take with you. We're going on a trip." He said.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

The noticeable smell of soot, burning leather and plastic began to fill the room as Kedro turned with a popped vein on his forehead. The annoyance clear in his eyes as he gave Jackie a death stare.
"I highly suggest you two leave and prepare to head out." 32 says with his regular tone. The Tetramand gulps before grabbing Jackie's now flaming arm. Resistant to some of the heat he has time to pull her along and make their way to the docking tube where Nadar's waiting. As they leave Kedro pinches the ridge of his nose.
"I hate these freaks." He says as the ship prepares to dock.

Seeing the transformed Jackie Nadar looks her over.
"Why choose this form and tag along anyway?" They ask attaching a blaster to a holster hidden behind a decorative clothe at the base of their right hip. "In a crowded and suspicious port?"
"Uh... sorry." Jackie said before she was dragged out by the Tetramand. She glanced to Nadar when he asked what she was doing. "I didn't want to just stay on the ship and be bored." Jackie said. "I wanted to turn into Titanosaur, but the Omnitrix decided to turn me into Hotshot." Jackie grumbled.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

"How long should this form last?" Nadar asks as the ship jostles as it docks.
"Long enough." The Tetramand says. Nadar hushes them with a gesture.
"I was asking the girl Tragir." Tragir makes a mocking face as Nadar looks back to Jackie.
"Uh... dunno. It's kinda random. shortest I've ever been in an alien form is like, I think ten minutes. But when I don't use it a lot in a day my transformations last longer, and htis is the first time I've used the Omnitrix today." Jackie said. "So we should be fine." She added.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

"I'd hope so. You transforming back mid meeting could prove troublesome. Now get your game face on. We're moving." Nadar gave the final word as the doors whistled open with a hiss. Opening out into a large cargo hold filled with various species and large droids lumbering along with crates. Small transports chained numerous behind them and drove off. It was a hub of activity. Nadar walks out with confident strides followed by Tragir who smirks as several individuals glance at them. Words are exchanged out of earshot but people go about their day.
Many eyes landed on Tragir. Four armed aliens were rare, but not particularly unusual. What was unusual, was that Tragir was just a Jawa short of being on eye level with a Rancor. What eyes weren't on Tragir were on Jackie. An alien made of lava rock, lava, and fire stood out. JAckie let out a sudden yelp as she was blasted with a fire extinguisher. A R-series Astromech as next to her, an arm extended, and letting out several bleeps. Jackie coughed as she spat out the extinguisher that got in her mouth, before she reignited, only to be blasted by the Astromech again. "Stop! I'm supposed to be on fire!" She yelped, still spitting out extinguisher.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

Tragir gives the droid a gentle, by his standards kick sending it wheeling backwards and squealing in it's beeping tone. It beeped rapidly and moved on.
"Bugger off tin can." He says as the droid leaves. The group was left alone as they made their way through the valleys of crates. As they made their way past an assortment of metallic tanks containing a faint green liquid an Arcona with a stumpy blue head and soft green eyes runs over in front of Jackie.
"Keep back you idiot! You'll blow us all to pieces." He says goading Jackie back.
Jackie stepped back. "Uh... sorry. What is that stuff?" She asked, indicating the canisters.
Falderan (played by Dreath)

"A mix of starship fuel. Long lasting but heat sensitive. Stay back of you'll blast this station in half." He snaps as Nadar directs them to follow.
"I apologize for my colleague." Nadar adds as they move on. Ahead was a string of shops selling various goods from across the quadrant. Sitting on a stool out front a make shift but cozy looking bar was a green skinned Mirialan in a brown pilots uniform and a skeletal prosthetic left hand. Nadar took a seat next to him and he turns and smiles at the armoured figure.
"Nadar, glad you could make it." The Mirialan says revealing his face. He was bald with three horizontal dots running under each of his eyes and one on his chin.
"Not your usual meeting point Nefei."
"I like the drink here." He says as a Human man taps the counter in front of them. Tragir steps in and hands over some credits.
"Strongest you have." The man grunts and makes the four armed alien a shot that smelt like potent medicine as he took a seat the other side of Nefei.

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