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Hello fellow human beings! As some of you may know, I like to include dice-game based character sheets on my character profiles! I just find them fun to do, and action success being partially dependent on dice can mean more fun or drama for the RP! However, I seem to have run into an obstacle! The observant will know that I've been primarily using Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition for my characters as it fits them quite well regarding their fantasy settings! However, I have been wanting to make a sci-fi character now! Problem is, D&D doesn't really suit sci-fi too well I don't think!

So, I need your help on deciding what dice game to base a character off of! I've been thinking of Starfinder or possibly even Shadowrun, but those aren't as mainstream as D&D, and as such they are harder for me to learn how to use! So for those interested, I assign you a task as seen below!:

1. Locate and display a recommended dice-game based around sci-fi OR fantasy-sci-fi!

2. Try to see if there's guides or character creators online I can use to help with making my character!

3. Ensure that AT LEAST the core book/player handbook is online, as I do not have any sort of currency to spend on dice games or expansions!

Thanks for reading! I am counting on you, human! I will be eternally grateful if you do this for me!
I'm a Shadowrun fan and can confirm character generation is very difficult in comparison to other systems I've played. If you decide to go ahead with Shadowrun I recommend you download a character creation tool called Chummer -

Please don't hesitate if you want to shoot me any questions! However, I am only knowledgeable in 5th edition (6th has been very recently released but we decided against upgrading our campaign to it)
Have you checked out Classic Traveller yet? The starter version is available for free here:

And here's the Guide (also free):

It's been a good long time since I've played Traveller and I've never actually GMed it, so my memory on the specifics is fuzzy. But I remember having fun with it! :)
If you're fond of D&D, Paizo makes a 3.5 style sci-fi game called Starfinder.

Googling 'Starfinder PRD' will reveal many sites where the game is posted as part of the Open Gaming License. For example.

If you are familiar with 5e then I suggest looking into . It's a complete conversion of 5e to the Star Wars universe and I'm sure you could tweak it slightly to fit other scifi stories. Good luck.

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