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This RP will be ending soon and is now closed to new players

This rp is open to all characters (regardless of intended genre), but before you post please read the
LFRP ad for the rules, setting, etc. Once you have done that, as long as you abide the rules you can jump right in, no need to ask!

A moderate sized bar sits lit up for the advertised festivities the owner had been planning for weeks now. Outside, a pair of mean looking Orks awaited guests who desired entry, happily taking the cover charge from any who were looking to enjoy the nights event, and chasing off anyone who attempted tricking their way in.

Inside, the bar was swarming with additional orks, many of them at the bar already drinking and roughhousing with each other as Sihke served them drinks and appeared to keep them entertained with conversation, intermittently clicking in delight at whatever it was the orks did or said. Oddly enough, this Navin held a single tentacle above their head, wrapped around a small battle axe they seemed to be simply hanging on to and holding above themselves. Another was casually stirring a gigantic bowl of eggnog behind them.

The entire bar was coated in the decorative smatterings of Christmas cheer. The trademarked Christmas tree stood decorated and lit up off in the corner opposite the bar, which had its own array of lights and Garland wrapped around the front and the edges. The walls were coated in various pictures of snowmen and reindeer, and each of the tables had their own decorative centerpieces which portrayed different symbols of the holidays traditional items. Reindeer, holly, santa, elves, snowmen, each of these items was clearly assembled individually and uniquely, and stood proudly in the middle of each table.

There were two other items of note in the busy room, one of which was a small stage which had been recently installed near to the bar. It raised only slightly, and could easily be stepped onto by even the smallest of creatures. Various musical instruments sat deep in the back of the stage, and a large neon light which hadn't yet been lit hung above the stage in a simple word....'Orks'

The last piece was the faux fireplace, glowing with a fake fire near the tree opposite the stage. Gorgutz sat nearby on a small throne-like santa chair, donning their large Santa costume with the bag of presents nearby. Next to them stood Pix, wearing her equally festive
elf outfit
, which came with the surprising fact that she had decided to leave her hair down (as shown in picture). Voldarians rarely changed their hair, and the fact Pix had chosen to now was odd.

The bar was moderately filled, hosting several people already taking advantage of the event, and while all of Pix's personal lackeys were present and working this particular evening, there were a few human servers maneuvering about serving food and drink as well.
P'link and Hal'n scurried about, the almost rodent looking alien brothers working pretty easily in tandem to coordinate which drinks and plates were going to which tables and guests. Back and forth they went, serving the vastness of the tables and leaving the bar itself to Sihke's endless ability to multitask.

And multitasking was just what they were doing. With a large tank of eggnog behind them stirred with one tentacle, another set poured the egg nog into glasses and provided it to patrons nearby. All the while the made and served addition drinks, setting them on the counter for P'link and Hal'n to retrieve for those among the tables.

At the end of the bar sat the short and effeminate T'nsi, dressed in what appeared to be another elf costume not terribly dissimilar from that which Pix wore. T'nsi wore their hair shorter, however, and was lacking the large 'Head Elf' pin that Pix so proudly wore on the left side of her chest. They seemed just about as happy as they were helpful just this moment, and to that the female-esque agender alien sat scroogingly on their bar stool, leaning upon the table and holding their face up with their arm. The holiday didn't appear to be settling well with them for whatever reason and helping in the bar today didn't seem to make the priority list either.
Pix Feir-Sil (played by Voldarian_Empire) Topic Starter

"You know," Pix began, standing next to the chair Gorgutz lounged in. She leaned on the arm of the chair they sat in attempting to close the gap between her and the warboss and nearly whispered to them, "You and your boys are going to drink for free tonight." Pix smirked coyly, then subtly taking a look around making certain no one could hear. She didn't speak again until she was satisfied her words would be noticed by only the intended recipient.

"Not to worry, I have passed that cost on to the customer. The "free drinks" come with a refilling fee, and even if we only break even on drinks, we will profit from the cover charge, and that's not including the benefit of advertising this gig will get us," she explained. It hadn't yet dawned on her that she was doing it again....revealing her entire plan to Gorgutz as if they were already her equal partner. It wasn't as if they were not, but Pix never treated someone like this unless there was an investment on the recipients part, or some other level of power that she was going to profit from. Currently, Gorgutz had neither.

She glanced momentarily back at the stage, then again to Gorgutz. Her voice raised only slightly from the whisper it once was to the low tone of a hushed voice, "I had the stage installed thinking you and your boys could come play here sometimes, which would help our customer base. Besides Sihke wouldn't stop asking, and he is so pitiful when he is begging."

Pix giggled nervously to herself, in only the smallest amount as she now finally began to realize how she had just tipped her own glass once again. So far Gorgutz hadn't seemed to take advantage of her playing her cards from the table, but there was still time if they chose to do so. She could only hope they would choose not to.

"....But I mean...I can always convince other bands to play here if you're not able to."
To the typical outsider, it would sound like a ludicrous idea that Orkz are capable of even understanding what a holiday is. A rambunctious species by nature, to many they were incapable of feeling anything other than anger, violence, and an insatiable thirst for destruction.

While all of this is true, it undermined the true complexity of Orkz, for if they had no capacity to look beyond simple violence, they would not have been so successful at ravaging the galaxy at they had done thus far. Indeed, even giving a passing glance to the Orkz would tell an onlooker that they are a highly sophisticated and distinctive people, and one that quickly adapts to the cultures of others. One would need to look no further than the Blood Axes clan, to know that Orkz had a distinct knack for taking cultural traits from other species if they found that it suited their needs.

That might explain why Warboss Gorgutz, a long with a sizeable number of his Boyz, were actually pretty well disposed to undergo this whole Christmas event. With all of them wearing floppy Santa hats and strapped in loose red jackets; though naturally still clad with weapons and armor, many of them having axes and giant pistols hanging from their Santa belts.

Gorgutz in particular had gone and decidedly outdone the rest of his Boyz, he had the red suit, the Santa hat, a white gob on his jaw to resemble a beard, and more importantly, he had wrapped Christmas lights all around his body to give himself 'Propa Flash' as he said it. How were the lights being powered, or how was he not electrocuting himself was a total mystery, but the big Ork had a lot of robotic parts on him already, so it was plausible that he had hooked them directly to his own personal generator.

Not to be outdone by Pix's minions however, the Ork Boyz tried to make themselves useful to invoke the favor of their Boss. P'link and Hal'n would find that they were being tailed by tiny green goblin like creatures, these were called Gretchinz and they were a subspecies of Orkz that essentially operated as servants to their bigger kin. "Watz we doin'?? Wherez we goin'??" They'd ask as they'd follow around looking for things to do, highly proficient in serving drinks and carrying trays and the like-- far better than the average Ork in fact who'd more than likely throw them at someone first.

Sihke being a long favorite of Gorgutz' Boyz had quite a few Orkz seated at the bar stools in front of them. Their latest obsession seemed to be if they could out juggle the tentacled alien. "Alrightz! 'Ere we go! Watch dis, ladz!!" Said an Ork as he tried to juggle his axe, his pistol, a mug of beer, and a tray at the same time, it was all going well until he missed a grab and his axe landed on his forehead blade first. "OWW! ME HEAD!!" This would have been a fatal wound to just about anyone else, but Ork skulls being very thick, and their brains being remarkably small meant that it was essentially a flesh wound. The lack of severity of the situation was only made more obvious when other Orkz started laughing at the other Ork's apparently split skull "AHAHA!! WADDA GIT!!"

Lastly, T'nsi wouldn't be left alone for long, as an Ork.. just kind of appeared next to them, almost as if they had been invisible just until now. The Ork was wearing entirely camo gear, and seemed to be covered in leaves and mud as if he was trying to blend into a jungle canopy-- though considering he was wearing all that inside a bar he just looked extremely silly. "Hey.. wotz got ya so glum, eh?" He asked, almost.. whispering to T'nsi. Gorgutz didn't seem to be the only anachronistic Ork in the Warband, as this Ork was considerably less noisy than his kin.

Meanwhile, Gorgutz couldn't really care less what his Boyz were doing. His attention seemed to be entirely set on Pix, and he was resting his chin on his hand so he could lean down and get a better look at Pix whilst also listening to her. "Dat suit looks good on ya, it doez." He said with a toothy grin in his almost comical attempt to sweet talk the Voldarian.

His grin only broadened when Pix commented that he and his Boyz could drink for free, and he gave a rumbling chuckle. "Oooh, yer a shrewd one ya iz. But ya can countz on me and me Boyz ta make zure we get lotza gitz-- Oi mean, kustomerz ta come over. Oiz even did sum researchz meself ta be Tha' Big Santa Boss Propa'. Observe." He cleared his throat and gave a loud "WAAAAG--err-- HO HO HO HO!!" The Ork laughed trying to play the part of Santa.

"Alrightz, so itz need sum practize, but Iz kan nailz it befo' tha endz of tha' nite, ya just watch." He assured Pix.

However, as Pix mentioned that she was hoping for a concert, Gorgutz straightened up and nearly pulled out his electric guitar to march up the stage. Before he could do that though, it seemed one of his Boyz was already thinking ahead and had jumped on the stage armed with a guitar of his own, several other Orkz behind him with drums and bass instruments.

"Hah! Lookz loik me Boyz already got ya covered, Pix." Laughed Gorgutz as the Orkz at the stage began playing what sounded like 'Joy to the World'.

Ork version of course.

Which meant that it was entirely Heavy Metal music and highly different lyrics.



Yeah, this was going well!
Pix Feir-Sil (played by Voldarian_Empire) Topic Starter

The unfortunate effects of the Gretchinz questions seemed to leave P'link and Hal'n often at a loss for a response. Occasionally they could manage the suggestion of bringing a table its drinks or its food, or perhaps even pointing to a spill that needed cleaned, but largely they seemed to be followers. It was easy for them to do things themselves, they often had coordinated with each other growing up and had adapted to working together almost mindlessly. Sadly this left the entire process seemingly confused and slowed down by the good meaning intentions of the Gretchinz.

That was of course until a particular occurence happened before Sihke. P'link was asked a seemingly obvious question and stopped mid stroke, reaching for a glass Sihke intended to bestow upon them.

"Ahhh...well..." P'link said turning back toward the crowd of people which seemed to be only growing larger if their opinion of it was accurate.

Sihke stopped what they were doing, retrieving many of their tentacles and reaching one out to wrap around the Montaxans wrist and drag him towards Sihke. The rodent turned in quick surprise, making audible noises of simple distress as Sihke thrust the glass into their hand then pushed them away gently.

"Baaack to woooork!" they said, then turned to the small Gretchinz with their tentacle. They didnt touch them, nor gesture threateningly, but Sihke had dealt with enough '2 dimensional aliens' as they called them to know they occasionally needed help determining when a 3 dimensional Navin was addressing them, and so they simply pointed in their direction and maneuvered an eye directly at them.

"Write doowwwwwn what cuuustomers want aaand bring them heeere. Seeet them on the table aaand I will give yoouuu the ooorder. Take it baaack to them and above all don't forget to colleeect the moooooney! If you have queeeestionns ask meee...." they instructed. With an inward sigh their eye gestured over to T'nsi a moment. Some help they were tonight. It was then they returned to their previous activities and maintained their attention to the Orks.

T'nsi glanced over not removing their head from their hand, planted on the end of the bar in a clear advertisement of their dismay. The arrival of the creature nearby was simply something they attributed to a lack of notice. Dirty as he seemed to be with the mud and jungle flare about him it was a surprise to see him in here at all. It wasn't an attractive site to be sure, bit then attraction meant so little to a Piniri anyway.

In response to their question, T'nsi reached up to the collar of their shirt and tugged on it as if to claim their problem was the costume. In fact, the problem was vastly clothing all together. Of course in the broader sense T'nsi didnt always appreciate they way their business deals went with Pix either, but just how again was it she had gotten them into an elves costume again?

T'nsi smiled eyeing the creature down then back up again. "I mean it looks like you have the same problem to me," they responded with a light giggle.

Outjuggling Sihke was probably something only another Navin was going to be able to do. With an eye in every direction and a mind that could interpret everything they saw without disorientation, they were keenly aware of everything around them and just precisely where that was. Add to that a segmented mind that could attend a single tentacles actions without detracted from the minds other activities, and you'd have to be quite some juggler to even compete with them. The icing on the cake was the small hooks on their tentacles, which essentially acted like an at will adhesive, and so as they juggled they needed only touch an item to change its direction.

One drawback to these amazing feats however seemed to be something the Orks excelled at....head trauma. A blade in their own head like what this Ork took would have been a devastating blow which would have had the strong potential of lasting brain injuries....if death wasn't what occurred instead.

So when the blade struck into the unfortunate Ork...Sihke immediately stopped what they were doing. The result of course was everything they juggled came crashing to the ground loudly. They lifted themself up and reached out for the Ork making an almost deafening high pitched screeching noise which seemed to gather the attention of much of the bar, certainly the local area. Even Pix stopped and stared, wide eyed, a moment as the Navin reached out to grab the Ork and pry the axe from their cranium.

That was until they began to realize they were okay....furthermore everyone seemed to be enjoying and mocking the Orks unfortunate accident. The screeching stopped, and slowly the area returned to normal, which of course included Sihke cleaning up any bloody mess the Ork left with cleaning supplies found behind the bar.

Pix turned back to Gorgutz with a half amused, half concerned, and half surprised look on her face at what she had just seen. Even a Voldarian skull wasn't so resilient, but of course they had other means of physical defense. Still the site had been ghastly and impressive all at the same time.

Her expression changed, though, when Gorgutz leaned in to compliment her. The smirk she often wore was buried within a genuine smile, made perhaps only in the smirks frame out of a familiarity with how she wore it.

The expression persisted until Gorgotz rocked his jolly laughter, to which Pix couldn't help but to laugh along side them. The site was glorious in her eyes, and not something she actually expected Gorgutz to do. This of course made the entire thing that much better to her and her hysterics carried on several moments longer than she felt they should have.

"Oh I can't wait to hear it again, honestly," she claimed when she felt herself regaining control. She then watched as the band took stage, and certainly their number one fan jumped into the limelight of the audience as they began. Of course, Sihke first hit a few controls beneath the bar before climbing over, activating the large neon Orks sign and illuminating the stage with a green glow filled with red lights. Holiday colors for sure, but then Pix had the feeling the green glow was going to stay.

Sihke then stood with the same axe over their head chanting again, Ooooorks, oooooorks, with a complete lack of rhythm while hoisting the axe Gorgutz had gifted them months ago.

This of course left the bar unmanned and when returning, P'link and Hal'n seemed confused about just how to proceed, looking to Sihke, then to Pix. Pix's response was a simple point to T'nsi, and in order to grab her attention Pix held her hand out facing upwards and a small flash of energy appeared briefly. T'nsi was just as sensitive to the feelings of the energy as Pix was, and even in its silence they turned to look at Pix, who offered a simple instruction by pointing towards the bar.

T'nsi sighed, turning back to her recent company with the attitude of a defiant teenager. "Guess I better make some drinks or the warden won't pay me," they said with a smirk. "Hey want to help me? Maybe it will be fun?"
"Yeeeehh!" All it took was a little leadership for the Gretchinz to do their job, leadership from someone taller and more intimidating than them. In this case, Sihke seemed to fit the bill pretty well, and the tiny goblin like creatures skittered to do as they were told, aiding the two rat creatures in taking orders and serving drinks.

This generally let Gorgutz' Boyz to be make total nuisances of themselves, they were really just need there for mostly show and consume drinks themselves. Or, in the case of the band, to play music-- but really that was the extent of how much they were willing, or able, to help the party.

At least they were nothing if not entertaining though, it seemed like none of them were willing to sit around and do nothing, they needed to be engaged in something constantly, even if that meant hurting themselves. Case in point, one rowdy Ork getting his own axe stuck on his forehead. Of course, Orkz being massively prone to injury of all kinds meant that getting an axe to the head was mostly an inconvenience, and the Ork reacted like if he had just had a paper cut instead of a fatal injury.

Not Sihke though, who clearly not being accustomed to hanging out Orkz yet, thought that this Ork was good and done for. "OOWWW!" The Ork in question flailed his muscled arms about as Sihke tried to pull the axe out of his skull-- it was really stuck in there and would require more pulling power. The other Orkz though, rather than helping, continued guffawing in howling laughter, even Sihke's screech did nothing to urge them to action, if anything they enjoyed that piercing shriek and added more fuel to the fire by screaming 'WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGH!!!!!!!'excitedly.

Eventually though, Sihke relented as they realized that the Ork was just fine, if a little annoyed at having an axe stuck to his head, and they went and helped picking and cleaning things up. The Ork though -he still had that axe stuck on his head- someone was going to have to pry that off him eventually.

"Aye.." The camo wearing Ork that T'nsi was talking to seemed to understand and nodded his head. "Iz glad dat tha boss didn't made me wear none o' dat fanzy clothin' neither, ez not very sneaky, no. Yu iz so smol dat yer prolly pretty sneaky yerself, dat clothez dun help being sneaky." Oddly enough, while the rest of the Ork were all a boisterous bunch that didn't so much as talked but yelled everything they said, this Ork whispered everything he said, it was almost hard hearing him over the noises of the party.

When T'nsi was ordered to man the bar, the Ork nodded again and decided to follow along. "Alright, Iz not much fer makin' drinkz meself tho, datz moar a Gretchin job or a Weird Boy, lazt tiem Oi mixed drinkz sum of tha Boyz spat out fire an such, prolly mixed tha' explodin' juize by accident, but den again, no one ever checked."

"Iz Spookums by tha' way." The Ork said at least having enough brains and manners to introduce himself. He also seemed to be rather shy since as soon as he was behind the bar he went and turned himself invisible again. Like, actual invisibility, he probably had a cloaking field of some kind.

Gorgutz seemed to be enjoying the show his Boyz were putting. Both the band and that dumb git hitting himself with his own axe. At least, as long as Pix looked entertained. That was ultimately his main goal here, impress Pix and show that he and his Boyz were capable of doing a good job no matter the undertaking. They were good for more than just simple stompin' and krumpin'.

"Zo Pix," Gorgutz said with a toothy grin, taking a moment to speak closer to Pix since everyone seemed to be distracted with the band the drinks for now, "Oi bet youze been a gud girl dis year, aye? Wot do ya wanna be askin' Big Boss Santa Gorgutz fer a prezent, ey?"
Pix Feir-Sil (played by Voldarian_Empire) Topic Starter

Sihke relentlessly chanted on to the beat of his own drum in the sense of rythym, still glued to the concert most likely until it ended or was otherwise interrupted, or perhaps until they were interrupted.

T'nsi found themselves leaning in to hear what Spookums was saying. They didnt much enjoy the shouting of the other Orks, and definitely found themselves in preference to the struggles of this Orks softer speech if given the choice. "It's okay...I'm really not any good at it either, certainly not like that Sihke is," they said with a smile. As they reached the back of the bar, T'nsi stared at Spookums as they vanished into thin air....disappearing into only a blip of interpreted energy. " know, I wish I could do that sometimes...." they claimed solemnly. With a smile they turned to make their first drink, utilizing far less speed, skill, and resulting in lower quality of drinks than Sihke would have.

Pix was definitely enjoying the night so far. The mixture of her lackeys with Gorgutz minions was interesting to see for sure, and certainly she believed there was no greater amusement to be had than to watch the Orks and Sihke do whatever it was they were into in that moment. Still it was only in passing glances once Gorgutz summoned her, to which her full attention was returned.

A good girl? Pix? An amused laughed emitted from her in a single moment as she recalled even the handful of things that would have probably gotten coal launched into her skull if only to knock her dead as a reward for her being a 'good girl' this year. Truth was, she had been likely anything but....but she was very good at hiding that fact from much of the universe.

"Oh I have been on only the best behavior all year," she spoke lowly towards Gorgutz, leaning in towards their face with a devilish smirk "Why, just last week I rescued a litter of orphaned kitsunes from a defenseless orbital platform. My prowess in that battle is still being told around campfires, and I think the humans are making a movie about it."

She couldn't help but to giggle to herself at the jest she made. She maneuvered around the front of the seat he took and opened her palms towards the ground. With a slight glow on the ground she floated off her feet, moving backwards in an attempt to land in a seated position upon Gogutz's lap, "Truthfully my deeds deserve a planet," she claimed, turning back and looking up to the warboss. Her voice softened, and the tone changed to something more serious rather than the jovial fun she had been casting about, "But I do rather like surprises."
For the Orkz, it didn't take much than waving an axe around and chanting for them to know that they were liked. Although Sihke's antics could be dismissed entirely, for the Orkz it was the epitome of praise and they soon joined in on the dance floor. "ORKZ! ORKZ! ORKZ! ORKZ!" They began to chant and the music turned louder and with more headbanging, even the Ork with the axe stuck on his head was dancing. It didn't take long for the dance floor to turn into a mosh pit, with Orkz stomping and hollering at a rhythm. Though if that was enough to get Sihke out of the dance floor of they'd just end up joining in was to be seen.

Spookums didn't say anything at first, he was vaguely aware that T'nsi knew where he was somehow and that was fine for him, as he was happy to just lend assistance in the background. However, he was forced to say something and break invisibility as he saw something. "Uh oh, big git incoming." He whispered right before going back to being invisible.

"WAAAAAAAAGGH!!!" A giant Ork descended into the bar.. he seemed to be nearly as big as Gorgutz, though he lacked the helmet and the armor that Gorgutz sported, meaning that he was just a big Ork but didn't actually hold any rank. He did, however, had a rocket strapped to his back and had an enormous axe in tow as well.

"Crudz, itz Brikkfist, wot's that git want now?" Spookums whispered as the giant Ork continued yelling, clearly not liking this particular Ork very much.

"OI NEEDZ!!! MARGARITAZZZZ!!!" Screamed Brikkfist, apparently in dire need for a drink.

Meanwhile, Gorgutz seemed to be positively thrilled by Pix sitting on his lap. He had read that supposedly it was supposed to be 'umies asking for presents the ones to be sitting on his legs, but he was certainly not going to say no to Pix-- indeed, she could hog the spot for as long as she wanted as far as he was concerned.

"Oho, really nowz? Oi woulda loiked ta see ya stomp sum gitz." Gorgutz grinned in delight as Pix revealed that she was in fact a formidable warrior in her own right. Even more reason to like her. He tread the waters by way of placing his mechanical claw closer to her hips so that he could pull her closer to him.

And when she finally asked for a present he was certainly not disappointed. Most people would think that such a request was absolutely ludicrous, madness! Or better yet, a joke. Who would ask seriously for a planet, right?

"Oi could give it to ya." Gorgutz said, sounding absolutely serious about it. "I'd juss 'ave to krump a lot o' gitz but oi konquer planetz all tha time. Ya could pick one and Oi'd give it to ya." Was he serious? It sounded like he was, though then again he was aware that non-Orkz might not think highly of the idea of slaughtering millions of people to conquer a planet, and so he thought of an alternative.

"Or.. Oi could buy it fer ya. Wot do ya think?" Yes, Gorgutz was that loaded. He was certainly rich, but he never really spent his money on anything other than weapons. Buying a planet was not entirely out of the question.
Pix Feir-Sil (played by Voldarian_Empire) Topic Starter

While Sihke was overjoyed at the Ork's company, the idea of moshing was a bit foreign to them. Beyond the fact it would likely end up with a smattering of eye pokes, they were decidedly not as resilient physically as the Orks were, which didn't come as a big surprise to Sihke. While they likely made for a fun mosh partner, it was inevitable that the Orks would become rougher than what Sihke was willing to handle, and with guarded tentacles still fending off moshing Orks, they would make their way towards the edge of the fun. Of course, their own Ork chant remained, with only a light sway as things became rough.

"Hmm?" T'nsi claimed and glanced over to look at spookums and stalling on their drink making. The large Ork shouted, WAAAHHHH, and the auditory assault clearly scared the Piniri. With a girlish shriek, they mistakenly tossed the half filled drink they were working on and flew backwards up against the wall and stopped, holding themselves defensively against the wall and staring at the massive Ork.

"Margarita's for breakfast then...." they said softly to spookums while slightly shaking as they stared at the screaming Ork who's name they hadn't quite gotten right. It took a few moments before they had the courage to descend from their guarded mount on the back wall, though they remained far from the bar and still hovering midair. "I don't suppose you know what a margarita is?" T'nsi asked, reaching their hand forwards. In response a new glass appeared, floating quickly towards T'nsi by way of a pink glowing ring of energy the tiny alien had projected upon it.

Pix's brows raised a little feeling Gorgutz's possibly frisky mechanical claw descend on her hip, though she quickly realized there wasn't much frisky about it at all. Her eyes fell a little as she felt out the situation, which seemed to be something she accepted. She even smiled and looked to Gorgutz as he slid her closer. They had managed to find an acceptable spot, at least for Pix, which was not an easy task. In addition to the areas many races deemed inappropriate for casual contact, Voldarians had several additional not often known by aliens, and while they were less than forthcoming as a nation as far as biological information in this regard, most of them still had the expectation that other aliens should simply know how to behave. Pix was mildly more understanding of alien ignorance, though was just as serious as any of her kind when it came to where not to place your hands, be they biological or technological. Of course, a romantic interest would come with certain liberties.

The entire situation was erased from her head when Gorgutz responded to what was, in fact, just a joke she had claimed for a gift. 'Oi could give it to ya,' Gorgutz had said, much to the surprise of Pix. The idea of conquering another planet furrowed her brow. As well built as her nation was for war, they were not warmongers. They valued life and had even stepped in and stopped senseless slaughter in their own sector, and while Pix was no stranger to the possible murder of another, the idea of murdering millions would be unsettling for her. More unsettling would be the idea millions died just for her to lay claim to the world. Sure, if they were all capable warriors who had wronged her and her people, or Gorgutz and their people, and the planet was conquered in a fair fight, she could accept that. The senseless slaughter of millions of innocents? Particularly if any of those innocents were not, in fact, capable of fighting back? That, she couldn't.

To Gorgutz benefit, these ideas didn't all enter Pix's head, and the ones that did hadn't stayed long before he quickly followed up with what drove Her face fell into a serious stare, as serious as the way Gorgutz stared back at her. She studied their face carefully, unwilling to believe they could be so loaded they could simply purchase a planet and give it to someone. Furthermore, that kind of money wasn't something someone gave to just anyone....and the first thought that Pix had was, 'what does he want?' What would be the exchange...what was the deal....where's the other shoe and when does it drop? Her mind was setup to expect these things, nothing was a gift in her past, even those that were had had unseen pricetags she sometimes only later discovered.

"....You could not......" Pix responded in a skeptical stare. "I- was only joking anyway," she claimed with a light and short laugh.
The conversation may find itself interrupted as a frigid gust of wind passed by the ork bouncers and through the bar's door. At the same time, the bar recieved a sudden direct deposit about twice as high as the cover charge. The air inside would change abruptly, too, dropping a few degrees as sounds became slightly muffled, as if the bar were actually a field of fresh snow.

Snowflakes coursed through the door, and unattended ice seemed to grind itself into fine white flakes which joined the tightly-contained flurry a few meters from the door. The amount of ice in wherever it was in does not seem to decrease, however. The flakes rapidly fell into place, inexplicably forming the shape of a seven-foot tall, muscular, and rather curvaceous dragon-like biped with irridescent silver and white scales, blue-tinted silvery wings, black upright horns which formed a partial ring-shape above her head, and peircing icy-blue eyes. Light scatters as it touches her scales, causing prism-like refraction patterns to appear off the silver arch of her arched bird-like chest, the shapes of her muscles, the membranes of her wings, and in the bends and curves of her long arrowhead-tipped tail. The broad, flat, sharp black tip itself, along with her horns, are like polished obsidian.

The Cryu-Dzien slowly looks around the room, a faint, smug smile on her elegant snout as she finishes manifesting. She liked to make a dramatic entrance, and catching any reactions was part of that. Once the icy winds have faded, if nobody confronts her, she walks over to the bar with hip-swaying strides and a rhythmic click-click-click of claws against the floor.
Rosetta banner (played by Dib2435)

Rose was walking up to the bar " this looks like the place " rose said as she look at a old picture of her father from when he was in college . Rose enter bar when she noticed that a Christmas party was going on .

Rose look around the bar when she saw Pix . " She seems like a nice person maybe she could lend me a hand " rose thought . Rose smile softly as she walked over to Pix . " Excuse me miss , I was wondering if you could help me out with something?" .
Fortunately for Sihke, the Orks had not yet worked themselves to a full mosh pit frenzy and they were able to escape before they began to full on headbutt and chest bump each other. The entire building shaking quite a bit from their stomping and the heavy metal music that was quickly building in its crescendo. Thankfully, before they literally brought the whole house down, one Ork threw a glass cup at the lead guitarist that interrupted his moshing. "Oi! Yer suppozed ta play Khrizmaz music, ya daft git!" The Ork with a metal faceplate and some nails sticking out of his skull reminded them.

However, as Sihke returned to the bar, it would be far from peaceful. Brikkfist was still waiting for his margarita as he seemed none too pleased to having to wait. "WELL??! WHUR IZZIT!?"

Spookums was not much help as he briefly came out of his cloaking field next to T'nsi, though only to show his face, not wanting to reveal his full presence to the enraged, much bigger Ork. "Oi dun even know wot dat iz." He admitted. "Just give 'im woteva' Oi reckon, make zure itz got plenty of knock out juize." Spookums handed T'nsi a vial of liquid that was very clearly labeled 'ZEDATIVE' with crude, bold letters. As Brikkfist's crew mate, Spookums usually dealt with the other Ork by hitting him full of tranquilizer darts. Maybe that ought to do the trick?

Unlike the Voldarians, Orkz are very much warmongers, and historically speaking they have been known for slaughtering billions, and laying waste to entire solar systems. Though Gorgutz and his Boyz seemed to be of the less brutal variety, they were nonetheless Orkz and would slaughter a whole planet if they felt there was something to gain. In this case, conquering it to give it as a gift to Pix.

More importantly, Pix was on to something, Gorgutz did want something in return, and that was very obviously that he wanted Pix to like him. As far as Gorgutz' limited knowledge of 'Girlz' went, he knew that some of them liked Krumping billions to conquer a planet. Pix didn't seem to be one of them, and that was alright with Gorgutz, he liked Pix the way she was and thus didn't press the subject too much. All 'Girlz' had their price, or so Gorgutz had heard-- he'd find Pix's price yet.

"Harhar! Oh! You iz cheeky, getting me all riled up loik dat!" Laughed the Ork to the Voldarian sitting on his lap.

Suddenly, the doors flew open and a cold wind blew into the room. The Ork bouncers, plus the ones at the Mosh Pit, turned suddenly as a dragon esque figured appeared in the group and, expecting the dragon to be some kind of intruder, all reached for their weapons.


"WAIT!!" The stunty Ork with the nails sticking out of his skull, stopped the other Orks from unleashing their warcry before they tried to attack the dragoness. He had been monitoring the entrance fee counter and realized that she had more than covered for it. "Datz a paying customer, ladz! Ya bezt be in yer bezt be'aivor!"He scolded them before waddling his way towards Cryu-Dzien. "Sorry 'bout tha boyz dere! Can oi get ya anyfin'??" Grinned the short Ork as he looked at the dragoness over, honestly not sure if he could address her as 'Boy'. Could this be another one of these so called 'Girlz' they've been running into lately?

"Hmmr??" Gorgutz then saw a human girl approach them. Rose seemed to be looking for Pix specifically, but still being in his Santa persona he couldn't help but greet her first.

"HO HO HO! Doez tha' 'umie girl want ta sit on Big Boss Santaz' lap??"
"I appreciate your swift action to restrain your fellows," the goddess replies to the door ork in a smooth, clear, strong tone, "I would not have enjoyed beginning my evening with hostilities."

Or at least, that's the equivalent of what we would understand. Anyone able to hear her would hear her speaking in their native language, using polite forms of words and linguistic structures suggesting refinement, high status, and education, though never overbearing. Her voice carried weight, too, a supernatural impetus which would make her expression of thanks feel like a thing of value.

"The matter of my own refreshments will be addressed in a moment," she chuckles, turning toward the bar, "It seems as if Brikkfist there has a similar issue which I suspect I may be able to help resolve, one way or another. Sedating him seems... crude." The fact that she could not have possibly heard any of the exchanges describing the plan Spookums presented, or even Brikkfist's name, doesn't seem to prevent her from knowing.

She sways over to the bar, long, graceful form shimmering and shining in the light as she approaches the raging orc. Once she is close enough, she politely asks, "Is there any way I could aid you? You seem in some amount of distress."

Timelines spun in her mind as she possibilities faded and clarified, options changing in likelihood moment by moment. Either properly talking him down or neutralizing him non-lethally by force would benefit her here, she saw, either calming staff or, probably, pleasing the orks. Either option would be entertaining for her, as well, despite her previous statement of not seeking conflict. She smiled slightly as she awaited the big ork's response, both in politeness and anticipation.
Pix Feir-Sil (played by Voldarian_Empire) Topic Starter

T'nsi let out a small shriek once again as Brikkfist seemed only to further verbally assault them awaiting their drink. While spookums only reappeared a moment, their words came as welcome help to the poor Piniri. Being still frightened by the giant angry Ork, T'nsi turned and grabbed the vial from Spookums, turning then mindlessly to find the nearest glass and nearest liquid in an effort to quickly prepare something, anything to make the big scary Ork just go away.

While this was happening, however, a strange creature approached next to him at the bar, but that was not the only ally T'nsi had. Upon the bar before Brikkfist did an axe fall, slammed down in front of them intentionally by the tentacle of the approaching Sihke, who acted as they didn't even notice Cryu-Dzien. Their tentacles traversed them quickly over the bar and T'nsi paused hearing the axe slam into the table aggressively.

Pointing a single tentacle in the direction of Brikkfist so they knew who Sihke was addressing, they spoke sternly, almost patronizingly, "Doooo not beeeee bullying my employeeee's!" they said and plucked the axe out of the table. The grateful T'nsi merely stared over at the nearest eye Sihke had, and they reached over and took the items they held in their hands. T'nsi merely looked over almost desperately in spookums direction.

Pointing another tentacle at Cryu-Dzien, Sihke continued speaking to them as they mixed together the drink T'nsi was making for Brikkfist, not realizing the load of sedative had already been included, "Something I caaaaaan get fooooor yooooou?"

Pix, on the other hand, had been glad when Cryu-Dzien walked by. The cold rush of air wasn't a welcome feeling for her being a warm weather creature, and she was only the first of what turned out to be multiple interruptions. Of course, wasn't this the point of the night? Still, it wouldn't much have bothered Pix to have been left alone to visit with Gorgutz the rest of the night.

She had stared up to him, her mouth twisting back into a smile as he spoke when it had occurred, and this 'Cryu-Dzien' had distracted their moment. Of course, it wasn't the only interruption. A girl approached, looking at Pix and asking for a favor directly, and Pix responded initially by staring in thought. It was then that Gorgutz offered up her seat, and she turned to give him a sly smile with a set of teasing daggers behind it, not a look that could kill but perhaps gently maim.

Pix turned back to the girl with a sigh, placing her hands on Gorgutz large lap and hopping down off of it to face the girl, and offer up her seat a moment. "Help you with something, well I probably could, though I'm not known for doing things for free," Pix said with her sly smirk appearing on her face. "How 'bout you start by tellin me what it is though, hm?"
"Datz juss tha' Boyz doing their jobz.. uh.." Mista' Nailbrain, who was the Ork talking to Lady Cryu-Dzien, said as he continued to struggle trying to think of a title for her. He couldn't really call her a girl, she was too big for that! So he said something that he had heard some 'umie gitz tell bigger 'umie gitz. "Yer eminence." Said the Ork whilst bowing deeply. As a shorter Ork he knew all about kowtowing to bigger creatures and Big Boss Gorgutz had specifically told him to grovel and treat nicely those guests that paid extra, Cryu-Dzien fit all that criteria and thus she was getting the royal treatment.

"Huh? Wot?" Naturally, Mista' Nailbrain had no idea what the dragoness was talking about since he didn't have divination powers and he simply followed her as she started walking towards the bar, just now noticing the commotion. "Oi! Wotz dat git Brikkfist doin'!?" He hurried his stunty steps trying to get there before Brikkfist caused a scene, only to be relieved when Sihke beat him back to the bar and slammed an axe near him to establish dominance.

Perhaps somewhat incredibly, the giant of an Ork balked and Brikkfist looked at Sihke almost apologetically. "IZ NOT BULLYING ANYONEZ, SIHKE! DATZ JUSS 'OW OI TALKZ! YOUZE KNOWZ IZ GUD FER IT! BRIKKFIST AIN'T NO GIT!" Brikkfist tried to reassure them though Mista' Nailbrain and Spookums weren't really convinced, they knew Brikkfist had a tendency to throw his weight around a lot.

At the very least, Sihke's return made Spookums to get out of his cloaking field. He grinned cheekily when he noticed that Sihke started making Brikkfist's margarita with all the sedative that he had given T'nsi. "Hehe.. shhhh.." Spookums pulled T'nsi close and made shushing motions by putting his index on his lips. "Watch dis..." He whispered, eager to see Brikkfist good and pranked.

Gorgutz, in the meantime, had his one non-robotic eye widen as Pix gave him what appeared to be death glare. Actually, his robotic eye also widened by way of zooming in on Pix's face. Was he not supposed to sit people on his lap like that?? To be certain, that was probably Gorgutz' first real experience with girl jealousy. Truly a complicated matter a girl's heart is and Gorgutz frowned thinking of how he could proceed after that. He couldn't really throw the other girl out of his lap now.. although he was tempted to do so.
By either luck or the goddess's own passive influence, the ork managed to use the Cryu-Dzien's preferred honourific. It drew a modest smile to her white-scaled lips.

"It is greatly appreiated," she replies, "and I am pleased that you address me respectfully."

Her attempt to interfere at the bar was, somewhat thankfully, thwarted by a bartender who seemed to be more familiar with the orks' social norms than she was.

While she extremely broad ranges of perception and inherent knowledge, she wasn't strictly omniscient, and especially not toward cultures she was never apt to have to deal with in her role as a divinity. Even more so with cultures so bizarre compared to her own. She understood the value of warfare, but waging war for its own sake.... not important at the moment. She was here for leisure, not cultural philosophy.

The ork Brikkfist seemed a bit fighty still. for now the dragoness would wait. She would be waiting to be served anyway.
Pix Feir-Sil (played by Voldarian_Empire) Topic Starter

"Ohhh......IIIIII belieeeeeeve you....." Sihke replied to Brikkfist claimed as they finished making the drink for the Ork and offered it to them with a few popping clicks, their version of a light giggle, "Buuuuut youuuu wouldn't waaaaant to make Pix mad." Was it the truth? Did Sihke really believe Brikkfist? With no eyebrows, and a mouth hidden within a hardened plate on the top of their head, there was no obvious facial expression to be seen. Even the popping was often mistaken for not laughter, but then the Orks had probably known Sihke long enough to identify that in the least. One of their eyes looked over to Pix as they finished their sentence, observing a moment as she seemed to happily banter with Gorgutz. "Oooooor her new boyfriend," They finished, followed by a smattering of clicks and pops as they laughed at their own comment.

"Weeeeelll, youuuu let me knowww when you're ready tooooo ooooorder," Sihke said, hoping this time Cryu-Dzien realized that they were talking to her. With that, Sihke thrust Brikkfist's drink at them and held the axe high, returning to making drink orders that had fallen behind in the moments T'nsi had kind of dropped the ball.

Spookums pulling T'nsi closer had what some might call an unusual, or even inappropriate reaction. As they were pulled to Spookums, the already unnerved Piniri reached out and pulled at Spookums too, tugging them in for a comforting hug with both arms wrapped around their torso as they pulled their wings in and held on to the sneaky Ork. Their head turned as they gestured, now feeling a little better with the physical contact between them and this ally they had had in the defense against Brikkfists invasion of the bar. As long as Spookums didn't cast them off, they would remain clung onto him, turning and watching intently with a slight smirk on their face and awaiting the giants topple.....while a quick innocent cuddle with Spookums might improve their mood, they were certain that nothing would make them feel better than watching Brikkfist hit the ground.

Pix sat glaring up at Rosetta, giving up internally on getting an answer to her question. Perhaps she had changed her mind about requesting Pix's aid, but that didn't matter too much to Pix....not this second anyway. The girl was in her seat, as she saw it. Despite the fact this was what the entire night was really about, Pix couldn't shake the nagging feeling Rosetta was too close to Gorgutz, which would become a catalyst for Pix's perceptions of Gorgutz in the extremely near future. For now, however, she began to feel instincts she pushed back. Ordinarily this would be a time for a fight, for women to compete with the intent on 'conquering' their prospective mate. Of course, men were not required to go with the winner, but at least on Pix's homeworld, her own peoples men were often looking for the strongest females that would have them and keep them protected.

A deep and slow sigh emitted from Pix as she glared at Rosetta, inwardly surprised at how she had internally escalated. She smiled the obvious fake cover smile that barely hid her spite from Rosetta, an unfortunate victim of circumstance. "So," Pix finally said through gritted teeth while she looked fiercely at the girl upon Gorgutz's lap, "Are you going to ask Santa Gorgutz for a present?"
The dragoness concentrates for a few microseconds, letting herself become acutely aware of the flavour profiles of the contents of the bottles behind the bar, before creating a small sigil in the air. Looking at it gives exact knowledge of her requested mixture.

It's more or less a tasteful sidecar, though made with the ingredients on hand.

"Based on what you have, this should be particularly lovely for me tonight," she says happily as she presents the crystalized concept, tail moving ever so slightly, "Thank you very much."
Brikkfist seemed satisfied with Sihke's answer. Mostly they seemed to have let him off the hook and he was happy to leave it at that. Sihke was a darling favorite among the Orks and even if Brikkfist was one of Gorgutz' best warriors, if he were to antagonize Sihke even he would have trouble fending off the wave of Orks that would pile up on him to stomp him, or even Gorgutz himself really.

Plus, never mind the fact that he wouldn't get any drinks, that was enough of a reason for Brikkfist not to mess with Sihke.

"OI WOT!?" Brikkfist said in utter surprise as Sihke mentioned Pix getting a new boyfriend. "HAH! SOMEONE BETTA' TELL THA' BOZZ DAT! 'EZ GONNA BE FUMIN' MAD 'E WILL! EZ BEEN KEEN ON DAT PIX GURL YA ZEE??" Brikkfist laughed at the thought of seeing the Warboss going on a jealous killing rage.

Though of course, he was missing the point of Sihke's statement and Mista' Nailbrain faceplamed. "Ya dumb, git! Theyz mean tha' Boss iz Pix's boyfriend!!"

" Brikkfist looked, once again, surprised. "DAT MAKEZ MOAR SENZE! BUT 'OW WAZ I SUPPOZED TO KNOW DAT!?"

Whilst Mista' Nailbrain shook his head at Brikkfist's stupidity, Spookums was dealing with a very huggy T'nsi. Orkz weren't known for their cuddling-- indeed, their entire race seemed to be the anti-thesis of anything nice, often clad in spiky armor, if an Ork were to give a hug to someone it was more likely they were doing so to break the other person's spine or to stick them on their armor spikes.

Spookums wasn't a regular Ork, indeed, none of Gorgutz' crew seemed to be 100% traditional Orkz. Even the most stereotypical ones like Brikkfist appeared to have quite a bit of personality beyond the brutish mannerism of most Orkz. Gorgutz' crew in fact appeared to act more like over sized children than murderous barbarians.

As such, where a regular Ork would have thrown T'nsi away for even daring to try and wrap their arms around them. Spookums wrapped a muscular and protective arm around the Piniri. Nothing like getting a nice hug while causing some mayhem. Spookums grinned to himself feeling very satisfied.

Specially when Brikkfist finally downed his margarita and felt the effects of the sedative almost immediately.

"OH YEH DAT HITZ THA SPOT--UHH??" Brikkfist lost his balance and fell on his side with a loud crashing noise, arousing much laughter from all the Orkz nearby.

"Wadda git.." Sighed Mista' Nailbrain as he dragged him aside. "Right diz way, yer eminence. Lemme get diz daft grot outta yer way." Said the Ork, moving Brikkfist's unconscious body away from Lady Cryu-Dzien to clear the way for her.

Meanwhile, Gorgutz was having a rough time. Indeed, putting people on his lap was the entire reason for the festivities, but now it occurred to him that following tradition might not have been the best course of action. The Big Warboss had taken all kinds of near fatal.. and arguably actually fatal.. wounds over the years, and nothing had hurt quite as much as that look that Pix gave him.

Having this other girl on his lap felt awfully wrong, and it wasn't helping her not saying any requests.

Gorgutz frowned, thought about it a little bit, and suddenly flung Rosetta up in the air by throwing her with both hands.

Thankfully for Rosetta there appeared to be a bunch of Gretchins carrying around a mattress, specifically for the purpose of catching people that Gorgutz threw. The little goblin like things skittered about to catch the girl and avoid any real injuries. If anything.. this was just part of the festivities! Come and get thrown by Big Boss Santa!

But Gorgutz wasn't about to make that same mistake twice! He reached for Pix to pick her up by the waist and firmly put her on his lap again. True enough, that was were she belonged as far as he was concerned.
Pix Feir-Sil (played by Voldarian_Empire) Topic Starter

Sihke stared back with one of their eyes as Brikkfist seemed to fail to comprehend what they had said about Pix and Gorgutz. They continued making the drinks around them, and even moving some plates about and indeed cleaning off the table with their seemingly endless number of limbs as Mista Nailbrain chastised Brikkfist.

T'nsi watched intently as well, cuddling themselves close to Spookums and simply grateful for their support currently. Hanging out with Voldarians hadn't always been pleasant for them when it came to cuddles like this, and in fact, they usually only angered the overly Victorian race. With intent and expectant eyes, T'nsi leaned out, up, and even over to watch as Brikkfist finally downed his drink.

Sihke paused a moment, watching Brikkfist pause mid sentence and stagger a moment. Their eyes followed as the tremendous Ork came crashing to the ground, and an eye maneuvered over to T'nsi while they watched the grounded creature a moment.

"Yeah!!" T'nsi celebrated, thrusting a fist into the air and releasing Spookums while simultaneously floating away from them. The bottoms of their wings glowed a fierce pink as their wings carried them without otherwise moving up to the bar. Landing upon the bar and looking down on the collapsed Brikkfist, T'nsi offered them a large smile, and glanced momentarily over to Lady Cryu-Dzien, Mista Nailbrain, then Sihke, who offered them a single eye in return.

Leaping from the bar, T'nsi worked to glide down on top of Brikkfist, landing on his defeated body with the bottoms of their feet with a shout, "Woo!" T'nsi quickly proceeded to start moving, their hips shaking back and forth and their legs maneuvering about in a very fluid dance while simultaneously reaching up behind their neck with their arms. With a quick motion to unzip the one piece elf outfit they wore, they threw their arms forward quickly and pulled the top of their outfit down, and off their upper body. They leapt in the air, making a spinning dance maneuver as they pulled the lower half of their outfit out from beneath them, and landing on the Ork once more, they took their outfit with one hand and spun in around above their head with wild victorious giggling. While T'nsi was effectively nude at this point, it was quite clear they lacked gender in it's entirety. Besides 10 small glowing pink spots in various areas of the body, the only other feature visible was a horizontal slit across the stomach, which was incredibly subtle on the eyes. The small effeminate creature continued spinning their clothing above their head, dancing about in victory and otherwise seeming to have a great time.

Seeing them jump down upon Brikkfist, Sihke pushed their bottom tentacles against the floor to raise themselves high enough to observe the scene below. T'nsi's behavior caused a light popping within Sihke, a chuckle at the sight. Still, it seemed odd that Brikkfist would hit the bricks so quickly after only a single drink. "Woooooooowwwww," said Sihke as they stared down at him, slowly maneuvering their tentacles to return to duty as they lowered themselves back to their seated position to resume bartending. "Fooooor a biiiiiig boooooy he suuuuuuure caaaaant taaaaaake his driiiiiiink," Sihke announced, moving different eyes to look directly at the different patrons nearby, Mista Nailbrain being one in particular. "Whhaaaaaaaaddddaaaaaa Giiiiiiiiit!" they claimed in finality, followed by a series of high intensity pops and click, representative of the maniacal laughter Sihke was portraying in their clear amusement of both Brikkfists defeat, and their own adaptation of Ork language.

Beyond the tables and patrons in the room, Pix stood staring at this Rosetta, eyes green not only in color. As she sighed waiting for her response, Pix was shocked at what happened next, admittedly it was something she had never expected. With eyes twice the size they were only a second prior, Pix watched with a dropped jaw as Rosetta suddenly flew across the room. Nearly as soon as she was gone, Gorgutz made clear what his intentions were.

Pix looked back in time to see Gorgutz reaching for her, and squeaked a little and he grabbed her by the waist and took her back into his lap. She couldn't help but to smile largely as this happened, oddly pleased that he had tossed another woman aside to once again take her into his possession. She glanced back, up and over her shoulder to meet the eyes of Gorgutz. She stared for a moment, a pleased smirk on her face. After a moment, she reached with her right arm around the front of her body, reaching up and taking Gorgutz's left hand in hers and pulling it back towards her hip. "I hope," Pix began, leaning back onto Gorgutz stomach and looking up at him, "you will not throw me like that." Affixing Gorgutz's one hand to her left hip, she lay there staring back up at him with a soft smile on her face, making herself quite comfortable on his lap, and quite intentionally too.

There was a loud cheer from the Orkz around the party as well when Brikkfist's large body hit the ground. Though he was a capable warrior and widely respected in Gorgutz's warband, it didn't seem like the Orkz minded if he was knocked down a peg or two.

The real party seemed to start, however, when T'nsi jumped on Brikkfist and started dancing whilst taking off their clothes. Spookums' eyes boggled a little as he stared but Mista' Nailbrain just face palmed and shook his head. He had enough common sense -which was odd among Orkz- to know that public undressing was probably a no-no, even if T'nsi lacked any real gender. "Oi! Wot are ya doin'!?" He yelled, but it was mostly for naught as other Orkz started joining in on the dance, some even taking off their shirts and chest armor to mimic T'nsi. Thankfully, none of them took their pants off, though mostly because that would mean taking their boots off and that was difficult, but even if they did, they would be just like big, muscled, green versions of T'nsi as it so happened that Orkz were a completely gender less race as well. Yes, even though all of them referred to themselves with male pronouns.

"Nevah'." Gorgutz replied to Pix with a surprising amount of tenderness as she slid close to him on his lap, his hands now resting across her waist. This felt right in his mind, and he decided then that he wanted no other being on his lap and pressing against his stomach than Pix. He looked down at her with a narrowed eye before widening a little as he thought of something. "Unless ya want me to! Oi can give ya one o' me very own patented up-upz!" Apparently, Gorgutz didn't think that Pix would find the idea of getting thrown up and down in the air undignified. She was after all, very tiny in comparison and he could easily do that.

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