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I have noticed a few changes and I am not sure if they are bugs or if they are just different?

1) I not longer see my own updates in my home feed

2) I no longer see character connections made when they are finalized in my feed

3) my feed is sluggish to refresh, I have to manually refresh it to see anything new from friends (thought sometimes it refreshes fine?)

these I literally have to go into my profile and look at my recent activity to see. Is that how thats supposed to work now? Did i check a box I shouldn't have?
The character connections thing is a bug. I reported it so please let Kim know you're experiencing it too.

The refresh thing I have honestly been wondering about myself, though I usually tend to report everything I was reluctant on this because lag has been such an on going issue.

Thanks for sharing this Mipps! Helped me build some confidence in wanting to send in a bug report about the lag thing. Thay being said, just to be safe, we should probably report it. You should submit separate bug reports for the other two things you're experiencing too. :D
I was just as hesitant about the feed thing, but I finally just went for it a couple hours ago - mine hasn't auto updated for weeks, and I need to bust the cache just to get it to advance, every time. Filed one this morning, and if it's lag, it's lag. And if not, no harm done in filing another similar report!
Sanne Moderator

I don't have the answers to any of these, but I noticed that when my homepage looks outdated, a refresh will make it fetch new data immediately.

There's a chance that this is either still in development to fully flesh out with all the new 2.0 features, or that it's a bug. If you haven't already, do send in a bug report please!
Yes. When I log in, my notification feed appears as it was when I was last on. I then click the 'RP Repository' icon to the left of 'your stuff'and it refreshes and updates to current. Good to know it isn't just me seeing this. I kind of backed off sending bug reports because, well, I backed off. The site is working well enough for me to not bother with every little detail. Glad others are making bug reports though.
Aww thank you. I went ahead and sent in a big report now that i feel more confident this is an actual issue that isnt just me!
Yeah I have the same problem you and Shadow are mentioning. So you are not alone. I thought I made a report about the news feed myself, but I think I goofed on my wording to Kim. And I too have to refresh to see things on the home feed/news feed.
Kim Site Admin

These are indeed common problems people are experiencing. I'm working on it. I still encourage bug reports; more data is never a bad thing! :)

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