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Hello lovelies,

I'm looking for some interesting characters to pose for me as art shop samples! I haven't got any work that's been done recently (i.e. in the last couple of years), so I thought this would be a fun way of developing some examples for everyone, and also introducing you to my upcoming little commission shop! ^_^

All that I ask is that people do consider tipping me via paypal, if they like what I draw for them. <3 I'm going to try my best on these, after all.

Fanbased or completely original characters are both welcome. I'll be filling the following slots for samples:
    • Humanoid
    • Anthro
    • Possibly quadruped? I'm not sure how I'll get on with this but I'll try it.
    • Headshot #1 (Human/ Anthro)
    • Headshot #2 (Quad)
    • Full body #1 (Human/ Anthro)
    • Full Body #2 (Quad)

You're more than welcome to let me know if you have a preference for which slot; I'll do my best to accommodate this, but if I think your character will better suit another slot, I'll discuss it with you.

Thank you all for your time! Post below if you're interested. x
Esha Sokolov (played by Morrigan)

Esha might be fun, full sized preferably. :)
Dominick Grahm (played anonymously)

Ohh this sounds super fun! Dom is a little bit of a ham, he'd totally pose for ya. ^-^
Blackwell (played anonymously)

Cae could be interesting, with or without his Darklings either as a chibi or as full sized. :)
Nova Mokolis (played by Mipps)

My Wendigo, Nova can hit all three of your types depending on what you want to do. Human, Anthro (for Wendigo form) and quad since he can... you know get on all fours.

Whatever inspires you is fine with me if it helps.
Silva here is an interesting mix of humanoid and anthro. Might be fun to give them a try in either male or female form. Whatever strikes your fancy.
Thank you everyone! I'll have a look through your characters and see if I'd be able to do any of them justice. <3 In the meantime for those who haven't posted already please still feel free to do so.
Thank you so much for this opportunity! I have many characters that you can choose from if you’d like to draw one, any of the types of drawings are fine. They all have human and fantasy versions of them so you can choose that as well! Whatever inspires you :)

Thank you again!
Maybe if you're interested in Gemma? I also have other characters like Sabrina and Ariella.
Florence (played by JoJoApples)

I dunno if Florence will interest you-and I know that its been quite a few days since the last post here and I apologize if you already have all the characters you need-but I'll toss her (him? Them?) into the ring here lol.

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